Business Consulting and Private Art Instructions Openings for 2017

We are opening up our calendar to start scheduling business consults and private art instruction in 2017.

This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the new studio because it has allowed us to connect in brand new ways.

Over the past year I have consulted with businesses owners from all over the world and have helped them make a plan to grow their business, get back on track or get off the ground.

Running your own business is one of the hardest things you will ever do but it is also one of the most rewarding.  If you feel stuck in your business, not sure how to navigate social media, don’t know how to focus and move forward or you just need another creative to brainstorm with you then I would love to talk with you. You can choose a one hour session or meet weekly/monthly. We will talk through Skype so we see each other and create a genuine relationship as we work together.

There are few things I do that give me as much joy as connecting with other creative business owners and sharing what we have learned.

If you would like to schedule a consult please email us at


I love teaching online and also in live workshops but sometimes the best use of your time and resources can be private one on one instruction.

I meet with artists in our studio and it can be a one time instruction, monthly or you can travel and we can schedule it for a full day or weekend.

If you are interested in scheduling private art instruction please email us at


Because of our own new beautiful studio here in Castle Rock, Colorado I am only traveling to one studio in 2017 and it is to teach in North Caroline at the Donna Downey Studios

The most beautiful and inspiring gift to yourself to start off 2017!


Coming together and creating one on one with other artists is one of my favorite things. I have three children at home and my heart is to be with them so it is only the most special studios and opportunities that bring me away from my own studio.

In person I am able to connect in a whole different way than online and we are able to work one on one on your art and even where you want your art to go. The intimacy that a live workshop offers is priceless to me and I hear that back from other artists also. It is always a growth experience for each artist teaching and the artists gathering together.

This coming February I will be traveling to North Carolina to teach at the Donna Downey Studios! This is such a treat for me to be at Donna’s studio but to also be teaching along the East Coast! I know I get asked often to make my way to the East Coast so I hope this makes many of you happy!

THREE DAYS of us sketching, laughing, connecting, sculpting and going away filled up and ready to take what we have learned and discovered about ourselves and investing it into our own work. I love this part of live workshops! I just walk away filled up and inspired in my own creativity! I hope you join me!

You can make payments (hello!) and start your 2017 with a creative gift for yourself!

The Details:

Product Description


Class size limited…

Workshop Description…

Join me for a three-day workshop all about finding your authentic style and incorporating your story into your work. Our first day together will be filled with some of my favorite sketching exercises and techniques. We will play with charcoal, inks, watercolor pencils, pastels, paints and more. At the end of the first day you will be surrounded by your portrait sketches and collages and your own story will start to be revealed.

With our other days together we will create sculptures based upon your sketches. You will build your own industrial armatures and I will share easy to follow steps to sculpting your own face. We will embellish our sculptures with plaster and wire to create works of art you will be proud of.

You will go home with sketches, collages, paintings and sculptures that will give you glimpses into your authentic hand in your creativity and where it is leading you.


Event Schedule……..

Friday Feb 17th 2017
12:00pm – 5:00PM workshop
12:00pm-1:00pm – Lunch provided at the studio

Saturday Feb 18th 2017
9:30am – students arrive at studio. Breakfast & coffee served.
10:00am – 5:00PM workshop
12:00-1:00pm – Lunch provided at the studio

Sunday Feb 19th 2017
9:30am – students arrive at studio. Breakfast & coffee served.
10:00am – 2:00pm workshop
12:00pm-1:00pm – Lunch provided at the studio

I would love to create with you North Carolina!

To read more or to register click HERE.

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Italy {days one and two}

{all photos in this post were taken with my phone camera}

Before I share anything I have to start here….

The fedora.

I have begged Kelly to wear hats for years.

I think he finally just felt sorry for me and how pathetic I look when I beg.

It only took going to Italy to convince him to trust me:-)

My mom came from Illinois to watch the kids for two weeks.

Two. Weeks.

