You Can Never Have Too Many Books

I have been a lover of books for as long as I can remember.

I remember the first book that made me cry.

It was Charlotte’s Web.

The tears caught me off guard.

I was only a young girl, on my bed, reading on my stomach.

I was surprised by the tears and obviously still remember that moment to this day.

As I grew I continued to be a reader and not just what the kids my age where reading.

I read poetry and could often be found writing my own.

I would later write the most horrendous love stories you could possibly imagine.

There was a huge span of time when I forgot to write.

I don’t know why or how I could forget something so important…but I did.

My love of books was never forgotten though.

My Grandma Jeanne had a beautiful, small library in her home.

This room was my favorite and I promised myself that someday I would have a library too.

And I do.

My husband built the built in bookshelves (one of many in our home) and we have it replenished often.

We all love this room.

It is now also our piano room and sweet music is constantly filling the house.

My children are all lovers of books.

I know that by keeping good books all over the house we have made it natural for them to reach for a new book whenever they are wanting a new adventure.

Maybe someday they will follow in their mom’s footsteps and write really horrific love stories:-)

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Inspired {Brandie Pahl}

In this big creative world I have met old souls that I have connected with right away.

Some women I have met in person, others I will only know through our emails and others I will only know through their writing.

There are women that have made their mark on my heart and they don’t even know me….or their influence.

Then there are women you are quite certain you would be fast friends with if your paths ever crossed and you could sit and talk for just a bit.

That is how I feel about my friend Brandi Pahl.

We have only had contact through each others blogs, emails and purchases from each others shops.

Brandie’s photography always catches my breath a bit and makes me slow down.

Her perspective is always original and unique.

Her art is soulful and unexpected.

{All of the photos above are from her post in October of 2010 Librarian Girl}

When I saw one of the last series that she did recently I knew I had to share her photography with you.

The theme was abandoned.

I can’t wait for you to know Brandie more too!

You can find Brandie’s work HERE and HERE and HERE.

Brandie, I feel so blessed to know you and to be inspired by your art!

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