Semi-Annual 50% Off Online Class Sale

We only do this twice a year and this will not happen again until Summer 2017!

For the next 48 hours we are having our Semi Annual 50% off Online Class Sale!

No coupon is needed!

This is the perfect time to stock up on all of those online classes that you have been dreaming about taking.

We have so many courses that are on sale for the first time!

Our creative network has some of the most incredible artists around and the content is rich!


Want to learn a new art technique?

Want to show your creativity in your home?

Want to learn bee keeping?

Want to create with your kids?

We have something for everyone!


Every course that is a part of the sale has already been marked down so you don’t need a special code!

This sale will end after 48 hours so don’t miss out on all of the creative goodness waiting for you.

Thank you for being a part of our creative network and helping us to create such an incredible meeting place to grow and learn as artists!

**courses that have not yet started or have just started are NOT a part of the sale**

If you are new to our creative network here are easy steps to get you started…

1. Register at (this is free).

2. Once your account is active you are able to take advantage of our free courses, series and even pay for courses.

3. Go to and along the top header click on “COURSES” and you will be able to view all three pages of online courses and free series.

4. To purchase a course please choose your course, click on the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be INSTANTLY in the classroom.

5. All videos can be found along the right hand side of the page under “COURSE CONTENT”.

6. All of our courses are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience. The best part is that you have lifetime* access on all new purchases! Pretty awesome if you ask me.

*As long as we manage the creative network

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Give The Gift Of Art! | Print It Out and Wrap It Up!

If you are looking for the gift that will truly impact 2017 for someone that you love then I have the perfect gift for you!

We are offering our gift certificates that can be applied to one of our 78 online courses, private art instruction, business consulting, online shop and even one of our upcoming workshops in our studio!

We have tried to make it easy for you but if you want an amount not shown please email us at and we will create something special just for you.

$48 gift certificate

$100 gift certificate

$200 gift certificate

$400 gift certificate

To purchase a gift certificate for yourself or for a friend click HERE.  We will email you the printable gift certificate within 24 hours.


If you have been wanting to create in person I have three opportunities coming up:

Coming together and creating one on one with other artists is one of my favorite things. I have three children at home and my heart is to be with them so it is only the most special studios and opportunities that bring me away from my own studio.

In person I am able to connect in a whole different way than online and we are able to work one on one on your art and even where you want your art to go. The intimacy that a live workshop offers is priceless to me and I hear that back from other artists also. It is always a growth experience for each artist teaching and the artists gathering together.

#1. This coming February I will be traveling to North Carolina to teach at the Donna Downey Studios! This is such a treat for me to be at Donna’s studio but to also be teaching along the East Coast! I know I get asked often to make my way to the East Coast so I hope this makes many of you happy!

THREE DAYS of us sketching, laughing, connecting, sculpting and going away filled up and ready to take what we have learned and discovered about ourselves and investing it into our own work. I love this part of live workshops!  I just walk away filled up and inspired in my own creativity! I hope you join me!

You can make payments (hello!) and start your 2017 with a creative gift for yourself! 


#2. Ever since I have been a little girl I have been a lover of history, architecture, art and I have ALWAYS known…I would travel. I am greatly driven by my desire to learn, explore and to discover more of this world. My family makes choices all of the time that will make it possible for us to travel more and to have less of other things. We want to collect adventures and memories and not just things.  For all of you lovers of adventure, history, art and travel…this is for you! Join me in April 2017 for The Living Studio Along The Seine!   Imagine exploring and creating in France!


#3. Cobblestone walkways, candlelight dinners with pasta that melts in your mouth, hikes to castle ruins with Lake Como and the prealps as your backdrop, dips in the pool, rides around Lake Como in a vintage motor boat, the smell of Jasmine as you walk throughout the village, the best espresso of your life as you take a break in the afternoon and watch the locals, late afternoon showers that cool the village down and the breeze blows through your apartment window and evenings of good food, laughter and wine glasses raised high.  Did I mention we make art too! Bellagio, Italy is truly one of my favorite places on earth because it is slow and inviting, the village embraces you like no place I have ever been, the beauty is hard to even wrap your head and heart around and your whole pace comes to a halt as you just enjoy the simplest and most beautiful parts of life.  To come to Bellagio, Italy and to explore and create is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.  I know that if you give yourself the gift of Italy that you will feel the same wa

It is my honor to have been invited back by Laura McCollough to teach again (this will be my fourth time) at her truly luxury Art & Faith Creative Retreat.  This year my good friend Stephanie Ackerman and I will be back together to teach art when we are not off exploring Bellagio and the surrounding villages.

