My Cup Runneth Over {the perfect break at the perfect time}

My Grandma Jeanne would look around the room at her large family, raise her glass, smile and then say, “My cup runneth over”.

That is all she needed to say.

We knew exactly what she meant and we felt the same thing.

It was an abundance of heart and love.

It was that overflowing abundance that is often very hard to put into words.

I find myself saying my grandma’s sweet words more and more.

We have been working so hard on the new Creatively Made Home e-course.

Our mornings are slow and relaxing with the kids and doing school.

When other kids start coming home from school that is when I start to work.

During a course our evenings and weekends are full of editing and pulling everything together.

Soooo……to have a trip scheduled to see my friends in the middle of a course AND to leave for a weekend and leave my sweet husband to edit all weekend by himself (with children) …..

Let’s just say it was hard to get all of my responsibilities done to leave and ready for Kelly to take over.

It is really hard for me to leave my family sometimes but the best way for me to really relax and not work is to leave the house.

My husband knows this and that is why he wanted me to go.

My husband travels all of the time and he is better about taking bike rides with his friends etc.

Me…I have to be pushed out of the house.

I don’t even realize how much I needed the time with my good friends until I am on the plane heading home and my heart is full of abundant love.

I feel refreshed and ready to love on my family better, more creative, more focused.

This past weekend was the perfect break at the perfect time.

When I got home at 9pm I had to stay up way past midnight to get the course up for the next day but it was worth it.

Even today I am going over all of the sweet moments, good talks, laughter, incredible food, cocktails and the blessing that I have in dear girlfriends.

My cup runneth over.

If you are the kind of person that has to be pushed out of the house I hope your spouse knows this.

Tell them…it is much easier to leave when they are the ones kicking you out into the world to play:-)



Fashion 411 {you guys really like to send emails}

First of all THANK YOU so much for all of the sweet comments and emails about my leg.

It is has really come a long ways these past 10 days!

Crazy, crazy accident but so thankful that the Dr was able to get the infection under control.

I also think the Lord had a little bit to do with it too:-)

Week three of our e-course is underway and I am packing up to head to California.

I am getting all the kits ready for the art event I am teaching at.

Don’t worry…I will keep my leg elevated and comfy as much as possible.

(I am actually under Dr’s orders on that one)

I also turn 40 this weekend.

I have been so busy and bloated from antibiotics that I have barely given it a thought.

I received quite a few emails this week about my outfit from the last post.

I thought I would just answer everyone all at once right here.

Here are the details.

Boots are from Anthropologie

Dress is from J Crew

Cuff is from the Alameda Flea Market

Sweater is from Target

Necklace is from Noonday


You guys are really nice with all your comments because I didn’t shower, my boots were hiding the horror that was my leg (and cankles) and I was in soooo much pain!

If you want to follow my photos when I am in California you can follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page.

Maybe you will just see me sitting….a lot.

Hope not.