She still was smiling when we came home but she did leave immediately to go back home.


I think not.

It was hard to leave.

It travel enough that short trips doesn’t effective us very much but big trips…

We are a group of bawling babies.

There are about 500 goodbyes.


Getting back out of the car to say goodbye one more time.

Secret notes left to each other.

Photos taken.

Drive away.

Must. Drive. Away.

If I could have my way we wouldn’t even fly on the same plane.

Over the ocean.

No way, Jose!

I would fly in two separate planes…just in case.

Weirdo alert.

I know it and embrace it.

My husband on the other hand will not indulge my two plane travel plan.


All of this to say here we were right before we boarded the flight from Denver to New York and then onto Milan.

I can never sleep very much on a plane so we were dragging when we landed in Italy.

After a crazy bus ride from Milan to Bellagio (I didn’t even watch the road) we settled into our apartment, took a quick nap and headed out to look around this new town.

Bellagio is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

The architecture, water, mountains, colors and the incredible smell of flowers everywhere was intoxicating.

I was in Bellagio to teach for Laura McCollough of  A Kiss On The Chic.

Laura loves this area and has created a retreat that incorporates all of the things that have drawn her back to this area again and again.

The retreat began with a sweet welcome and a light dinner under the pergola overlooking Lake Como.

Let’s take a moment to look at my handsome husband wearing his fedora.

After dinner we joined the town in Bellagio for their annual Torchlight Festival.

This is with for real torches.

Like…you could burn yourself and others.

So we were sleep deprived carrying huge torches along the crowded cobblestone streets.

It was the freakiest looking crowd with a mob of people with torches.

All we were missing were some pitchforks and we looked like we could have been the group to storm the Bastille!

I was just as worried about the person behind me lighting my hair on fire, me lighting myself on fire or me lighting a stranger on fire.

Only in Europe could this happen.

In America this would be a huge lawsuit just waiting to happen.

I didn’t burn myself or others.


OK, moving on to day two.

We were still pretty tired when we work up but we went searching for some food and then headed out to hike.

We took the ferry from Bellagio to Varenna and hiked to the Castle of Vezio.

The views at the top were breathtaking and half of the fun is running into new people along the way.

Once we got back to Bellagio that afternoon we were exhausted and pretty much fell into bed.

It was the most wonderful 3 hour nap with the rain and the thunder as our background noise.

That evening we headed out to meet up with everyone for dinner.

After dinner we made our way to the classroom in the Villa Serbelloni where I was setting up my supplies/kits etc.

We finished a little after midnight and we were exhausted to put it mildly and we needed to head home because the next morning (at 9am I would like to add) I was teaching my first class.

The highlight of this night is that neither of us slept the whole night.

I think Kelly fell asleep around 5am and I fell asleep for only 30-45 minutes before it was time to wake up.

I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to teach the way I needed to teach on no sleep.

Many prayers were lifted up that morning.

{more to come}


Just a reminder that on tomorrow we have two more mini courses in the summer series.

Join Jen O’Brien for Inspired Decorating Ideas For Summer and Andrea Singarella for Vintage Trinket Jewelry.

Each mini course is only $10 and available for 6 months.

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When You Have a Heart That Has Always Longed To Travel {when Italy knocks on your door}


I have had an itching to travel for as long as I can remember.

I think I begged my parents throughout my whole childhood if we could move.

I used to call the airlines and get price quotes on a flight from Chicago to LA on a weekly basis.

The best part is that my mom let me do it.

I was a dreamer.

I read magazines and books about far away places and loved reading about discovered art and treasure from around the world.

My first trip out of the US was for my January term in college and we went to England.

Can you imagine taking 30 college students to England??

We were crazy!

{my mom reads this blog so let me just say that the trip was not just academic}

We went all over the country in our few weeks there and it only cemented my love of travel and other countries.

I wanted more.

When Maddy was a little shy of 2 years I traveled with my mom to Austria and met my Grandma Jeanne and her husband Robert for a trip with them that I will always treasure.