Come and hear some of the details.  REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR THE JUNE 24 – JULY 1ST, 2017 ART & FAITH CREATIVE RETREAT!


Whether online or in person I look forward to creating along side you in 2017!




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2016 Is Off To A Creative Bang! {Come and Celebrate and Enter the Art Supply Giveaway}


The winner of the $350 Dick Blick gift card is…

flutterbyebarn commented:

I’m taking Reflections: Paint your story. I’m scared and I’m ecstatic!!! I’ve done all kinds of art since I can remember, here and there. I have NEVER journaled. ? I am at such a point at my life where I can’t believe I was bold enough to think I had a story to tell. But I believe you, when you say it. And I desperately need to find my real voice and my artistic voice, so here I am. I know I will find it through art. Thank you for being so real and honest and encouraging. I can’t wait!!!!! ???????

Congratulations!  To claim your gift card please email us at

This giveaway has to be claimed by February 1, 2016.


2016 is barely out of the gates and we have so many gorgeous new online courses for you!

We have four brand new art courses that are starting soon or they have just been opened for registration.

To celebrate we are also giving away one $350 Dick Blick Gift Card!  Read to the bottom to see how to enter.

Come and see what we have for you…

You can also see the course trailer below…


Beginning January 18th is our first online art journaling course all about finding your own authentic story.

Reflections: Paint Your Story

Join me for a two week art journaling online course all about unraveling your own story and creating authentic art that only you can tell.

When I started to see my own stories as being meaningful and significant my art began to change.  When I could look back and find my own timeline and defining moments I was able to start digging deeper as an artist and my creating became more of a time of remembering, honoring, forgiving, healing and celebrating.  It made me more intentional about where I wanted to go creatively and how I wanted to share it.

If you think your story isn’t good enough…you are mistaken.

If you are afraid to tell your story…maybe it is time to find freedom

If you have never told your story…it is time.

If you want to create authentic art that no one else can create…let’s get started.

This two week online course is $48 with lifetime* access.

Beginning on February 15th is a follow up to the popular Scribble Art with Julie Johnson.

Making Art Sing: Values, Shapes and Lines

I have found wonderful and new techniques in my studio this fall.  We are not going to lose the basics of drawing. Learning the measuring is important in drawing.  But how about drawing on vellum and painting with drawing materials!  Really we use only a wet brush.  Fun and more fun!   Join me, as we get lost in learning about drawing.   I love to talk and explain my purpose for doing something as you watch from my shoulder.  Yes, you are that close up in seeing the marks and strokes I am making while I demo and video from a vertical easel.

This one week online course has recently opened for registration and has the early registration price of $29.98 with lifetime* access.




Registration has just opened for Danielle Donaldson’s newest watercolor course All Creatives Lovely and Small!

This course will begin on March 14th.

Ellies, pups and bunnies, oh my! One whole week of online creative goodness! We will start off our week with a good dose of danielle-ish color theory. This isn’t your everyday color-wheel stuff. As a matter of fact, it is kind of the opposite. You’ll learn how to work with color in a whole new way. You’ll find your very own colorful voice with a series of simple exercises that will not only build your creative signature but seriously boost your watercolor confidence. Next we’ll pick up our mechanical pencils and illustrate some quirky and goodness-filled animal friends. You’ll learn how to break down their bits and pieces and then reassemble them in a bunch of different ways. And then we’ll add soft, yummy layers of color and delicate details. We’ll wrap up our week by building a lovely, layered block of patterned paper, snippets of ribbon and a word or two to give our four-legged friend a place to perch.

This one week course has the current early registration price of $32 with lifetime* access.



