Time To Make Some Art and Build Those Dreams {Registration is now open}

It has been a year since our last art e-course…. Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts}.

I am so excited to have a new art course that will begin April 8, 2013.

I hope you will join me making lots of art in The Journey of Letting Go {Creating beauty from ashes}!

Just as in the Creatively Made course this will be a discussion and art course.

Art will be our companion as we discuss the journey of letting go and all the beauty that comes from it.

I will cover new mixed media techniques, coptic binding journals from canvas, sculpture, watercolor, mixed media art using a Dremel tool, collage and so much more!

It will be a creative four weeks.

You will have discussion videos, art technique videos, pdfs, supply lists, an online community to connect with, a place to share your art, weekly forum discussions and weekly live “chats” in the forum.

The best part is that for the first time you will have access to the course for ONE FULL YEAR!

More sneak peeks and the course trailer will be coming soon.

You can register now for an early registration price of $48.

After February 1 the price will go to $58.

To register please go to our new creative community where all our courses are offered.



For those of you that want to make some art sooner we are re-launching the original Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts}.

I love this course so much and know you will too.

The course is $48 and begins February 4!

You can register for this course at www.jeanneoliver.ning.com

This is a four week online course that will be available for ONE FULL YEAR!

Here is a peek at our course trailer…

Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts} from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.



If you want your business to grow this year I am so excited to tell you we are re-launching our course Building a Creatively Made Business {you’ll never what is possible until you begin}.

Are you still in the dreaming stages…this course is for you too!

When I first started my business I had no idea what was in store.

Thank goodness.

I wouldn’t have believed it and I would have been scared.

Way more scared than I was already.

Over the past five years I have learned so much and grown my business by leaps and bounds.

The truth is that I made mistakes along the way, learned from them and worked hard.

Really hard.

Everyday I get emails from readers asking me how I started my business, what piece of advice could I give, questions about blogging, questions about manufacturing….etc.

They are always really good questions but unfortunately I do not have the time to answer all of them…this was the perfect way to share so much information.

The course is $48 and begins February 4.

To register go to www.jeanneoliver.ning.com

The course content will be available for ONE FULL YEAR!

Here is a peek into the course…

Introduction to Building a Creatively Made Business from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.


We are pretty excited to grow the new creative community and I have all kinds of ideas that will bless and encourage you…even if you aren’t taking a course.

There will be so many things added to the community in 2013!!!

You do not have to be a part of a course to be a part of the community.

I want you to join in on the forums, chats and to take the free courses offered!

You can register and take advantage of so many opportunities for free.


If you have any questions please email me at jeanneoliverdesigns@gmail.com


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Bluegrass, Brothers and Some Weed {there may have been a quick getaway too}

I am sorry that I have been so absent here on my blog but it is summer and our days have been full of sun, company, the pool and creating.

As you know from my last post my friend Kim was out for a visit.

We wanted to do something really special while she was here that would always remind her of Colorado.

We surprised her with tickets to see the Avett Brothers at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

It doesn’t get much more Colorado than that.

One of our favorite thing to do is to be at Red Rocks, listen to an amazing band and then look up and you are under the stars.

It is incredibly beautiful and one of the best venues in the US.

We got there really early (maybe SOMEONE read the time wrong).

At least I didn’t make them late:-)

We found our beverage of choice.

Fresh lemonade with vodka on this night.


You don’t even have to look far at a Colorado concert to be instantly entertained.

We had pot all around us.

I swear to you that we could be at a Disney on Ice event and there would be weed.

No one even hides it as you can see by this man behind us toking up:-)

Then you have all of the Colorado boys walking around with their shirts off.

Kim made fast friends with the 22 year old girl next to her and the girl’s friend.

In fact, they were instantly so close that they had arranged for us to drive them back into the town below to get a ride home from her mom.

More on that situation later.

The best part was once the concert started we were lucky enough to be sitting behind the Avett Brother’s #1 fan.

Seriously, this guy was AWESOME!

I didn’t even now those dance moves existed.

I really liked when he started sharing his flask with others around him.

(Kim with #1 fan)

I told you Kim would remember this concert!

So, it was the perfect clear night.

Amazing concert with the most incredible band.

They may be my favorite band I have ever seen at Red Rocks.

We laughed, danced, screamed…….and then the vomit.

Remember the girl that was Kim’s new bff?

Well….the girl can’t hold her liquor and towards the end of the concert Kim leans over to me, nicely pushes me closer to Kelly and lets me know the she has puke on her feet.

So….the three of us were trying to smoosh together the best we could so we can get as far away from puking girl as possible.

Please picture a very pretty girl, sitting on a bench, vomit ALL around her, her head is down between her legs…..and she is still clapping.

You have got to give it to her….she was still enjoying the concert.

