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Lisa Noneman commented:

August 7, 2017 at 7:47 pm

I’ve been sharing my art supplies with a young girl who lives in my small town. She works at our library, very shy and reserved and we discovered each other through our love of art. I packed up a tote of all my favorite supplies and gave them to her to use and she comes to me often to show me what she makes. It touches my heart to see how grateful she has been and how eager she is to learn new mediums. It’s kind of like how I feel when Jeanne shares a video of her playing with art supplies in her classes, I get so excited!


Lisa, congratulations and we are so happy that you won. We hope you and the girl in your town will love the supplies.  Please contact us at and we will give you all the details.



It has been WAY TOO LONG since we had a giveaway!

With all of the new and beautiful courses launching we wanted to celebrate each teacher and each labor of love that they are bringing to life.

It is such an honor to collaborate with so many outstanding artists and teachers that help to create online courses that are RICH and AUTHENTIC!

So, I wanted to share what is going on RIGHT now on our site and share what you can join or even share with those around you.


Today we just launched the brand new online course Let Us Make with Sheila Atchley! Let Us Make is an artful, playful exploration of creation, theology and story as we rediscover them all in Genesis chapter one of the Bible. This course is for anyone who loves nature, art, and spirituality. Together we will play with techniques such as abstract flow art, botanical art, and expressive portraiture.  If you’ve ever wished you could have an excuse to spend more time outdoors; if you’ve ever wished you could gain some perspective on your own story, and come to know for sure why you are alive, this is the course for you.  All these things will be explored through art and scripture, in a safe, nonjudgmental and playful atmosphere. You can watch the course trailer HERE.


This week we opened early registration for Scribblepedia with Rae Missigman! Explore text based mark-making with its power to transform color and layers into deeply personal mixed media art. Define your creative art story letter by letter with text based mark making. Join author, artist and mark maker, Rae Missigman, as she guides you through the process of adding words, text and letters to deepen the impact of your mixed media pieces while interjecting them with your personal style. Create inspirational reference projects to quickly jump start your pieces and paint a colorful multilayered mixed media canvas where you leave a personal set of marks that define your work as uniquely yours. We will delve step by step into the process of layering, defining and marking in the wildly colorful style Rae has made so popular. You can view the course trailer HERE.


Early registration is about to end for Kate Thompson’s newest online course Fancy Lassies! The early registration price of $28 will end on August 12th and will go to $48.  In this class, you will be creating fanciful girls using watercolors, pastels, and acrylics. You will make little watercolor paper books where we will explore techniques, prints, and color. Downloadable templates are provided for you to practice the painting techniques. You will learn how to draw the girls and then transform them into fanciful creatures with very different personalities. You will learn how to draw a portrait using charcoal and then layer the charcoal drawing with watercolors and white acrylic paint. You can watch the course trailer HERE.




Paper Palettes | A Color Discovery Course is a mini course with Kelly Hoernig (instantly available) that has had INCREDIBLE feedback. Artists are saying that Kelly’s techniques for organizing ideas and color is changing how they approach their art and how they gather what is inspiring them. COLOR? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you confident about your choices when creating art? Want to experiment but not sure how to go about it? Want to be adventurous and step out of your color comfort zone? If you answered yes to one or all of the questions, this fun class will show you an exciting way to create a palette full of confidence! And guess what, you already have the supplies needed to get inspired. A couple of magazines you love, scissors, an adhesive (glue stick, tape) and some pages to glue to, that’s it! Excited already? I sure am! You can watch the course trailer HERE.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on THIS POST telling us about something beautiful you (or someone you know) is putting out into the world.

For additional chances to win:

*Join our art + lifestyle creative network with online courses at

* Share the new courses and giveaway on Facebook by sharing this post

* Share the new courses on IG and tag @jeanneoliver #jeanneolivercreativenetwork

* Follow us on Instagram

* Blog about the new courses and giveaway

* Pin images from this post to Pinterest

Each time you do one of the above just come back here and let us know.

This giveaway will close on August 8, 2017 at 11:59 pm MST.

The winner will be announced on August 9, 2016.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!


If you are new to our creative network here are easy steps to get you started…

1. Register at (this is free).

2. Once your account is active you are able to take advantage of our free courses, series and even pay for courses.

3. Go to and along the top header click on “COURSES” and you will be able to view all three pages of online courses and free series.

4. To purchase a course please choose your course, click on the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be INSTANTLY in the classroom.

5. All videos can be found along the right hand side of the page under “COURSE CONTENT”.

6. All of our courses are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience. The best part is that you have lifetime* access on all new purchases!  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

*As long as we manage the creative network

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The Quinn Art Bag is Back In Stock!

I just have returned from teaching in Italy (post coming soon and it was AMAZING) and I wanted you to know that the Quinn Art Bag is back in stock!

This is my go to bag for art and everyday!

