INSTANT Encaustic Mini-Course with Stephanie Lee Just Launched!


Anyone wishing they were in our studio learning encaustic from Stephanie Lee right now? We have a fun surprise and we hope it feels like the next best thing to being here!

Stephanie Lee has created an INSTANT mini-course, Inquire Within,  just for all of you that could not make it to our studio! She is so awesome!

That means right this second you can sign-up and start learning her techniques for encaustic art!

In this workshop, you will build up a foundation of plaster, paint, and collage. You will then use the humble materials you have at hand to explore color and shape, light and shadow, and story-telling through imagery and mark making.

You will start with exploring substrates for the best foundation and then follow with creating studies in texture and colored surfaces ready to receive paint. Mindfully working with and against the materials to create dynamic compositions, you’ll employ the power of personal inquiry to invite your singular creative voice to show up with courage and clarity.

All this plaster and paint expression will be finished with luminous layers of wax that you will texture further for depth that can’t be achieved any other way. When you have completed your pieces as you follow along, you will have created luminous, visual stories of wonder and mystery.


Come and watch the course trailer…

This 2+ hour instantly available mini-course is $28 and have lifetime access.

To read more or to register click HERE.

If you have any questions please email us at

See you in class,



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Time To Make Some Art and Build Those Dreams {Registration is now open}

It has been a year since our last art e-course…. Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts}.

I am so excited to have a new art course that will begin April 8, 2013.

I hope you will join me making lots of art in The Journey of Letting Go {Creating beauty from ashes}!

Just as in the Creatively Made course this will be a discussion and art course.

Art will be our companion as we discuss the journey of letting go and all the beauty that comes from it.

I will cover new mixed media techniques, coptic binding journals from canvas, sculpture, watercolor, mixed media art using a Dremel tool, collage and so much more!

It will be a creative four weeks.

You will have discussion videos, art technique videos, pdfs, supply lists, an online community to connect with, a place to share your art, weekly forum discussions and weekly live “chats” in the forum.

The best part is that for the first time you will have access to the course for ONE FULL YEAR!

More sneak peeks and the course trailer will be coming soon.

You can register now for an early registration price of $48.

After February 1 the price will go to $58.

To register please go to our new creative community where all our courses are offered.


For those of you that want to make some art sooner we are re-launching the original Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts}.

I love this course so much and know you will too.

The course is $48 and begins February 4!

You can register for this course at

This is a four week online course that will be available for ONE FULL YEAR!

Here is a peek at our course trailer…

Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts} from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.



If you want your business to grow this year I am so excited to tell you we are re-launching our course Building a Creatively Made Business {you’ll never what is possible until you begin}.

Are you still in the dreaming stages…this course is for you too!

When I first started my business I had no idea what was in store.

Thank goodness.

I wouldn’t have believed it and I would have been scared.

Way more scared than I was already.

Over the past five years I have learned so much and grown my business by leaps and bounds.

The truth is that I made mistakes along the way, learned from them and worked hard.

Really hard.

Everyday I get emails from readers asking me how I started my business, what piece of advice could I give, questions about blogging, questions about manufacturing….etc.

They are always really good questions but unfortunately I do not have the time to answer all of them…this was the perfect way to share so much information.

The course is $48 and begins February 4.

To register go to

The course content will be available for ONE FULL YEAR!

Here is a peek into the course…

Introduction to Building a Creatively Made Business from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.


We are pretty excited to grow the new creative community and I have all kinds of ideas that will bless and encourage you…even if you aren’t taking a course.

There will be so many things added to the community in 2013!!!

You do not have to be a part of a course to be a part of the community.

I want you to join in on the forums, chats and to take the free courses offered!

You can register and take advantage of so many opportunities for free.

If you have any questions please email me at


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