Now if you remember correctly we were supposed to drive her back down to town.

Let’s just say that as soon as the concert was over we made a fast getaway.

We thought it might be better for her mom to PICK HER UP.

I would like to say that she still had her mom’s friend with her that was sober.

We didn’t leave her all alone, clapping with vomit.

I swear.

We laughed all the way home, paid the babysitter and collapsed into bed.

It was a great night….puke and all.

The highlight was finding puke on us and our things AFTER the concert.

Thank you pretty 22 year old.


Precious memories!


I have been getting a lot of emails asking if you can still sign up for Creatively Made.


We would love to have you.

All four weeks are up on the site and you can watch them all at YOUR CONVENIENCE.

The course will be available until the end of October.

Tons of time to watch everything many times.

You can still sign up HERE.

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Old Glory Antique Show {and time with the Fancy Farmgirl}

(all of the photos were taken by my phone in tons of sunlight..sorry)

I live in Colorado as most of you know.

We are known for our beautiful mountains, incredible weather, occasional wildfires, Tebowing and hiking.

Not known for amazing shows.

When my friends in the PNW are all heading out to the Farm Chicks show I am just a tad jealous.

When my midwest friends all pile into a car to shop at the Country Living Fair I mope a little.

When my beachy friends get to go to Remnants of the Past I live vicariously through them.

There are amazing shows coast to coast but Colorado is not famous for that.

Thank goodness Holly Kuhn of Old Glory Antiques has brought back the Old Glory Antique Fair.

(I am looking very serious in this photo. I guess I was being incognito:-))

Lucky me that Holly hired my good friend, Tiffany Kircher-Dixon, to photograph the show.

While Tiffany worked I shopped.

Probably not the smartest  idea.

She earned money and I spent money.

Holly, do you have a job for me next year???

We never get rain.

We dance for rain here.

Pray for rain.

Make offerings to the rain gods.


On the first day of the show the dark clouds starting to roll in.

Then winds.

Then rain.

Then hail.

Then thunder.

Then lightning.

We decided finding shelter inside a tent that was made predominately out of metal was probably not the best idea.

Tiffany and I made a mad dash for the car.

Of course we were on the opposite side of the show from my Jeep.

We were soaked by the time we made it and quite out of breath which makes me think I should be doing a little more running this summer.

(us drenched)

To say my husband and children have fallen in love with Tiffany would be an understatement.

Maddy cried when Tiffany left and may or may not have asked her to be blood sisters.

I better check if blood was shared.

It was a whirlwind of vintage shopping, laughter, margaritas and a family totally crushing on the Fancy Farmgirl.


Creatively Made has started this week but there is still time to register.

The course will stay open until the end of October.

Here is a little shout out from me about the course.

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Reflections of Paris {Part III}

For the month of June I will be sharing photos from my trip to France in the summer of 2010.

The photos from my Paris portion of the trip have never been seen.

I am loving going back through the photos and how they are triggering my memories.

I am also getting more and more excited for the upcoming trip to France I have with my husband in September.

You can see the previous photos HERE and HERE.

After the flea market and a bite to eat it was time to do a little sight-seeing.

I barely had any time in Paris so it was hard to choose what to see.

Sacre’ Coeur was on the top of the list.

It was fun to climb the narrow steps up to the top and have the breathtaking views of Paris around me.

I am absolutely in love with the streets and cafes around Sacre’ Coeur.

I believe the area is Rue Caulaincourt.

How can you not be in love with bistro chair lined cafes, tree shaded streets and quaint patisseries?

Before dinner I sat at a cafe people watching (one of my favorite pastimes:-)).

I am head over heals with how the men dress in Paris.

I almost can’t take it and I don’t even know many American men that could get away with the slim cuts that French men wear.

I also love how everyone rides bikes through the city…no matter what they are wearing.

The evening ended with dinner with one of the most interesting women I have ever met.

Few people have ever left such an impression on me.

Paris is pure magic.

I hope you join me next Monday for my last photos of Paris.


For all you creative people out there (and even those that don’t believe you are…or have forgotten how to be)….

Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts} starts again TODAY!

We would love to have you in class.

It is a four week, online, art e-course for $48.

The videos will be available for almost five months and you can watch them at your convenience.

Don’t you love e-courses???

If you have already taken the course and want to take it again you can for only $18.

To register for the first time you can go HERE.

If you want to take it again please email me at jeanneoli@hotmail.com with your name and invoice number from the last course.

I will send you an invoice right away.


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Summer of Art {won’t you join me?}

(photo taken by my rock star, photographer friend Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon)

I have left this summer wide open.

I wanted to make sure that we had time to do more hiking (our favorite family activity), work on the house, work in the yard, read books with the kids and MAKE ART!!!

Really, really, really make art.

Sometimes the business of business is…well….business!

