Art Supply Giveaway! {Let’s Celebrate the new Portaits Class}

I hope you all had a great weekend! We had our first week back from vacation and Jack started high school within hours of us returning home. Jack has always been home-schooled (except for his weekly enrichment school) and I have to be honest that he adjusted much easier than I did:-) I loved having […]

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Catching the California Light {our recent trip to the sand and waves}

We just returned from two weeks in southern California and we are still adjusting to missing our friends and the ocean. Our trip was magical in so many ways and the friends we stayed with lavished us with open arms, good food, laughter and incredible adventures. After our time with friends we stayed a few […]

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Have You Heard The News? {a brand new masters course is coming this fall}

This past January I launched the very first Studying Under The Masters {becoming an apprentice}. Nine artists collaborated to create a course that made me so proud with the quality of the content and the response from the students. The art that came out of the first Masters course from the students was exciting and […]

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Do You Respect Your Gifts {Or Just Expect Others To Do It For You?}

I remember when I was a brand new mom and I would go weeks without having time to myself. I didn’t mean to and I knew it wasn’t healthy at the same time. I wouldn’t say something to my husband until I was at the point of losing my mind or wanting to jump in […]

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Drum Roll Please {The Winner of The Jane Eyre Collection Giveaway}

Good morning! Thank you for the huge and overwhelming response to the new collection! {The new art deco photo set with wood stump stand} We are almost completely sold out. We are speechless and soooo thankful for all of you. Thank you for sharing the collection with so many of your friends. I know there […]

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Have you thought lately what a friend really means?

I have had a hard time with something lately and from what I am hearing…I am not the only one. I have been walking my oldest son lately through the world of social media and it has given me lots to think about for myself and hopefully for him too. Nothing points out things in […]

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Welcome To The Jane Eyre Collection! {a giveaway too}


We launched the Jane Eyre Collection at 5pm MST on Saturday night and the response was amazing! *** Thank you for loving the new bags and jewelry and for selling out some bags so quickly. Our collections are about storytelling and the gathering of vintage fabrics, new fabrics, vintage buttons, embellishments and vintage findings for […]

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How Are You In The Waiting?


There is one place we are all at again and again in our lives. You would think with this much practice we would be so much more graceful handling it and learning from it. No matter your age or where you are at in your life we are constantly in a state of waiting. Waiting […]

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The Jane Eyre Collection {Don’t Miss The Launch}


I wanted to let you know that the brand new Jane Eyre Collection will be available this Saturday, July 19th at 5pm MST. I hope you love all of the designs, fabrics and details in this collection. The Jane Eyre Collection will have vintage pieces, photography collections, jewelry created from vintage findings and new bags […]

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If you know me at all you know this makes me so happy!


It is pretty exciting to me to be asked to combine my love of art with my faith! There are few things that determine my day to day as much as my faith and the creativity that the Lord as placed in me. Those two factors have everything to do with how I make a […]

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