Austria and Germany have to be some of the most gorgeous countries I have ever seen.

You haven’t lived until you attend an opera in Vienna that your grandparents drag you too (only because you are so tired from 28 hours of travel) and THEY fall asleep during the show.

Seriously, they looked dead.

My mom and me were laughing so hard because they were a few rows ahead of us all slumped over.

A few years ago I had the amazing privilege of attending Kari Meng’s French Chateau Getaway.

It was my first in France and I can not imagine a more magical time.

While I was there I even made friends with one of my most favorite persons in the world.

I was able to go back to Paris last fall with my husband and then spent another week in the Normandy region with this girly.

When you love to travel it only makes you want to travel more and with the people you love the most.

I am heading to Italy this summer to teach.

This is a dream come true because Italy has been a country that I have wanted to visit for most of my life.

I met the event hostess, Laura McCollough, while I was teaching at another event.

We instantly connected and she asked me to come teach at her event on Lake Como.

How long do you think it took me to agree to that deal?:-)

Isn’t life amazing that when you follow the gifts that you have been given that beautiful experiences and people open up to you?!

Laura has given me the itinerary for the week and I am beyond excited.

I can not wait for the beautiful apartments in the heart of the village, the boat tour along Lake Como, the incredible food, the strolls through tiny alleys and cobblestone streets, time to relax at the pool and creating art with other women.

This is a special area of the world for Laura and her family so they know all of the special places and she puts her heart into the event.

For all of the girls that are signed up you are in for such a trip of a lifetime.

This event is sold out but Laura has a waiting list going because something always happens and someone needs to change plans.

I am looking forward to making special projects with the girls that have been customized for this amazing trip.

I am really excited that I get to bring my husband.

I can not wait to explore this area with him and then take a few days to travel to Florence and Venice together.

If you are going to the retreat in Italy please email me and let me know.

If you have suggestions for the Lake Como area, Florence or Venice I would love to hear them!

If you want to be placed on the waiting list please contact Laura.

{All photos property of Laura McCollough from her travels to Italy}

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Affaire At Tiffany’s


I am so excited to tell you about an event that I will be teaching at in May, 2012!

Registration begins November 6 and you will NOT want to miss it!

I hope to see you there.






Kim Caldwell of Artistic Bliss Designs commemorates her 5th year of hosting exciting themed art events on the gorgeous Southern California West Coast with another blissful retreat, An Affaire at Tiffany’s. The famed Hollywood film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, just on the heels of its 50th Anniversary couldn’t be a more fabulous way to celebrate. Experience the epitome of Tiffany’s class and Audrey’s iconic style with the creative artistry of Jeanne OliverKecia DeveneyLaura McCollough and Lonnie Jenck; the musings and wisdom of Carol Spinski of Raised in Cotton; the photographic splendor of Tiffany Kirchner Dixon of The Fancy Farmgirl; an exclusive book signing with Jenny Doh of Crescendoh; and a mini-project with Amy Tangerine and American Crafts. Grab your favorite black dress, pearls and sunglasses and prepare to luxuriate in everything Audrey!



Our creative retreat begins with a festive Welcome Night and Vendor Soiree on Thursday Evening. Wear your favorite black dress and take window shopping to the next level. Sip a delicious libation, nibble on an appetizer and step inside our own Tiffany’s store with over 14 local and regional artists who will share their creations for purchase.


Indulge your inner Audrey and Strike a Pose with Tiffany!  Tiffany Kirchner Dixon of  The Fancy Farmgirl will join us to photograph you and your friends doing it up Audrey Style in our fabulous Tiffany’s photo booth. After our weekend is over, relive all the moments and enjoy free downloads of hundreds of exclusive Tiffany’s pictures taken by our talented photographer. Hold a little blue box, tip your Manhattan sunglasses, flare out your hips and say “Oh golly gee damn!”


