heART Journal Magazine {I am on the cover and I also made an art video}

Good Morning!

I hope you are all having a beautiful start to 2015.

I wanted to pop on over here and let you know that my article, images and videos (that I made just for you guys) was just launched at heART Journal Magazine!

I share a technique article how to make the journal pages on the cover of the magazine and also included a bonus video showing everything!

My art even made the cover which is always super fun and exciting to see.

Thank you heART Journal Magazine for sharing my work and asking me to be in your beautiful magazine.

You can go and purchase the most recent issue and to celebrate my heART Journal Magazine feature

they have given me a free issue bonus code to share with all of you!

Get your free issue of heART Journal Magazine today!
Simply download the app on iTunes https://bit.ly/heARTMag or Google Play  http://bit.ly/Heartjournal
Then on your device follow these directions using subscriber code : sharemy11 (case sensitive)
•             Install the App on your device
•             Launch the Magazine
•             On the Home Page, Tap on the Yellow subscribe button
•             Tap on the Current Subscribers button
•             Enter this: sharemy11 (case sensitive)
or go to our cart for a pdf version choose Issue11 and use coupon code sharemy11 in the check out process.

You will now be able to access your free issue.  Remember, the code is case sensitive. For help with the coupon code, email heartjournalmag@gmail.com   This code is good until Feb 15th.  

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The Journey of Letting Go {My Brand New Art Course and a Giveaway}

The Journey of Letting Go {Creating Beauty from Ashes} begins April 8th!

This is a brand new four week e-course.

I am so excited to get all messy again with all of you!

We will play with…


*Coptic Binding


*Journaling Prompts

*Art Technique Prompts



*Mixed Media Girls


*Digital Art




*Art With a Dremel

and so much more!

I love to connect with women through art and I am so excited about the theme of the course.

I love this quote by C. JoyBell

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”

I hope you join me for uplifting discussions and art that will guide us through our creative journey.

Here is the fun giveaway part!!!!

I am giving away 10 spots in the new course!

The other part of the giveaway (my favorite part ) …..I will be giving away $300 worth of art supplies to one of the 10 course winners!

Registration is open on our CREATIVE NETWORK or you can register on my WEBSITE.

{you will be instantly in the course if you register and pay through the Ning site}

To enter the drawing for a spot in The Journey of Letting Go all you need to do is to leave a comment on THIS post.

For additional chances you can:

*Facebook about the course with a link to this post

*Pin the course or this post on Pinterest

*Tweet about the course

*Blog about the course

{come back to this post and let me know each time you do one of the above for an additional chance to win}

Each week I will give sneak peeks into the projects will be doing.

I can’t wait to create with you!!!!



 Leave a comment on THIS post to be entered for the course and the art supply giveaway!

Each time you post of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your blog please come back here and let us know for additional chances to win.

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Creatively Made {and a new video too}

I am excited to officially launch my new e-course!

Thank you to everyone that has already signed up.

I wanted to make a quick video to tell you a little bit more about the course and also to let you know what art techniques I will be teaching.

Enjoy the video and more will be coming (pause the music at the bottom first).


This is the perfect way to start the new year and also the course would make a perfect Christmas gift (even for teenagers)!

If you choose to give the course as a gift please leave me a message when you purchase with the recipients email address.


Creatively Made E-Course


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New art {and feeling a bit like barfing}

This past weekend I had the opportunity of spending one day {of a three day art retreat} at the first Makerie.

Colorado has been needing something this lovely and Ali DeJohn has delivered.

I was only there for the opening ceremony and one day but there were so many little details that an artist’s heart would connect with.

I went to Boulder to take an art class taught by Flora Bowley.

I knew going in that this would be out of my comfort zone…especially with a time frame, completely different art style and a room full of people.

( I teased Jenny at the beginning of class that there was no way she would be clean at the end of the day.  She was…and I now have to send her a prize)

I wanted to be true to Flora’s process and really tried to listen to the steps she was giving and guiding us through.

To be honest it was beyond hard to not use my own techniques, colors etc.

Painfully uncomfortable.  I was really surprised by this.

The morning started off with Flora telling us to drip paint onto the canvas and spray with water and make it blend, drip etc.

As that first layer was drying we started on the next canvas.

Our next step was to take red, orange and yellow…close our eyes…and paint the canvas with our hands.

That piece was then set aside to dry.

We brought our drip piece back in and we didn’t paint on it… everyone else in the room did.  It was supposed to encourage us to feel uninhibited with our piece.

That is not exactly how it made me feel:-)

It wasn’t that big of a deal because I knew it was all going to be covered up but for me art is relaxing, calming, joyful…..this was chaos to me and  I think I needed a stiff drink:-)

Luckily, Jenny Doh and I were in the class together and were laughing and singing the whole time.

(don’t even ask me why whenever I am around Jenny I make up the stupidest songs you have ever heard)

The first half of the day was truly just exploring Flora’s method, techniques etc.

After lunch we were told to reevaluate our piece and decide what we liked.

When Flora came to me I was honest that the piece made me a little nauseous. I wasn’t the only one in the room that felt like that about their piece…..at this point we were kind of creating messes and if that is not your regular process it can be hard to feel like you aren’t creating something “pretty”.

At this point I was given freedom to pick what I liked about the painting…even if it was a tiny part and make my piece about THAT.

And I did.

Then it became fun.

This piece is obviously very different than what I regularly create but that is why I wanted to take Flora’s class.

It is still me.  It is my color palette, my organization in creating and I just made what felt natural.

I love learning new things.  I just didn’t expect it to be so uncomfortable at first.

It is sticking with something.  Growing.  Stretching. Maybe puking along the way…haha!!!!

Not only did I come home with a new piece of art (I was supposed to finish two) but I got to spend time with two women that I adore!!!

Not too bad of a day!

How are you at learning new techniques and getting out of your comfort zone??


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