Intro To Hand Lettering | Registration is Open


I am constantly surrounded by the most creative people and it is my biggest joy and honor to have them teach on our creative network! Many of you will probably remember Jen Wagner from our popular Becoming free series in January. You knew she could sing and write and now you will see more of […]

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Registration Just Opened For Scribble Art {Jeanne Oliver Creative Network}


Good Morning! I am beyond thrilled to announce that Scribble Art is coming to our creative network! Julie Johnson is one of the most creative, generous and humble artists I know and I am so honored that she will be launching her first online course on the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network! What is Scribble Art? […]

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Documented Life Project Art Video {Creating with Ephemera}


Good Morning! Thank you so much for joining me!  I am so honored to be a part of such a talented group of teachers and students. I am excited to be the featured artist for the Documented Life Project and today I am sharing my videos! I have just returned from teaching in Italy and […]

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When Italy Steals Your Heart {Again}


As I was making my way to my plane at JFK my mind was focused on a sick boy at home, camp details I was missing, empty arms that I wanted to be in and just the tug I feel anytime I leave my family. I had a nine hour plane ride ahead of me […]

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Creative Girl and a Book Giveaway | Way to Go Danielle!


Sometimes you see a person you adore work their butt off and create MAGIC! That is exactly what my girl Danielle Donaldson has done! It has been one of the most exciting things to see one of the most talented women I know create her first book. To celebrate the release of Creative Girl (currently […]

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When Country Living Asks How We Keep Our Home Clean…


We were recently asked by County Living Magazine to share some of our tips for keeping our home clean.  I wanted to make sure I was extremely honest about what works and doesn’t work in our home. You can read what everyone said HERE but I also wanted to share all of the tips I […]

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The Quinn Art Bag is Back In Stock!


I just have returned from teaching in Italy (post coming soon and it was AMAZING) and I wanted you to know that the Quinn Art Bag is back in stock! This is my go to bag for art and everyday! This bag was inspired by my The Living Studio series and retreats and the idea […]

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Classical Figure Painting |Painting figures in the style of the Old Masters|


Angie Redhead has a brand new course on our creative network and registration has just opened! Join Angie for a one week online course all about painting figures in the style of the Old Masters. Come and read a little more about Classical Figure Painting… The Renaissance period is my most favorite time in art. […]

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Mobile Art Magic {learn how to make digital art}


I wanted to let you know that registration has just opened for our newest online course Mobile Art Magic! Come learn from artist Ivy Newport all about the apps and techniques to use to create art no matter where you are. Here is Ivy’s course description: Our iPhones have become an integral part of our […]

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What A Good Woman Does {and other thoughts on the subject}


Sometimes a song is so powerful that as it plays you see a moving picture going through your mind. Maybe you see your own story or maybe you see the story of another. Either way I know that each of us have been in a situation where the air was knocked out of us and […]

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