Catching the California Light {our recent trip to the sand and waves}

We just returned from two weeks in southern California and we are still adjusting to missing our friends and the ocean.

Our trip was magical in so many ways and the friends we stayed with lavished us with open arms, good food, laughter and incredible adventures.

After our time with friends we stayed a few days with Kelly’s family and then made our way to Santa Ana and Studio Cresendoh.

I had two of the best days ever teaching and creating with the students at this sold out class all about papers and portraits (I am really excited to tell you that I will be back next year).

Here is just a glimpse into our time away…

Our trip began with an incredible Mexican feast, a swimming pool with a diving board :-), music in the park with dinner and s’mores on the beach.

Not too shabby!

Our next day with friends began with a beautiful breakfast and cars loaded up for the beach!

This day was packed full of surf lessons, kayaking in the ocean and paddle boarding in the lagoon.

We felt very loved this day:-)

{Benjamin getting some surfing lessons}

Our night ended with what my friend does best…loving on you with good food and conversation.

Maddy even helped with the California rolls:-)

Our third day started with the coolest breakfast at Claire’s On Cedros and gluten free pancakes.

I had loved my hike at Torrey Pines on my last visit and they were kind enough to take us again.

This view would never get old!

After three days with friends we packed up and headed towards San Clemente to see my husband’s brother and family.

On the way we were told by friend Lissa to do whatever is necessary to eat at The Ramos House Cafe in San Juan Capistrano.

We are soooo glad we obeyed:-)

THE best meal! So good!  Get their gluten free hush puppies if you go.  We are still talking about them!

The next two nights were spent with Kelly’s family enjoying their pool and the beach.

After a few days with family we were off to Disneyland!  We took Jack and Maddy to Disneyworld when they were little and decided we needed to blow the cash on Ben too.

We stayed almost until close (to get our money’s worth of course) and pretty much fell into bed exhausted.

The next morning we made our way to Coronado Island and enjoyed San Diego over the next four days.

The first day we just rested in the hotel and enjoyed the downtime. We had been running for days and really needed the break.

The next day we took the train to meet my friend Alexis and her boys again to play at Legoland.

Ben was in heaven and loved every minute.

I think this day we spent about five hours at the pool. I made art and the kids swam.

{photo by Jenny Doh}

{photo by Jenny Doh}

{photo by Jenny Doh}

It was then time to make our way to Santa Ana and set up for my two day workshop at the Cresendoh Studio with Jenny Doh.

After we set up we were able to meet some of my aunts, uncles and cousins for dinner and I think we closed the place down.

The next two days I was surrounded by beautiful women that truly showed up with their art.

It is always the biggest joy to see women take techniques and make a piece their own.

{photo by Jenny Doh}

{photo by Jenny Doh}

{photo by Jenny Doh}

California was good to us.

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My Cup Runneth Over {the perfect break at the perfect time}

My Grandma Jeanne would look around the room at her large family, raise her glass, smile and then say, “My cup runneth over”.

That is all she needed to say.

We knew exactly what she meant and we felt the same thing.

It was an abundance of heart and love.

It was that overflowing abundance that is often very hard to put into words.

I find myself saying my grandma’s sweet words more and more.

We have been working so hard on the new Creatively Made Home e-course.

Our mornings are slow and relaxing with the kids and doing school.

When other kids start coming home from school that is when I start to work.

During a course our evenings and weekends are full of editing and pulling everything together.

Soooo……to have a trip scheduled to see my friends in the middle of a course AND to leave for a weekend and leave my sweet husband to edit all weekend by himself (with children) …..

Let’s just say it was hard to get all of my responsibilities done to leave and ready for Kelly to take over.

It is really hard for me to leave my family sometimes but the best way for me to really relax and not work is to leave the house.

My husband knows this and that is why he wanted me to go.

My husband travels all of the time and he is better about taking bike rides with his friends etc.

Me…I have to be pushed out of the house.

I don’t even realize how much I needed the time with my good friends until I am on the plane heading home and my heart is full of abundant love.

I feel refreshed and ready to love on my family better, more creative, more focused.

This past weekend was the perfect break at the perfect time.

When I got home at 9pm I had to stay up way past midnight to get the course up for the next day but it was worth it.

Even today I am going over all of the sweet moments, good talks, laughter, incredible food, cocktails and the blessing that I have in dear girlfriends.

My cup runneth over.

If you are the kind of person that has to be pushed out of the house I hope your spouse knows this.

Tell them…it is much easier to leave when they are the ones kicking you out into the world to play:-)



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It Is All In The Details {Wedding Love}

I have told you before about my beautiful friend, Alexis, from the blog Fern and Feather.

She is a stunning decorator and her creative touches are lovely and meaningful.

I have to also add that she knows the most incredible people and goes to the most amazing parties.

Lucky for us she takes photos when she goes!!

She recently attended a wedding with her husband and their newborn son.

This is the kind of wedding that everyone that attended will talk about for years because of how intimate and full of details it was.

You just know from the photos how comfortable everyone was and that the night was truly about love, friendship and relationships.

I will let the photos tell the whole story…and Alexis…thank you for capturing this lovely wedding (and letting me share the photos).

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Baby Shower {A la France}

My beautiful friend Alexis is close to having her second baby.

I am sad that she lives so far away but she has the sweetest local friends that are spoiling her!

She was recently given a shower by all of the designer blog friends that she has made over the years.  Isn’t that amazing??!!

Alexis is kind, funny, stylish, classy, beautiful, tender……the short of it is that is you have ever met her…you LOVE her!

When Alexis shared some of the photos taken by Grace I was swooning.  So tastefully and elegantly done.

You can tell this a group of designers.

I am so happy that Grace let me share her photos with all of you.

Alexis has assured me that this group of women are incredible and that I would adore them too.

These photos almost make me want to have another baby…ALMOST:-)

Enjoy the photos!!

{someone gave her a vintage jumper…so cute!}

{cutest shower gift EVER…vintage child’s school chair!!!}

Grace, thank you so much for taking such good care of my sweet friend!!


Thank you so much for everyone that bought a Sadie purse!  I couldn’t believe it…they all SOLD OUT in less than 12 hours!

More Sadie purses (with different vintage fabric) will be coming at the end of next month.

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