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Join Stephanie Lee in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado on November 10-11, 2017 for a two day art workshop.

Our studio is light filled and surrounded by wooded property that lends itself to exploring, creating and relaxing.

You will have opportunities during the workshop to also make your way through some of our wooded paths and find a spot to create.

It is our heart’s desire that your time on our land and studio brings you rest and dreaming.

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When you arrive on Friday morning you will be welcomed with mimosas and a light snack as we find our places and meet each other.

All main supplies will be provided for this workshop.

Each day there will also be time spent in the beautiful land surrounding the studio including our lunchtime in the garden.

At the end of day one, we hope you will join us for dinner at one of Jeanne’s favorite local restaurants (this is not included) or explore the sweet town and find the perfect place to relax after a full day of creating.

Encaustic Workshop!
In this workshop, we’ll build up a foundation of plaster + paint to identify the pace of your creative flow and how to get out of your own way to fully extract the inspiration available to you from the season of life you are in, right now.
We will start with creating studies in texture and various rich and interesting surfaces ready to receive paint. We will then explore color and shape, light and shadow, personal symbols, and story-telling through imagery and mark making. Mindfully working with and against the materials to create dynamic compositions, we’ll employ the power of personal inquiry to invite your singular creative voice to show up with courage and clarity.
All this plaster and paint expression will be finished with luminous layers of wax that we will texture further for depth that can’t be achieved any other way. When the workshop is over, you will have many pieces in various stages of completion, including some done and ready to hang.
Through the ebb and flow of the workshop, we will also study your workflow patterns as an artist (internally and externally) and experiment with slight adjustments you can easily make to feel deeper satisfaction and trust when you’re at the easel.

|Some of the women at my last art workshop in our front yard|



While you are in the area we will make sure to point you in the right direction to all of our favorite restaurants, hiking spots and antique stores.

Our town has been ranked one of the best towns in America and we have to agree. I suggest you stay a few extra days to enjoy the beauty of Colorado!

Space is limited. If you have any questions please email us at

You can register below or request an invoice.





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Getting a Little Tired Of This Face {Editing videos is for the birds}

Some days when I have watched myself for hours on end editing video and I have to realize how crazy my facial expressions are to the rest of the world… I just need a drink.

It is Friday and I would like to raise a glass to all the girls out there that are very expressive when you talk.


May you never have to watch yourself on video like I do:-)

The editing is almost over!

I hope you will join Jennifer Rizzo, Marian Parsons and me (the very expressive one) in the updated Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0.

I can’t promise that I won’t make crazy faces throughout the videos but I CAN PROMISE that you will learn a ton, connect with other creatives and come away with new ideas about your business.

The three week course begins on Tuesday, May 2oth.

The cost is $59 and the videos are available for one year.


You also don’t want to miss out on the brand new Plaster and Wax 101 with Kathie Vezzani!

Kathie doesn’t make as many faces as I do but she is so funny and awesome to learn from.

This two week course is perfect for introducing you to encaustic and getting your creative ideas flowing in a whole new direction.

This course is $34 and available for one year.

See you in class!

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Plaster and Wax 101 {Last Days For Early Registration and a Giveaway}

I love how wax transforms your art and takes your creativity to a whole new level.

While I was in Mexico last fall I had the privilege of meeting, creating and becoming friends with Kathie Vezzani.

I loved watching her create and the freedom she had with color as she painted.

I asked her to come and teach on my site before the retreat was over and I am so excited her course is now less than a month away!

Here is a peek into what her course will be about…

Plaster and Wax 101 {portraits illuminated from within}


Mixed media artist, Kathie Vezzani, loves to share her love of all things plaster and wax. Join her in a 2-week course that will take you on a playful journey of creating in plaster and encaustic wax. This is a beginning course that will introduce you to the basics of using these two mediums, including safety procedures and tools.

Plaster is a luscious, absorbent surface that begs to be scraped, carved, sanded and painted. A very old, raw medium used to make the ancient frescoes we see in Europe, Kathie will take you on a journey to paint your own masterpiece. She will go over the basics of painting a face, show you how to paint a “pretty face, “ then using her own style, show you that you don’t have to paint realistic faces that conform to the rules.

When finished, she will show you how to apply layers of encaustic medium to make your painting seem illuminated from within, adding oil paint to soften the edges or add splashes of color.

Adding, removing, distressing and layering, so many possibilities when working with plaster and wax!


This two week course will begin on May 19th!

The content is available for one year.



The course has an early registration price of $29.  After May 1st the price goes to $35




This course is available for one full year.




I wanted to do a fun giveaway to celebrate Kathie’s first solo online class and also to remind you that there are only days left to get the early registration price.


Kathie wanted to give one of you an original encaustic painting and I want to give one of you a box full of Kathie’s  favorite encaustic supplies!

How about that giveaway?


Kathie is giving away one of her original encaustic painting valued at over $100.


I am giving away Kathie’s favorite art supplies valued at over $130.00


To enter for a chance to win the original painting or the art supplies please leave a comment on this post sharing what medium you want to learn to use next.




For additional chances to win the painting or art supplies you can do the following (just remember to come back here each time and tell us for additional chances)…




*Tweet about the new course



*Facebook about the new course



*Pin the course to Pinterest



*Share the course on Instagram


*Blog about the course



I will announce the winners of the original painting and art supplies next week!



Registration is now open!


 Early registration price is $29



The price will go to $35 on May 1st.




You can go directly to and register for the course by clicking HERE.




(this will put you instantly in the course and you will be ready when class begins)

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