Tiffany Kirchner Dixon is a commercial editorial photographer who has worked with several national publications. She is a self proclaimed “fancy farmgirl” and loves everything about country life and all it has to offer. Her farmgirl style comes across in her whimsical lifestyle photography, each click of the shutter tells a fanciful story. You can visit her to see more of her work at and


As if the evening couldn’t be more exciting, Jenny Doh of Crescendoh will join us for an exclusive book signing of her latest publication, Creative Pilgrimage. A true style icon, Jenny shares a love for fashion and cultivating gratitude that Audrey herself would admire.


Jenny Doh is Founder of ~ like a magazine but daily like a newspaper, featuring fresh and creative content from artists within all genres, coupled with their stories that highlight the power of art in our lives. Jenny serves regularly as keynote speaker across the nation to deliver messages related to creative passion, leadership, communication, and compassion. Jenny and her husband raise their two children, Monica and Andrew, in Santa Ana, California. She loves to knit, stay fit, and volunteer for her alma mater, UC Irvine. To learn more, visit



Our creative journey will continue on Friday and Saturday with two full days of art classes and lovely luncheons.  Swoon in our Tiffany designed classroom, wear your comfy clothes, learn new artistic techniques and create four Audrey inspired treasures. Enjoy Affaire style reserved seating with your friends and the option of continuing your crafting after hours.



Jeanne Oliver grew up watching old movies and was inspired by the styles and femininity of the past. Nothing seemed more glamorous to her than Vivien Leigh sweeping down a staircase, Grace Kelly wearing white gloves with a black cocktail dress or Audrey Hepburn outside of Tiffany’s. Hours were spent designing her own creations and dreaming of wearing all the apparel her fingers could sketch. Today Jeanne has the honor of offering collections of her clothing, bags, art, jewelry and vintage pieces that tell a story. It is such a privilege to be a stay at home mom and also have the opportunities to create, teach and sell her creations.  She is just a girl that finally started listening to the creative whispers that had been there all along.  Won’t you join her!



Originally from California, Kecia Deveney is a mixed media, jewelry artist and instructor who now resides at the Jersey Shore. Drawing inspiration form her life experiences as the mother of a severely disabled child, she channels that energy into learning and creating art. Her love for experimenting with “reclaimed discardia” results in many unique pieces of storytelling art. She has been teaching at art retreats all around the country and also in her studio for about 5 years now. Her goal as a teacher is to support, motivate and inspire others.



Laura McCollough lives in Southern California with her wonderful husband, three beautiful daughters, and an adorable but deaf dog “Lady Scarlet Syrah of Glenwood”.  She has been scrapbooking since she was a little girl and truly has a passion for this art form!  Laura loves to create, design and teach others about this wonderful craft! Laura went to college for Interior Design and also spent some time planning weddings so she loves how scrapbooking has blended together perfectly with mixed mediums and home decor. Making projects for her home is really where she loves to play and experiment.   Laura has taught classes for the last six years and also owns a kit club, A Kiss on the Chic, where she sells project based kits.  Laura loves to travel, sing, cook, play tennis and spend time with her family and friends.  She feels so blessed to be doing what she loves for a living and tries to enjoy every moment the Lord has given her!  Laura is continually inspired by so much that life has to offer and can’t wait to see where the journey will lead next!



Lonnie Jenck was born and raised in a small farming community on the Oregon Coast. Since a very young age, she has been creating artwork to share with others.  As a mother of six and an ever growing extended family, she is blessed to enjoy her love and passion of creating art with all things old, tattered and worn. Lonnie talents are as both a jewelry and mixed media artist, but she has found her true passion to be jewelry making. She loves to share her creations teaching at inspiring art events and at home in her studio and has been published in many jewelry publications and local magazines.



After a dinner break on your own, we will be gathering once again on Friday evening for what is often the most favorite part of the retreats ~ the art exchanges.  Enjoy delicious desserts while we support each other’s artistic talents which are sure to take your breath away.  Whether you decide to jump in and create a treasure or be a spectator, this evening of artistic bonding is certain to inspire.