This bag was inspired by my The Living Studio series and retreats and the idea of not just creating in our studios but out in the world and creating around what inspires us.

This art bag is made from grey linen, lined with cream ticking, has an adjustable strap, a large zippered pocket, cell phone pocket, an outside pocket for a ruler or larger paintbrushes, an open pocket for pencils etc., a buttoned pocket, four antique brass feet and a cloth divider.  The Quinn closes with a antique brass magnetic snap and comes with a removable fabric flower made from vintage fabric (each one is different).  Each Quinn comes with a JO roll up paintbrush holder.

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Art Supply Giveaway! {Let’s Celebrate the new Portraits Class}

I hope you all had a great weekend!

We had our first week back from vacation and Jack started high school within hours of us returning home.

Jack has always been home-schooled (except for his weekly enrichment school) and I have to be honest that he adjusted much easier than I did:-)

I loved having him home this weekend and I think that weekends will be cherished much more from here on out.

Benjamin has been sick since the day we left California and when he gets sick it usually goes to his lungs.  We spent an early morning at the ER this week to help his breathing and I am so happy to say that he is on the mend.

After loads and loads of laundry mixed in with the other activity of our first week home I am ready to get back into the swing of things.

I think that a awesome giveaway is in order to celebrate surviving the first week of high school:-)

OK, I am really wanting to celebrate the brand new Studying Under The Masters {Portraits and Self-Portraits}!

This new course will be in the same format as the original Masters course but this time we will focus on portraits and self-portraits.

This new course will have 5 artists that will be joining me for a 6 week online course.

To read more about the new course you can read my previous blog post HERE or go directly to my creative network.

You can also register by using the paypal button at the bottom of this post.

This 6 week course begins September 30, 2014 (avail. for 2 years)

Early registration price of $49 and the price will go to $62 on September 1.

The first Masters class had over 1,000 students, the response to the course was incredible and the art that was created blew the teachers away.

To celebrate the new portraits class I wanted to giveaway some of my favorite everyday art supplies and some new tools I have just started using.

I am giving away more than $300 worth of art supplies!

The Matilda Art Bag sold out almost instantly (don’t worry more will be coming the next collection) but before the art bag was created I used one of my camera bags to carry supplies.

I also want to give away one of my Josie Camera Bags that you can you use for your supplies.

The total value of the giveaway is over $450!


To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post letting us know where you would love to travel and create art.

For additional chances at the giveaways you can…

* Facebook about the giveaway and the new course

* Pin this post and/or course to Pinterest

* Talk about the giveaway and/or new course on Instagram and use the hashtag #studyingunderthemasters

* Blog about the new course

* Share this post on Twitter

 Each time you share about the sale or this post please come back and let us know.

Thank you for sharing the new course!

{the winner will be announced next Monday}

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What Does Your Monday Look Like? {I know what I will be doing}

This Monday I will be launching my brand new art course The Journey of Letting Go {creating beauty from ashes}.

I wanted to give you a peek into what the first week will hold.

If you are brand new to mixed media or you have been playing for awhile I hope you will love this four week course.

Our first week is focused on exploring mediums, textures, patterns and creating three different journals to record your thoughts and art.

Each journal we alter with painting techniques, collage or mixed media.

In addition to the art videos we have discussion videos that I hope will be encouragement for the journey of letting go that you may be on.

Even if you don’t listen to one discussion video I know that you will love the art we create together.

Here is a peek into WEEK ONE of The Journey of Letting Go….

This is only WEEK ONE.

We are going to make soooo much art in this course!!!

Only a few more days until the course begins!

To register go directly to my creative network HERE or you can register on my website HERE.

I know this will be an incredible four weeks for all of us!

See you on Monday (I will be the one in the paint covered apron):-)

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My Favorite Things of 2012 {Creative Favs}

Today I want to share my Creative Favorites of 2012.

To see my Business Favorites of 2012 click HERE.

I  love to create and there is always something new or new to me that catches my eye.

I love seeing what other artists use too and how they like to use them.

Many  of the items on my list have been used for years and they are still my favorite and most used art tools.

Some tools are newer to me and I have had a lot of fun playing with them.

I hope you will find this list fun and you will let me know if you try something new!

1. I didn’t love watercolors until I started working in mixed media.  It had always seemed too soft to me.  Maybe I was intimated by thinking things had to be perfect with watercolor.  What I have fortunately learned is that is so far from the truth! You have so many choices when it comes to watercolors but these are some fun ones I have been playing with lately.

2. If you have ever taken my art e-courses you much I love modeling paste🙂  I use it over my backgrounds, for hair, to add texture wherever I need it.  So easy to use, paint over and even add color to.  Very fun!!

3. Using calligraphy pens really takes your mixed media to the next level with detail elements.  I like the sketch series but you can use whatever tips you like.  I use it with the Black Cat Ink below.

