Making Art With Children {Letting Them Lead}


My children have been surrounded by art supplies, art books, art on the walls and art museums their whole lives. Sometimes what they really need is just the freedom to create. When I put supplies out for my kids and then I walk away to do my own thing I feel that my kids rush […]

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Pablo Picasso {sneak peek}


Week one of Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits} has been a huge hit all about studying under Vincent Van Gogh! The work coming out of the class is already outstanding and so inspiring. Teresa McFayden is leading week two and studying under the works of Pablo Picasso. Here is just a peek… I […]

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The Winner of Lifebook 2015 {is it you?}


What an amazing response to Lifebook 2015! I am excited to be a part of this course with so many other artists that I admire. I bet you want to know who won the spot to Lifebook 2015… Congratulations Melanie! Please email me at with all of your information and I will pass it […]

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My Thoughts On Our Marble Countertops


I have found that so many people have very strong opinions about having marble countertops. A few days after we had our marble island counter installed an acquaintance was in our home and this was her response as she ran her hands over our marble… “Oh, my!  You went with marble!  Are you going to […]

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The New Studying Under The Masters Has Started {sneak peek of week one}


Good Morning! I am thrilled to tell you that week one has just launched of the brand new Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits}! This first week is all about Van Gogh and it is so much fun. I wanted to give you a sneak peek into some of the videos and art that […]

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Soul.Full {pretty little ways to bring more SOUL into the day}


This is turning out to be one of the most creative falls we have ever had on the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network! I believe we have some of the most unique and beautiful online courses out there and I am so proud to tell you that artist Kelly Barton will be teaching this November. Here […]

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24 Hours Sale in The Shop!


Good Morning! We are having a 24 hours sale in the shop on our in stock bags, necklaces and paint brush holders. We are almost out so don’t wait if you have had your eye on something. This is for 24 hours only! {We are already incredibly busy working on our winter collection and it […]

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When Life Wakes You Up {uncovering spontaneity}


Last September while walking around Arlington National Cemetery with my family I received a message from my doctor that some recent tests had shown some abnormal cells and I needed to come in. I immediately called the nurse back that had left the message and asked, “Are you saying they are cancer cells?”. She told […]

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Bigger Than You {we are almost there}


My dear friend Kimberly Taylor has found her passion outside her gorgeous home and family and it is contagious. I would love for you to hear her heart and consider helping in the final stretch of this amazing opportunity to give. We are ALMOST there!   ******* My name is Kimberly Taylor and I am […]

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Life Book 2015 {Teacher line up, blog hop and giveaway}


Good morning! I have some exciting news this morning and I hope you will be excited too and want to join me. I am one of 25 teachers that will teaching in Life Book 2015! This is an online art course that gives you new art technique and inspiration videos each month for a whole […]

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