Join Amy Tangerine and American Crafts this evening as well for a special mini-project featuring her new scrapbooking release coming in January 2012 at CHA in Anaheim! Amy’s art of “truly living” and collaborating with other creative people will surely shine in this charming project.


Born and raised in Chicago, Amy spent much of her childhood wallpapering her bedroom walls with the colorful and glamorous pages of fashion magazines. She learned how to sew her senior year of high school and what developed was her first passion: designing. Within five years, she had become an award-winning designer and founder of the popular handcrafted t-shirt line Amy Tangerine. Her collections were featured in hundreds of retail outlets, including Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York, and yielded impressive worldwide sales. In 2007, her business expanded to include scrapbooking, with her fashion design work now being produced on a custom basis. Her love for sharing her clothing and now also paper crafts has taken her all over the globe and given her the opportunity to teach creative classes from Hawaii to Tennessee.


Our Saturday luncheon will be a sit down affaire as we join editorial stylist and photographer, Carol Spinski of Raised In Cotton, for an intimate and interactive forum discussing her latest venture, Good Stella.  Learn firsthand what this wonderful virtual sisterhood of caring, inspiration and support is doing for anyone with a Dream, Desire or Passion.


Growing up on her family’s farm in Arkansas, Carol Spinski learned the beautiful art of arranging every day elements to enhance her surroundings. A talent for design assembly was forged from those early childhood experiences on the family farm which echoes in the work she does today. Carol’s career path as a Photographer and Editorial Stylist has been a natural progression that has allowed her to share her inspiration with others. She is the Co-owner of Raised In Cotton, a business featuring vintage prop rentals, event production and decor in a century old farmhouse just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Carol’s signature style is romantically atmospheric, multilayered and textural, flavored with the vintage aesthetic she adores. She and her work have been featured in Artful Blogging, Somerset Life, Romantic Country Magazine, Romantic Homes Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens and 2010 Somerset Life Calendars. Most recently the circa 1865 farmhouse that she and her husband decorated and renovated was featured in the book Romantic Prairie Style. Carol is especially devoted to helping mentor Women that aspire to achieve their own creative dreams. In 2011 she established a website that is a gathering of kindred spirited creatives who use their collective voices to inspire each other. Her hope for the Good Stella community is that everyone will forever Dream * Create * Shine and in doing so will reach for the stars!



Prepare to say our goodbye’s and gather once again on Saturday evening for a festive pajama party and screening of our theme film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Come dressed in your favorite pajama’s, fuzzy slippers, participate in an altered sleep mask swap and munch on a box of Cracker Jacks. Let’s cuddle girl style for this last magical evening together!

Your Tiffany Retreat will include:



~ Two full days of classes featuring 4 Audrey inspired projects taught by Jeanne Oliver, Kecia Deveney, Laura McCullough and Lonnie Jenck,
~ Admission to our Welcome Night & Vendor Soiree featuring over 14 local and regional artists, Strike a Pose with Tiffany Kirchner Dixon, and an exclusive book signing with Jenny Doh,
~ Our Friday Evening Dessert Soiree, Art Exchanges and mini-project with Amy Tangerine and American Crafts,
~ Delicious buffet luncheon on Friday,
~ Special Luncheon and Interactive Forum with Keynote Speaker Carol Spinski on Saturday,
~ Exclusive “Affaire” style group classes including reserved seating with your favorite friends,
~ Private use of our Tiffany’s Ballroom for late night crafting,
~ Access to free downloads of hundreds of photographs by our event photographer,
~ Discount room accommodations at The Belamar Hotel,
~ Fabulous goodie bags filled to the brim, atmosphere galore, friendship, laughter and so much more. . .
~ Priority registration for our Tiffany’s Sunday Flea Market Tour (An optional excursion which must be purchased separately ~ see below)