Registration has opened for Elements of Clay with Alissa Millsap!

This course will begin on February 29th.

Do you have childhood memories of making mud pies or building sandcastles?

Maybe you loved creating something out of playdoh, wishing you could keep them forever?

In Elements of clay, I will be showing you several projects using air-dry paper clay.

No kiln needed!

Each project is inspired by nature, as well as the hope of new beginnings that come in the spring. Each project has a bohemian flair and style. I doesn’t matter if you worked with clay before or have never experienced creating a sculpture, it is my wish that you will be inspired to try something new. I hope you will join me on this journey as we explore the elements of clay.



Let’s talk about how to get that awesome $350 Dick Blick gift card!!!!



To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this post telling us one step you are taking to live a more creative life in 2016.

For additional chances to win:

* Share the new courses and giveaway on Facebook

* Share the new courses on IG and tag @jeanneoliver #jeanneolivercreativenetwork

* Follow us on Instagram

* Blog about the new courses and giveaway

* Pin images from this post to Pinterest

Each time you do one of the above just come back here and let us know.

This giveaway will close on January 18, 2016 at 11:59 pm MST.

The winner will be announced on January 19th.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!



If you are new to our creative network here are easy steps to get you started…

1. Register at (this is free).

2. Once your account is active you are able to take advantage of our free courses, series and even pay for courses.

3. Go to and along the top header click on “COURSES” and you will be able to view all three pages of online courses and free series.

4. To purchase a course please choose your course, click on the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be INSTANTLY in the classroom.

5. All videos can be found along the right hand side of the page under “COURSE CONTENT”.

6. All of our courses are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience. The best part is that you have lifetime* access on all new purchases!  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

*As long as we manage the creative network

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Life Book 2015 {Teacher line up, blog hop and giveaway}

Good morning!

I have some exciting news this morning and I hope you will be excited too and want to join me.

I am one of 25 teachers that will teaching in Life Book 2015!

This is an online art course that gives you new art technique and inspiration videos each month for a whole year.

So many of the artists teaching are women I know personally or women I admire for their creativity.

It is an honor to be included with so many talented and successful artists.

Registration will open on October 6th but you can check out all of the details and teachers now by going HERE.

I can’t wait to share with you my journal pages celebrating the lights and shadows of who we all are.  I love that I also get to talk with you about how I celebrate the day to day, find my gratitude in the midst of disappointment and my biggest tip that has helped me learn how to celebrate and the gratitude.  I will have print out quotes, prompts and more!

Each month will be full of inspiration to keep your creativity on track throughout the year.  I am just as excited to learn from the other artists as I am sure you are!

Look at all of these artists!

So exciting!

Who would love to win a spot in this one year course?

I get to giveaway ONE SPOT and to enter all you need to do is:

* leave a comment on this post telling me what keeps your creativity on track or what you would like to get out of Life Book 2015

For additional chances:

* Facebook THIS blog post

* Pin THIS post to Pinterest

* Blog about the course and link THIS post

Each time you do one of the above please come pack to THIS post and let me know and you will get additional entries for each time you share about the course linking to this blog post.

Want more chances to win a spot?

Tomorrow go check out the blog of Andrea Gomoll for an additional chance to win!

Here is a complete list of the teachers and all of their links so you can have additional chances to win and to get to know them better.

8th September 2014 – Tamara Laporte –
9th September 2014 – Jane Davenport –
10th September 2014 – Joanne Sharpe –
11th September 2014 –  Jenny Lee Wentworth –
12th September 2014 –  Violette Clark –
13th September 2014 –  Chris Zydel –
14th September 2014 –  Danielle Donaldson –
15th September 2014 –  Effy Wild –
16th September 2014 –  Flora Bowley –
17th September 2014 –  Alisa Burke –
18th September 2014 –  Rachael Rice –
19th September 2014 –  Jeanne Oliver –
20th September 2014 –  Andrea Gomoll –
21st September 2014 –  Kristin van Valkenburgh –
22nd September 2014 –  Jill K. Berry –
23rd September 2014 –  Alena Hennessy –
24th September 2014 –  Juliette Crane –
25th September 2014 –  Jenny Doh –
26th September 2014 –  Mati Rose McDonough –
27th September 2014 –  Patti Ballard –
28th September 2014 –  Lynzee Lynx –
29th September 2014 –  Roben Marie Smith –
30th September 2014 –  Andrea Schroeder –
1st October 2014 –  Lynn Whipple –
2nd October 2014 –  Donna Downey –

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Creatively Made {and a new video too}

I am excited to officially launch my new e-course!

