New Bags Are In The Shop!

We have 100 bags that have just been listed in the shop!

We have 6 styles and 18 different vintage fabric choices.

We won’t have more bags until we launch our new creative network and website this fall.

We hope you love them!

Here is just a peek of what is in the shop…







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Look What We Found | A Few London and Caroline Art Bags

***Look What We Found a Few More of***

Welcome to our art bags the Caroline Art Bag and London Art Bag!  They are stunning! Each bag is made from four different vintage fabrics including vintage French linen! They are so dreamy!

Our art bags were inspired by my The Living Studio series and retreats and the idea of not just creating in our studios but out in the world and creating around what inspires us.

The Caroline and London art bags are made from three floral vintage upholstery fabrics , backed with vintage French linen, lined with navy and white ticking, has an adjustable strap, a large zippered pocket, cell phone pocket, an outside pocket for a ruler or larger paintbrushes, an open pocket for pencils etc., a buttoned pocket, four antique brass feet and a cloth divider.

They each close with an antique brass magnetic snap and comes with a removable vintage French grain sack fabric flower.  Each bags also comes with a JO roll up paintbrush holder.

The art bags measures 13″ wide x 16″ tall x 3″ deep.  The adjustable strap measures 50″ long and can be shortened up to 28″.

The price includes FREE shipping for all orders placed in the United States. If you are placing an order from outside the US I will send you an invoice for the additional shipping costs.

We hope you love these bags as much as we do!

***There are only a few of each***


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New Bags Are In The Shop!

Good Morning!

I wanted to let you know that we have new bags in the shop just in time for Christmas!

All of our products are wrapped beautifully and they come ready to give.

All of the bags have been created from vintage fabrics and are full of attention to detail.

It is such a joy for us to create these bags and to wrap them up for you!

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New Bags Are In The Shop!

This summer we will be releasing new products throughout the summer.

This is very different from how we have released our new products and hopefully you will enjoy the shop updates over the next months with vintage items, new cuffs, jewelry and art.

Today I am thrilled to have some new bags in the shop!

We brought back our popular Elsie linen messenger bag and we have two brand new bags that you will LOVE!

I would like to introduce you to the Mia Camera Bag.

Your arm needs the Sadie Handbag. And as always…the Sadie is made from vintage fabric.

You can find all of the bags HERE.

We can’t wait to wrap up these bags for YOU!


Come back on Tuesday to see who the next interview is for Creativity Takes Courage!

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Show and Tell {Bedroom Makeover}

Thank you for all of the nice comments about Maddy’s new room!

I have gotten so many emails asking about paint color, lighting, bedding etc. that I wanted to share some of the details.

If you have anymore questions just ask in the comments I would be happy to answer them on this post.






I also have six different hat boxes that someone asked about.

Three of them are from Land of Nod and three of them are covered in vintage wallpapers (bought on Etsy).

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

I am very excited that I will soon be able to offer you one of a kind custom bedding made from vintage fabrics!

Happy Weekend!

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Maddy’s Bedroom Redo {Linky Party Too}

A little over 8 years ago we moved into our brand new home.

I am an older house kind of girl so a new house means lots of work to bring even a touch of character.

We have spent years adding built in bookshelves, beadboard, wainscoting, crown molding etc.

We have changed out lots of lighting and have tried to create little nooks around this home of ours.

The first room we painted over 8 years ago was Madolyn’s nursery.

It really was such a pretty nursery.

We had custom sage toile roman shades and bedding made.

It was pink and sage and so sweet.

We also had big girl bedding made to help the room grow with her.

After 8 years we knew it was time for a change.

At first I was coming up with all these ideas for her room.

I was thinking blues, greys, creams and whites. I was thinking a crystal chandelier and linen bedding.

The thing is that Maddy was all for it and she does love blue….but….I knew that the room was for me not her.

I started to really think about her and her personality.

I decided to go a completely different direction and I scratched all my other ideas.

We started putting yellow paint samples on the wall.

Maddy and I spent a lot of time looking at vintage fabrics and pulling our fabrics together.

A few trips to The Barn followed.

Her very favorite color, turquoise, would be on display.

We had to recruit daddy to do some woodwork and then I followed up with many (many) coats of white paint.

The icing on the cake for Maddy was the lighting that she had picked out.

At night the shadow of flowers covers her walls and ceiling….and she couldn’t be happier.

We are all in love with her room and how it turned out.

It is completely her…just the way we wanted it!

I now have two jealous boys that are anxious to have their rooms redone:-)

I have linked up to my friend Jen’s linky party.

Check out the other rooms that have used molding to make huge transformations.

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New Sadie!

Good morning, ladies!

I am so pleased to let you know that we have a new Sadie for you.

Each Sadie is made from vintage fabric.

This purse is lined with a gorgeous green linen, a buttoned (pretty cream floral button) pocket for your keys etc and a cell phone pocket.  The Sadie closes with an antique brass, magnetic snap.

Each Sadie comes with a large, removable, cream linen and tulle flower.

Just like the last Sadie… can take this bag anywhere.

In fact, it has so many uses.

It is the perfect size to fit all those things that you need (and possibly can not afford:-))

OK…OK…please don’t steal.  But…the Sadie DOES hold a lot!

You can find your own Sadie HERE.

{All photos taken at my favorite local stops...Dream Pastries and The Barn.  If you come to Castle Rock these are two places you HAVE to visit!  Thank you so much for allowing us to photograph in your amazing cafe and shop.}


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