I am giddy just thinking of the paint and messy hands in my future.

If your heart flutters a bit when you just think about making art I hope that this summer you WILL MAKE ART!

For those of you that want to make art but don’t know where to start or would love a little direction this summer

I am so happy to offer my Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts} again this year.

We weren’t going to offer it again until January but we had so many requests that we thought we would give it a go.

Here are some of the details:

This course also has an amazing forum and private Facebook page for those that want to grow and connect with other artist.

Hear what people are saying about “Creatively Made”…


The lessons I have learned from you about life and art are priceless. –Ali


Thank you so much for touching my heart and soul and truly making a difference in my life,

which will in turn make a difference to all those I love. –Kim


I am loving and finding so much in the class, and not just art! -Sandy


…this class changed my life. –Julia


Your course has helped me to look deeper and see that I too truly have gifts that I can share.

I know that I need to look deeper and really appreciate what I do have. Your course has given me the courage to try harder. -Teresa


Thank you for such a wonderful course. It has influenced the way I am thinking about my art and my creativity in general.

Your thoughts have spilled over to many different aspects of the way I create. –Ellen


It is so evident where your heart is and your words are encouraging on every level.

I feel tremendously blessed to have taken part of this course.

I’ve learned many art techniques but maybe more importantly was fed in my soul. -Kim


Thank you so much for sharing; this has truly been a life altering experience for me.

Everything you shared with us was exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life!

I took a chance signing up for this class as I had never done anything similar-I am so glad I followed my heart!! -Anita


I asked for a class. I expected the answer to be a room filled with artists and an instructor.

What I received was much more than I expected. In addition to learning new techniques, my spirit was lifted and I was connected with other wonderful souls. –Karen


I have truly enjoyed this class. I know that you and this class have taken me to a higher level of calmness, simplicity and my art energy.

May I be able to open up and soar higher every day with confidence, assurance and peace. –Dira


Why didn’t anyone tell me these amazing truths years ago? Jeanne, you have no idea how needed your words are. I am LOVING this course!!!!!!!

Thank you for putting together such an amazing, creative, nurturing course. –Julia


I am just LOVING this course.  Words can’t describe it quite the way I want them too.

I am learning so much and making myself really sit back and reflect on so many things.

I thank you so much for bringing this course to light and coming into my life. -Tracy


To read more about the course and to register you can go HERE.

Class begins June 18.

I would love to see you there!

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Lover Of Words

As we are putting the final touches on the new course I wanted to share some of the quotes that we will be sharing.

I love including words in my art and it is so fun to put these together for the courses.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Enjoy your weekend.

And for those of you ready to grow your business or learn how to start…..I will see you on Monday afternoon.

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner {and we are obviously repainting our whole house}

(our video…please pause the music player at the bottom first)

I have some winners here!

Here are the 10 people that are winning a spot in my Building a Creatively Made Business e-course.

Come on down….

Heather Santos of Sparrow’s Journey

Meghan of Sweet Pea and Beans

Alicia of La Famille

Rachel of A Cupcake for Moose

Cathy Bueti of Artsy Butterfly

Carlanda Williamson of Lollie Magpie Designs

Alie of Paper Art Scene

Judy of Twinkle Star Crafts & Vintage Crafts

Amanda (no link provided) who wrote,

What a fantastic opportunity that you’re offering. I have been seriously considering an online blog/business that will allow me to be home more with my son. It’s been very trying attempting to achieve the work/life balance while working away from home.
I’ve always been of the “dreamer” sort, which drives my family crazy. Ir would be amazing if I could actually turn those dreams into something real!!
Thank you !


Annie of  Savor This Moment

If you did not win or you are not registered...there is still time!

The course begins THIS coming Monday!

Click HERE to signup.


Beginning Business Kit

We are paying for one lucky student of the class to receive:

Blog design by Sadie Olive

Postcard design by Sadie Olive

Business card design by Sadie Olive

Basic website design by Sadie Olive

(if you already have a blog/website we will give you a credit towards graphic design work etc)

My favorite planner

My favorite portable office kit

3 hours of one on one time with me (either by skype, phone, email etc) to discuss your business and dreams.

(you don’t have to use this time all at once)

This package is valued at over $1200!

I kind of want to win this:-)

Hurry up…

Only FIVE more days until the class begins.


On a completely different note…I am repainting our whole house.

Well, at least it seems like it.

I painted our entryway and then I just couldn’t stop.

It was really time anyways.

I have a whole list of rooms I want to have repainted this summer.

I know this is crazy to do it now especially with the e-course starting and I am leaving in three weeks to teach in California.

So, over the next weeks this is what our house will look like.

I keep adding samples to the walls and I think I have decided on colors for almost every room.

My walls look a little Punky Brewster and I am ok with that…..for a few weeks at least.

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