Fall Favorites | Celina Baldwin

This is our last fall favorites post but we will continue fun fall inspiration up to Thanksgiving.

Today Celina Baldwin is sharing her fall favs. Celina is the newest member of our creative team and she is handling our branding and admin work. She is a breath of fresh air and is a miracle worker helping us get organized and staying on top of deadlines. We already can’t live without her! Serious!

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Fall Favorites | Jen Wagner

Happy Saturday!

We are back with more fall favorites and today they are shared by Jen Wagner. Jen is a member of our creative team and she is responsible for our logos, graphics, hand lettering, website and so much more! We kind of love her. A lot!  She makes us look good! Jen also have awesome taste so check out her favorites.

Come back tomorrow for our last fall favorites!

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Fall Favorites | Jeanne Oliver

I always love seeing what other people are drawn to and what products they are loving.

For the next three days we will be sharing some of our fall favorites and we would love to hear what you are loving too!

1. I have ordered more handmade earrings from Malary Brett than I can count. Each pair is beautifully made and packaged. Gift material for sure but also a sweet gift for yourself.

2. I just received my copy of this self-published book by my dear friend Sheila Atchley and it is such a gorgeous way to honor advent as a self study or with family/friends.  Each page is an intimate look into the heart of the women leading up to Advent. It is a reminder that we are all a mess and that the Lord can use us in mighty ways.

3. I am a candle girl and we usually have one burning in this house.  I really love the smell of the black fig and the copper inside the candle adds a nice sparkle when it is lit and not lit.

4. Textures and layers are key in this home for creating warm and inviting spaces.  This blanket is my newest favorite and it goes from the living room to the bedroom and follows us out to the deck on cold nights.

5. If there is one thing I splurge on once a year it is a new pair of boots. I will then continue to wear them year after year.  My newest pair is from Steve Madden Freebird Collection.  Mine are in black and they are great for every day and fun to dress up a bit.

6. I love finding unique pillows to add around the house for comfort, texture and layers.  I have bought numerous mudcloth pillow covers from THIS shop on Etsy.

7. I love hair products like some women love makeup.  This sea salt and lavender spray helps your hair to have those gorgeous beach waves we love.  It may be getting colder but I still gotta have good hair!

8. We started off with the Nepresso Pixie in our house and loved it so much that when we built our studio we bought the Nepresso VertuoLine and we LOVE it!!!  Did I say we love it. We do.

9. I don’t think I have been as impressed with a company in a long time like I have been with Citizenry.  We have bought furniture and also accessorizes from this artisan company.  We had an issue with a furniture piece after about 8 months of owning it and within days we had a new piece along with a very nice (and expensive) gift to apologize for any problem with our order. When was the last time you had that happen?! WOW!  They have a loyal customer with me for sure!

10. These napkins are my new favorites and they are also from Citizenry. They are gorgeous and beautifully made.

11. Music, flowers, candles and cozy pillows and blankets are some of my home staples.   We have a turntable in the studio and in our home and we love finding vintage vinyl along with buying new. Each month I look forward to my new album that comes from Magnolia Record Club.  I am a fan of Drew Holcomb and his wife Ellie and enjoying adding their choices to our collection each month.


What are your favorites?  Come back tomorrow to see more of our favorites!

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Some of My Fall Favorites {2014}

Fall is my most favorite season because the beautiful change in season, cooler temperatures and the desire to create a more cozy home.

This is the time I find myself cuddling next to the fireplace in the morning with my coffee, a book, devotions or just talking to my family.

My studio calls to me even more than usual when the temperatures start to drop and the light is flooding in over all of my supplies.

Sweaters, boots, hats and bonfires are the norm and the crunching of the leaves underfoot keeps you company on early evening walks.

Fall is when we were married and when two of our babies were born.

Fall to me is a reminder to me how much the Lord loves us.

Even as everything is dying is puts on the most incredible show…for us!

I went walking through our home this morning and wanted to share just some of the little things that make fall a little more cozy.


1. I love a day when the turntable is spinning and these records are constantly playing this fall.

* The Civil Wars

* Mumford and Sons

* Carol King

* The Lumineers

2. I love this scent from Anthro but the best part is the new copper lid. Perfect for fall!

3. I start each morning with warm water with lemon, tea or coffee and this cup is my new favorite. I don’t know if it is the cool waffle patter or smaller size but I like everything about it.

4. How can you resist a watercolor painted buck?  I know, right? This beauty keeps me company in my studio.

5. I love to cook in the fall and winter and these are a few of our favorites right now…

* Butternut Squash and Sausage Soup

* Pumpkin Pancakes and Apple Cider Syrup

* Pumpkin Spice Latte

6. I love this tea so much! I buy mine from Whole Foods.

7. This was my gift from Kelly this month for our 16th wedding anniversary.  We took it to the mountains with us when we stayed in Estes for a mini getaway and it is so fun and easy.

8. This course just helped me so much to notice this season and appreciate the changes around me. I may just need to do a course specific to fall each year:-)

9. Sure I drink Earl Grey…but did you know I wear it too?

10.  This movie is one of my all time favorites and just begs to be watched in the fall.  Who agrees?

11. I have this print on the wall heading up our stairs. I read it hundreds of times a week and love the song and the story behind it.

12. I have used essential oils in our home for as long as I can remember but I have been so much more intentional with them the past four months.  I add the lemon in my water, the deep relief on my temples when I feel a headache coming on, the peppermint in the diffuser while I am working or the kids are doing homework, Thieves to ward off sickness, lavender in the diffuser and on my skin, peace and calm in Benjamin’s diffuser to help him sleep and so much more.

13. These are one of my favorite pairs of earrings and the best part is that they were made a crazy artist:-)

14. Coolest book I have seen in awhile. My friend Danielle gave me the heads up on this one and I am so glad and listened.


Some of my favorite things about fall that don’t cost almost anything…

long walks and crunching leaves

hot cider

wrapped up in a blanket in front of the fire reading your favorite book

crispness in the air

leaves changing colors

bonfires and s’mores

drizzly days and time in the studio

sweaters, boots and slouchy hats

jumping in piles of leaves

pumpkin carving

pumpkin anything

gathering with family

If you want to see our home all cozied up for fall you can check out our recent fall home tour with Finding Home Blog and Better Homes and Gardens.

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Fall Decorating Ideas {Finding Fall Favorites}

I wanted to do this days ago but vacation was getting in the way:-)

It is taking me 20 times as long to get anything done, upload photos etc.

I will work on it for 5 minutes, save it and then we are off on another adventure:-)

It was such an honor to be included in Laura’s Finding Fall Home Tour!

Laura and Better Homes and Gardens did such an incredible job bringing everyone together and giving everyone TONS of decorating inspiration.

It was fun for me to go through all the blogs again and pick out some of my favorite decorating ideas from each blogger.

I hope you will enjoy the favorites and if you missed the tour (or you want to visit start to finish) I hope you love the inspiration.

*Please click on the blog banner of each home to go directly to their home tour*

House 1

House 2

House 3

House 4

House 5

House 6

House 7

House 8

House 9

House 10

House 11

House 12

House 13

House 14

House 15

House 16

Better Homes and Gardens

I hope you loved this tour as much as I did.

My next post will be answering many of your questions through blog comments and private emails about our home.

I will be sharing sources, paint colors etc.

See you then!

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