Being a Tourist in Denver | Top Spots on My Birthday

I am a birthday girl and try to squeeze every last bit out of it on that day. When people say they don’t really care about their bday’s I do not relate to those people. At all. One day all about me and what I want to do and everyone smiles the whole day while they do my things? Perfection. If I am being completely honest I believe it is more like birthWEEK. If I am really lucky I start my birthdayWEEK on May 5th and just ride it through Mother’s Day.  Genius.

We live about 30 minutes outside of Denver and if I am asked what I want to do on a free day or a special day I will usually choose hiking, making art or heading into the city. For my birthday this year, we went around to some new and other favorite spots around town. It was such a fun day that I wanted to share it with you.

This is the order in which we celebrated my birthday.  We like to do up birthdays custom to each person. This way the person being celebrated feels very seen but it becomes a fun day for everyone else too.

Our first stop was Sonder. My friend Kara Rosenberry had been raving about it and today was the perfect day to try it out. It did not disappoint. The food, London Fog, croissants, and ambiance were spot on. We will be back for sure the next time we are heading to Denver.

The next stop was one of my very favorite shops in the world, Old Glory Antiques. If you see something in our home or shop that you think is unbelievable…we probably got it here.

This shop was a total accident in our day and the BEST surprise! We were headed to another shop a friend had suggested and found this instead. If you are in the area you have to stop at Relevant Goods. Amazing artisans from the area, incredible styling, art, found objects and the owner is warm and welcoming. My new favorite store.

Yes, it was time to eat again. We started with fun cocktails and then tried a ton of different apps and entrees at Devil’s Food.  The winner was probably the chicken and waffles that Kelly got. Insanely good. I don’t think I could eat a whole plate without being rolled out of there was the few bites I had were incredible.

My favorite museum in Denver is the Clyfford Still Museum. His work is changed out regularly and the architecture of this museum is the most beautiful compliment to his work.  If you are lucky you may end up enjoying an outdoor concert in the garden or a smaller ensemble in one of the galleries.

We made a quick stop at the Museum of Contemporary Art to peek at the Basquiat exhibit. We ended our time here with some apps and cocktails on the rooftop cafe.

It was stunning out this day and we enjoyed some time outside Union Station just soaking up the sun, people watching and talking. We then went inside because Union Station is one of my favorite places. So many good restaurants, gorgeous surroundings, fun vibe and when possible I love to pick up some fresh flowers here.

I know you are thinking we can’t eat again but I promise you we could and did. The Kitchen was our final stop. From the moment we arrived, they took my flowers and found a vase, made us some amazing cocktails, let us sit outside for hours and allowed our family to just be. It felt like France. This was the most perfect ending to such a beautiful day.

Thanks for coming along and I would love to hear if you have a favorite Denver spot.

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End of Week Ramblings

I wanted to give you all a few quick updates about where you can find us lately.

We are so excited that you can now get iphone skins, covers, wrapped canvases of my art etc. at Society 6!

I hope you pop on over and see the really fun and beautiful new items we get to offer you.

We are also featured this month in the Fall 2012 issue of Folk Magazine!

Two articles in fact!

They did such a gorgeous job and we are always honored to work with Folk.

You can find the magazine at Barnes and Noble.

We have also just cleaned up the shop so it is easier to tell what is in stock!

We have lots of beautiful vintage pieces, jewelry and bags in stock and ready to ship.

We are also soooo excited that there are only 30 more days until Creatively Made Home begins!!!!

I have been so busy editing all the videos from all the hosts and guests of the course!

If you have ever wanted to learn about raising chickens, choosing paint colors, embroidering a lampshade (more beautiful than anything you have seen at Anthro), making the best chocolate chip cookies, making sweet gifts for family and friends……this is just a touch of what you will find in the course!

This course is about loving your home, loving your family and having fun while you are doing it.

It is about embracing what comes naturally to YOU!

It is about letting go of the perfection and embracing hospitality.

I am all smiles just typing this because everyone that is signed up is in for such an amazing five week course.

You can learn more about the course HERE.

You can also find FAQ HERE.

Starting next week I will have sneak peeks into the course!

Ok, now onto the regularly scheduled post……

I finally feel back to normal.

For the first week back I was heading up to bed at 8.

I don’t mean headed up to bed at 8 and then reading.

I mean dragging myself up the stairs, barely making it to my bed and collapsing like a drunk college student.

It wasn’t pretty.

Not only did I need to readjust to normal life but we also started school last week.

It was exactly what I needed to snap myself back to reality.

I love homeschooling my children so I had the motivation to start our year.

We also had our annual outdoor movie night.

This was our 6th year and the kids chose Megamind.

We had a little less than 100 people cuddled up in our backyard.

I think everyone that comes loves it just as much as we do.

Benjamin turned 6 on Sunday and we spent the day celebrating him and his beautiful life.

He started the day with 15 envelopes and each envelope held a special note telling him what we were doing next.

You can’t open the next envelope until you are done with the previous activity.

It makes it a pretty sweet day for everyone!

The weather is getting cooler and I am loving the fireplace going, something hot in my hands and boots on my feet.

It makes it even easier to curl up with a good book and this is what I am reading right now and LOVING!

I also just bought this for the kids and can’t wait to read it together.

