An Artist In France | Art and Words from the Living Studio Along the Seine Artists


  The Living Studio workshops were created because there was a void in the art workshop world. The Living Studio would be about exploring a new place and creating art everywhere we went.  When we had scheduled classes they would be shorter to give you the techniques to get back to the museums, the cafes, […]

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Building a Creatively Made Business | The Art of Practice


I was volunteering at a local high school enrichment program and I had the students all day.  We were going to start with sketching and then create sculptures based on our sketches. I had my supplies out, sketches taped to the wall and supplies at each of their spaces to begin. As they started filtering […]

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Wendy Brightbill Live Still Life Workshop | Jeanne Oliver Studio


Join Wendy Brightbill in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado on October 20-21, 2017 for a two day art workshop. Our studio is light filled and surrounded by wooded property that lends itself to exploring, creating and relaxing. You will have opportunities during the workshop to also make your way through some of our wooded paths and find […]

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Building a Creatively Made Business | Say No to Say Yes


When you are building a new business or growing the business you have loved and expanded for awhile it can be hard to know what to give your physical, emotional and financial energy to. You can read all of the books, take the business classes, talk to your peers etc. but when it comes down […]

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Ordered Chaos with Dina Wakley Begins on Monday!


  Dina Wakley will be teaching on our creative network and her course Ordered Chaos will begin on Monday! If you had a chance to take the FREE Living Studio online video with Dina you get just a taste of how fun, easy to follow and colorful her art is.  You can’t leave time with Dina and not […]

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It’s The Weekend! | Strawberry Basil Whiskey Smash


It’s finally the weekend and it finally feels like spring here in Colorado!  Time for some tastes of spring and time to relax.   Thank you for joining us for the series It’s The Weekend! Be a deer and leave me a comment. 1 Comment Read More About Learn About Upcoming Classes

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide


I kind of love Mother’s Day. I have another reason to remind my mom how much I love her and how much she did for us. Pretty much we are half way decent people because she was a rockstar…stuff like that. I also get to get treated like a queen myself for one magical day! […]

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We Just Added a Free Art Supplies Video |Enjoy!

WAsupplies (1)

It has been too long since we have added a new free art video so today was the day to change that:-) Come on over to our creative network and enjoy my FREE SUPPLIES VIDEO from the online course Wild Awakening | Painting Big with Expressive Freedom. It is an hour long video sharing some of […]

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I Am Speaking | Brave Girl Symposium


  We need some rest every so often from all that’s going on in the world… Wouldn’t it be great to go somewhere where the topics of politics, religion, sexuality, ethnicity and anything else that could be divisive is off limits for just a few days? A place where we can just be together and […]

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Brand New Mini Course |Instant Abstract + Frame


  It is Friday! That means the weekend and extra time and…   If you have been wanting a gorgeous abstract painting on that perfect wall in your home but don’t want to spend a ton of money you will love my news! When I first saw that Jennifer LeBrun O’Brien had painted her own […]

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