Last Minute Gifts From Jeanne Oliver Designs | Tomorrow Is The Last Shipping Day


We have been busy getting art bags and the new Living Studio Toolbox Studios shipped and out the door.

Everything single thing is out of the studio and on the way to you guys!

Thank you! That was crazy and amazing. It has just made us so much more excited about what is coming in 2017.

Tomorrow is the last day to order anything from our shop and then we are closing up shop until 2017!

If you order within 24 hours we will get it shipped out immediately.

Of course you can purchase our online courses at any time.

Here are some of the goodies that are in the shop…

The Sadie is made from the MOST gorgeous vintage fabric. Only a handful left.

The Salt + Light Devotional is ready to order and it will be shipped to you before the FREE series begins on January 4th!

We have a few vintage French linen half aprons and our exclusive artisan made artist’s journals ready to ship.

Each necklace is made from vintage treasures and is ready to ship!

Start 2017 with Wild Awakening | Painting Big With Expressive Freedom. Jeanne Oliver is teaching this fun and expressive online course.

Join me for a two week painting and mixed media course all about painting bigger, finding creative freedom, telling your story like never before, breaking out of your comfort zone and creating art that you have dreamed about creating.

When I started to honor my own story and to find the marks, symbols, palette and strokes that resonated with me I started making art that brought joy like never before.  I felt free.  It truly became a creative awakening.

I will share how I take ideas from sketches to the canvas and how to start when you don’t have any ideas at all.  I will teach how to stretch your own canvases and never be limited by the size of your art again. We will incorporate huge image transfers, collage and painting, vintage ephemera, creative substrates and projector work. We will make bold marks and let creativity lead us.

We will take all of the ideas you already have or that are just under the surface and bring them to life in a whole new way.

We will create using abstract storytelling, figures and even still life.  We will incorporate movement and marks that I know will bring new growth to your work too.

You can watch the course trailer below…


The next course on our creative network in 2017 is Radiant Watercolor Portraits with Christie Drahnak!

“Watercolor is a swim in the metaphysics of life… a mirror of one’s own character. Let it be unpredictable and colorful.” – anonymous

In Radiant Watercolor Portraits I will share with you my love for watercolor and painting faces.  Watercolor is a luminous and beautiful medium.  I love all of the happy surprises and magical effects you can create with a little paint and water.

We will dive head first into portrait drawing, watercolor basics, and value studies.   I will walk you through the process I use to create art that brings peace and joy to both artist and viewer.We will start at the beginners level and by the time class is over you will have the knowledge of an intermediate watercolor artist.  We will complete a minimum of 3 gorgeous watercolor portraits together.  I will share my favorite techniques and supplies.

We will have a great time splashing watercolor around in addition to upping our drawing skills.  Painting with watercolor feels like playing!  I absolutely love watercolor and that is why I love to teach and spread the watercolor happy with everyone!  Can’t wait to meet you!

You can watch the course trailer below…


We are so honored to create along side you and to offer beautiful artisan handmade items in our shop!  You make a difference in our family and all of those that create for our shop!

We would love to wrap up something special for yourself or someone you love!



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The Last Day For Christmas Delivery! {the shop will be closed for a few weeks}

Good Morning!

We wanted to let you know that TODAY is the last day to order from our online shop for Christmas delivery.

The shop will be closed for a few weeks to enjoy the holidays and for a much needed rest.

We will be back in 2016 with a brand new art journaling course beginning January 18th and the announcement of fun things to come!

We would love to wrap up something special for you or someone you love!

We have the most beautiful aprons that are perfect for painting, crafting and cooking

We have some of our most popular art pieces available as gallery wrapped canvas prints

Grab one of our handbags made from vintage fabrics

We have a few original art pieces in our Etsy Shop

Come back on Friday for our Living Studio Art Prompts!

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Tiggy & Grace {Let me introduce you}

{Photo source Lissa Whitlock}

Tiggy & Grace.

The name alone makes me smile.

Not too different than the friend behind this new business and adventure.

{Photo source Lissa Whitlock}

Kimberly Taylor has such a beautiful style whether she is practicing her photography, making a meal for her family, feeding her chickens or caring for her garden.

{Photo source Lissa Whitlock}

Kimberly seems to effortless do so many things beautifully but it looks that way because she is using her gifts everyday.

Her life is a reflection of her heart and what matters the most to her…..and that is home, family, friends and travel.

{Photo source Lissa Whitlock}

Her style tends to be drawn to clean lines and natural fibers.

Her style has expanded to now include her first pop up shop….Tiggy & Grace.

{linen apron}

Her shop is a beautiful collaboration with her husband Chris.

Chris is the artist behind all of the pottery and Kim has designed the apron and napkin line.

{linen napkins}

Each item is used on the farm and is a part of their day to day life.

I own a few pieces of Chris’ pottery and they are some of my favorite possessions.

{white bowl twenty-three}

You guys know how I love a good story and each piece holds that.

I love supporting small business because so many of you have supported me and that made all the difference!

I love buying local and supporting local artists.

I am actually just giddy to have the honor of introducing Tiggy & Grace and all the beauty this shop holds.

I can’t wait to see how Kimberly and Chris grow their business and use their gifts!

Go say hello and maybe you will even find a piece that shares a story with you.

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