We also have an amazing Van Gogh exhibit coming to Denver next month so we are all Van Gogh all of the time right now:-)

I will show you guys the kid’s paintings they will be working on next week.

We also just received a copy of the August/September issue of Thriving Family that our children modeled for.

They had such a fun time dressing up and hamming it up for the cameras.  I don’t know where they get it:-)

I am sure that there is more I could ramble about but I will sign off for now.

I hope you have an amazing weekend.

I am crossing my fingers that the weather cooperates so we can go apple picking.

What are your weekend plans?

Be a deer and
leave me a comment.

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Pretty {For Pretty’s Sake}

While I was in California I received the most thoughtful gift.

A woman that I had never met in person gave me a gift that I will treasure because without even knowing me…she knew me.

We both have a love of vintage clothing and design.

She gave me a collection of vintage collars.

I have no idea how I am going to display them but I will display them.

They are intricate, delicate and stunning.

Pretty…just for pretty’s sake.

We need more of that in our lives.

Carol, thank you for knowing me so beautifully and understanding how I would treasure such a gift.

What do you treasure just because it is pretty?

Be a deer and
leave me a comment.

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To Celebrate 40 {and because life is too short}


I turn 40 in a little over three months.

I don’t know what I thought I would feel…but I am completely fine with it.

Growing up I heard horror stories of women turning 40.  Seriously, I thought it was full of doom and despair.

What do I have to be afraid of?

It doesn’t matter that I am turning 40 because inside I still think I am a hot 24:-)

Heck, if you stay away from mirrors you can TOTALLY live in that reality.

I am happy with my life and the life Kelly and I have created.

I have had experiences and opportunities that I never dreamed would come my way.

More importanlty than anything else I have three children that I always deeply wanted and a marriage that has been worth all the work.

But, when you turn 40 you get to ask for things and maybe do something crazy awesome just because.

So, I asked.

In the summer of 2010 I spent two weeks in France.

It was incredible.

Something was missing though… Kelly.

Kelly is my best friend.

It is hard to experience something as crazy beautiful as Paris and not have your best friend with you.


I promised myself that the next time I went to France that Kelly would be with me.

So, he will be.

Even though my birthday is in May it worked out better with our schedules to go in September.

I will spend a week in Paris with my main squeeze and then head to a little cottage in the countryside with my friend Tracey.

{if you want to learn more about the cottage go HERE}

Not too shabby.

The first part of the trip is all fun and the second part of the trip is work and fun.

The next time I go to Paris I am taking my children.

The whole city is set up for families and my children would be in heaven.

I better start saving my pennies because I want them to love France as much as I do.

p.s.  Mom, would you stay with the kids when we go to Paris?  Maybe I should have asked you privately first.

If you have turned 40 how did you handle it? Was it hard or easier than you thought?

Be a deer and
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My Heart’s Desire

If there was anything I have always been sure of … was knowing that I wanted to be a mom.
From the time I was a little girl playing with dolls, playing house, “sewing” bags by stapling them together:-) or even playing Barbies….I was preparing for being a mom.
I think back on some of the boys that stole my heart long before Kelly.
Wonderful boys…..just not the right boy.
Boys that have grown up to be another persons right boy.  I love that.
I think I always knew exactly what I was looking for.
Kelly is many things.  He is exactly what I wanted and needed.  He is the father I always dreamed of for my children. Always!
When we were engaged I was told I had endometriosis and may never have children.
I remember sobbing to Kelly asking him if he could still be happy if we couldn’t have children.
He reassured me that he was marrying ME.
(lucky guy)
The doctor told me it could take years to get pregnant (if we ever did) and to not get frustrated.
Well, a month shy of our one year anniversary we started trying because we didn’t know how long it could take.
First time…yep….first time we got pregnant.
We were not financially ready (when are you?)  but we worked hard to prepare for our baby.
This little boy of mine was not wanting to come into the world.
I was finally induced at 44 weeks.  44 WEEKS!!!  I felt like an alien movie and my stomach was going to split open at any moment:-)
My stomach was so huge.  It didn’t help any that the maternity clothes 11 years ago were like tents.  Hot I tell you…HOT!!!
I know everyone says certain days of their lives were their best.
MY best was meeting each of my babies.  I don’t think ANYTHING in this life will compare to that.
My Jack was born 11 years ago today. He was 9lbs 10 oz. and 22 1/2″ long.
He was so long he couldn’t even wear 0-3 month old clothing.
His apgar test was a 10.  Duh…he was born at 44 weeks and I always joke he could have driven us home!
When I saw him I bawled.  Kelly bawled.  He was a miracle.  Birth…life…what a miracle and not a chance occurrence.
The biggest gift from God.  Truly amazing.
Even as an infant he had a sweet, gentle spirit.
He still has that same spirit.
When he is not here you miss his presence because he is the peacemaker.  Helper.  Compassionate heart.  He is perceptive and protective.
When I look at him now I am already praying for his heart to be like his daddy’s.
I am praying for that girl that will know Jack will be HER right one.
Happy Birthday, Jack!
Thank you for the joy and love you have brought into our home.
You made us grow up.
After that doctor appointment so many years ago….your daddy  said that he would have been fine without children.
He said that not knowing how you would bring us even closer together.
He said that before he knew how deeply his heart could love.
He said that before he met YOU!
Be a deer and
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