Mobile Art Magic {learn how to make digital art}


I wanted to let you know that registration has just opened for our newest online course Mobile Art Magic! Come learn from artist Ivy Newport all about the apps and techniques to use to create art no matter where you are. Here is Ivy’s course description: Our iPhones have become an integral part of our […]

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What A Good Woman Does {and other thoughts on the subject}


Sometimes a song is so powerful that as it plays you see a moving picture going through your mind. Maybe you see your own story or maybe you see the story of another. Either way I know that each of us have been in a situation where the air was knocked out of us and […]

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Extra Special Retreats Coming…


I love to travel, explore new parts of the world, try new foods, take in the local culture, take my time in an art museum and find the perfect place to create. Creating art and traveling has helped me to grow as an artist in ways I could have never imaged. Recently, one of my […]

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Is It You?


I am sorry for the delay in announcing the winner for the release of the 2015 Summer Collection! The winner of the art package giveaway is… Amy Crews commented: June 22, 2015 at 4:14 pm (Edit) I’m entering every way possible! I adore Jeanne and EVERY one of her creations! What I love most about […]

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Do Your Kids Look Like This in The Summer? {So funny}


Even though we are getting slammed with rain here in Colorado I am told that summer is here! This summer Courtney Walsh is back with all new projects in 2014 Summer Art Camp For Kids! This online course begins on MONDAY! Take a look at her hilarious trailer. Tell me this doesn’t look familiar… We […]

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The Shop Is Full of New Bags {and so much more}


I am so excited to tell you that the shop is FULL! Not just full of bags but so much more! Come and check out the bags, wallets, vintage items, art supplies, aprons, jewelry and more! You know I can’t have a new collection and not do a giveaway! We would love to giveaway package […]

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The Living Studio Amsterdam {May 2016}


Next year I have chosen to simplify my schedule and I will only be teaching at two retreats. This is allowing me to focus on The Living Studio and to bring you life and heart changing retreats, curriculum, kits and more creative content from other artists. My heart behind The Living Studio is that we […]

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Semi Annual 50% Off Online Class Sale!


We only do this twice a year and this will not happen again until 2016! For the next 48 hours we are having our Semi Annual 50% off Online Class Sale! This is the perfect time to stock up on all of those online classes that you have been dreaming about taking. Our creative network […]

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Alisa Burke Studying Under Jean-Michel Basquiat {sneak peek}


I always love giving you a sneak peek into the what we will be creating each week in Studying Under The Masters! This is the 6th and FINAL week of Studying Under The Masters III. This course has been so good and I have watched the students wow me again with their talents. You can […]

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Nature’s Canvas Begins on Monday!


  I have to tell you the backstory of how our newest course can to fruition. Can you imagine seeing an artist making gorgeous art and then secretly leaving it in the woods for others to find, enjoy and even take? A story started to weave its way into my world of creating and letting […]

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