Thank you to everyone that has already signed up.

I wanted to make a quick video to tell you a little bit more about the course and also to let you know what art techniques I will be teaching.

Enjoy the video and more will be coming (pause the music at the bottom first).


This is the perfect way to start the new year and also the course would make a perfect Christmas gift (even for teenagers)!

If you choose to give the course as a gift please leave me a message when you purchase with the recipients email address.


Creatively Made E-Course


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A Girls Weekend Giveaway {Yes, I am totally serious}

When was the last time that you took a little weekend away with your girlfriends?

{If it has been awhile…keep reading because this post is gonna GET GOOD!!!}

As my children are getting older I have been able to enjoy that luxury more than when they were babies.

There were MANY years that I was lucky to get away for one day every six months!!!    HAHA…you know it is true!

I am heading to Illinois in three short weeks to teach three classes at the NaDa Farm Sale.

I was just talking with two of the other artists that will be teaching and we want to do something pretty special for you guys!

I am so giddy just typing this!!!

I will be teaching an art of business class, a vintage mixed media class and a vintage journal class.

Jennifer Rizzo will be joining me on Friday night for the “Avenues to the Art of Business” class and she is also teaching a “Reflections of the Prairie” mixed media class on Saturday morning.

Jill Harris will be teaching “Salvaged Treasures”…a jewelry class using vintage pieces!!

We have all come together to offer one of you a GIRLS WEEKEND PACKAGE!

One winner will win TWO spots to EACH of our classes!!!!

The winner and their favorite friend :-) will be VERY happy girls!

The winner will get TWO spots in the “Avenues To An Artful Business”, TWO spots in Jen Rizzo’s “Reflections of the Prairie” class,  TWO spots in Jill Harris’ “Salvaged Treasures” jewelry class, TWO spots in my “Vintage Journal” class and  TWO spots in my “Vintage Mixed Media” class!

You will also get a FREE hotel room courtesy of the three of us.

Your hotel will be only minutes from the NaDa Farm Sale!

You will also get free admission to the NaDa Farm Sale and coupons for free goodies at the sale.

The total value of the Girls Weekend Getaway is over $500!!

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

1. Blog about the Art on the Farm classes at the NaDa Farm Sale and the Girls Weekend Giveaway .  Once you have blogged about it come to ANNE MARIE’S BLOG and let us know.


2. Talk about the art classes and giveaway on Twitter for a second entry!  Once you have talked about it let us know on ANNE MARIE’S BLOG.


3. Talk about the art classes and giveaway on Facebook for a third entry.  Once you have talked about it on Facebook come back and let us know on ANNE MARIE’S BLOG.

Even if you have already paid for your class or you sign up this week and you win….don’t worry… we will refund your money!

Classes are filling up quickly as the NaDa Farm Sale date is getting closer.

If you want to sign up for my art of business, vintage journal or vintage mixed media class you can email me at to register.

If you want to sign up for Jennifer Rizzo’s Reflections of the Prairie class you can email her at

To sign up for Jill Harris’ Salvaged Treasures class you go can directly HERE to sign up.

If one of my readers wins (you will have to let me know) I will also have a grey ruffled messenger bag filled with goodies to give you!

Also…I have closed my comments so you know to go only to ANNE MARIE’S BLOG to enter.

All of our posts are being directed to her blog so there is no confusion when we draw a winner.

Here is a fun video that Anne Marie made that tells a little about the classes.




ART on the farm from Anne Marie on Vimeo.


Reminder that this is the final hours of our 24 hour offerings. You have until this evening to get our Vintage French Digital Collections for 1/2 off.

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