We return to the famed boutique hot spot, The Belamar Hotel, located in the hip enclave of Manhattan Beach, California for our Tiffany’s Affaire.  The Belamar Hotel embodies LA’s glam decor, funky vibe and unique style. Located just minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport, it is the perfect intimate location for our all girl get-away. Tiffany’s attendees will have the benefit of a discounted room rate of $135.00 per night which includes complimentary wireless Internet access, the Adrenaline fitness center, outdoor heated pool and jacuzzi, free beachcruiser rentals, a DVD movie library and sundry shop. The Belamar is an 100% smoke-free environment. We encourage you to make your reservations right away. You will receive a discount code and information upon registration.


Join us for a lovely day of antiquing along the Southern California coastline and visit some of the best shopping spots from Orange County to San Diego. Travel by luxury motor coach complete with leather seats, air-conditioning and wireless internet. Enjoy exclusive receptions, goodies and bargains planned just for our Tiffany’s bus excursion at these famed locales ~ The Groves Antique Market, home to over 200 vendors and named Orange County’s 2010 Best Flea Market, Linda Carpenter & Linda Curry’s over 10,000 Sq Ft antique warehouse, Urban Barn in Escondido, and Lori Chandler’s ode to the alluring grandeur of Old Paris, Vignette’s Antiques located in the San Diego’s largest antique district, Ocean Beach Antique District. You won’t want to miss this incredible day of touring!
Registration for this tour is optional and must be purchased on the Website once registration begins on November 6th.


Registration for this Affaire is $595.00. A Full and Partial Payment Plan are being offered.  Please make your selection when registering on the website. If you select the Partial Payment Plan, a one time payment of $350.00 is due at the time of registration and the remaining balance plus service fees in the amount of $270.00 is due on or before March 3, 2012. Balance Payments can be made on the website at any time by selecting that option.  If balances are not paid in full by the due date, registrations will be put back into inventory and your first payment is sadly non-refundable.  Registration for the Sunday Flea Market Tour must be purchased separately on the website. Registration will begin on November 6, 2011

Click here to register: Artistic Bliss Designs
Registration payments, deposits and fees for this event are pre-paid and non-refundable.



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How To Celebrate a Fall Evening in Style {Welcome to NaDa Farm}

There are some that have things that they could possibly take for granted because they don’t realize how precious it is.

Then there are those that completely understand the gem they have in their hands and they love on it, nurture it and create something even more lovely…that is NaDa Farm.

I grew up in rural Illinois so maybe farms just pull at my heartstrings.

This is not your ordinary farm though.

This farm has been loved on by a whole family…and it shows.

From the moment to step on the property I think you can breath a little easier and just take things a little slower.

I taught three classes this show and barely saw the sale itself.

What I did see was amazing and all the vendors were incredible.

I only brought cuffs and prints this time because I was teaching so much and thank you for everyone that snatched them both up!

Go grab your coffee and hopefully my photos will give you a taste of that beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere.

Congratulations, Anne Marie.  It was perfection!


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Local Class {Mixed Media}

I wanted to let you know that I will be teaching a mixed media class on August 14 in Colorado Springs.

It will be a three hour class with everything provided and you will go home with a completed piece on canvas.

I will be teaching how to make my girls and even if you have never painted before I promise that I always give step by step instructions and make it easy to follow along.

If you are interested in taking the class please reserve your spot by calling Lucy and Louise Atelier at 719-635-2077.

It is $45 for the class (you will pay at the time of registration) and it will be held at the Lucy and Louise shop from 2-5pm.

If you are in the Colorado Springs area you will want to check out the shop for the whole weekend.

To celebrate 10 years of business they will be having a trunk show, fashion show, yummy treats, champagne and the art class.

I hope to see you there.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the class.


You can find me writing over at The Domestic Fringe today.

I would love to have you visit and leave your feedback.


Look at how pretty Lisa Leonard looks in our Luella dress!





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