4. These watercolor pencils are amazing for your mixed media work and if you love to work in your art journal you will want these!

5. Is it wrong that I first started buying these a few years ago because they were pretty?  I knew you would understand!  They are all handmade and they are ALMOST too pretty to use. You will be glad when you do because they are wonderful, soft pastels.  Perfect touches throughout your work.

6. The longer I work in mixed media the more I enjoy wood panels.  They are also easier to ship and I don’t worry about the canvas dipping or getting ripped.  These are the panels I like to use.

7. I love this waterproof ink.  I use it with the above calligraphy pen set.  Once it dries I use my watercolors over it.  My kids love this process too!

8. I love charcoal and love using it to add depth, shadows and shading to my work. It also is such an incredible medium alone.  I don’t think there are many art processes more beautiful than charcoal on paper.

9. If you want to create the most creamy and realistic skin colors then you will want to play with these! Blends like a dream.

10. This is the only white gel pen I will use.  It works on everything.  I use it to make highlights in eyes, to doodle around my work and to write words over my pieces.

11.  One of my very, very favorite art tools is the Stabilo Marks All pencils in black and grey. They write over anything and they are water soluble.

12. I use charcoal pencils a lot. I have so many different brands and I am not too picky. I love to add scallops etc. around a piece with these.

13.Pan Pastels just give you another way to use pastels. With the foam shape applicators it really changes how you can use them. Just remember to spray your piece with a fixative so you can work over the pastels without smearing.

14. There are so many kinds of acrylics that I use and love but nothing makes me happier than the heavy body paints.  Maybe it is because I love the look of oils but I don’t have the patience for them.

There you have it!

I wish I could invite you over into my studio and I should share everything I love to use.


If you love to take online art classes then I have a mixed media class starting again February 4th.

I also have a BRAND NEW mixed media course beginning April 8th.

If you want to create face to face, talk, laugh, get all messy together then you can find me teaching at Nurture Your Creative Seed THIS February.  I think there a few spots left and you will also learn from the awesome Mindy Lacefield.

I am so excited to be in the gorgeous PNW and to hang out with such an incredible group of women at such an beautiful location.

If you are coming email me and let me know ( or

I will also be teaching in Italy this summer.

Yes, I said Italy.

I am teaching mixed media at the Bellagio Retreat.

This retreat is almost full so contact them immediately if you are interested.

This is a dream come true and I promise you that this will be one of the most beautiful creative things you have ever done for yourself!

Tomorrow I will be sharing my Home Favorites for 2012!

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I had to…I couldn’t take it any longer {you should join me}

I am the kind of girl that (unfortunately) doesn’t think about birthday presents until the day before sometimes.

I refuse to put up decorations of any kind unless it is for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I wrap my Christmas presents the night before Christmas.

I like to celebrate one holiday at a time.

I don’t even really like to begin Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving.

I will not put the Christmas tree up earlier than the day after Thanksgiving (I will leave it up until after New Years though).

But when the weather gets cooler and the fireplace is going I can’t help it….I have to listen to Christmas music!!

One month is NOT long enough for all the CDs I have collected over the years.

It just makes me extremely happy.

So, I wanted to share some of my favorite albums and I want to hear yours too!

I love, love, love this album!

Seriously, I can listen to this all day long on repeat.

Who doesn’t love a little Harry???

I don’t mean hairy legs or hairy armpits…only Harry Connick.

I love old movies so it is no surprise that I love Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and of course classic Bing Crosby.


This may make me an old lady but I will admit it anyways….

I love me some James Taylor.

I could go on and on and on and on…but I will spare you my really long list of favorites.

I also have some new CDs that I want to add to my collection this year.

I can’t wait to get this new one by the incredible Mindy Gledhill.

I am also hoping to get to check all of these out.  Let me know if you have heard them and if they are any good.

Now it is your turn to tell me your favorites!


I wanted to also let you all know that registration is open to everyone now to Kim Caldwell’s incredible event.

I am honored to be teaching at this event and I would love to see you.


Also, I wanted to let you know that you can still enter for my giveaway of 5 spaces to my new E-Course beginning in January!

Go to THIS post to leave a comment.  Good luck.

I will announce the winners on Friday.

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E-Course and Art Supply Giveaway

I meant to include all of this in yesterday’s post but snow day got the best of me!

To celebrate the launch of my E-Course I want to do a giveaway of 5 spaces to the course and one of those winners will also win over $200 in art supplies to use in the class!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post.

For additional chances to win you can:

* Blog about the course

*Facebook about the course

*Twitter about the course

*Pin to Pinterest

Just come back to THIS post and let me know after you do each of these things for additional chances to win the E-Course and $200 of art supplies!

If you have already registered and you win…don’t worry… I will refund your payment.

Feel free to use any images on my blog for your posts.

You can find my video HERE.

{Before you listen to the video please pause the music on the bottom of the page}






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