Drum Roll Please {The Winner of The Jane Eyre Collection Giveaway}

Good morning!

Thank you for the huge and overwhelming response to the new collection!

{The new art deco photo set with wood stump stand}

We are almost completely sold out.

We are speechless and soooo thankful for all of you.

Thank you for sharing the collection with so many of your friends.

I know there were some that were disappointed that by the time they knew about the new collection so much was sold out.

I wanted to let you know what we still have in stock.

The Josie Camera Bag

Grain Sack Market Bag

The Luella Vintage Clutch

The Jane Handbag

Some pieces from our new jewelry collection.

We were so honored to collaborate with the talented Lisa Souers for this line.

Lisa took all of my vintage findings from my travels and created one of kind pieces that were a perfect reflection of the style of Jeanne Oliver Designs.

I bet you want to know who that giveaway winner is!

Congratulations to…

Oh Jeanne! My girls and I have loved taking your art classes online and we love your art prints most of all! As for bags, the art bag is my favorite ( I just pinned it) and I can imagine giving the vintage French linen bags as gifts. Can’t wait to see the next collection. Thank you for sharing your gifts! Jill


Jill, we are so happy for you and we hope you love all of your goodies!  Please email us at jeanneoliverdesigns@gmail.com with your address and we will get everything out to you.

Thank you to everyone that entered, shared and purchased the new collection!

You all make this possible!

{All giveaways must be claimed by August 4, 2014}

Have you thought lately what a friend really means?

I have had a hard time with something lately and from what I am hearing…I am not the only one.

I have been walking my oldest son lately through the world of social media and it has given me lots to think about for myself and hopefully for him too.

Nothing points out things in yourself as watching them mirrored in your children. Humbling!

If we instantly took away social media that word “friends” would go back to more of how it was intended.

We would for sure save the word “friends” for people that we actually really knew… not just what they want you to know.

You may not know this or believe this but I am actually very private about my life online.

I don’t share too much. I save the details and most intimate pieces of me for my family and closest friends.

I think that is how it should be.

Because I do have a blog, Facebook, Instagram account etc. there are many glimpses of my life that goes out into the world but they are only glimpses.

In addition to talking to my son I was also talking to one of my closest friends this week about friendships and the modern perspective on the word and meaning.

We have all used the word “friend” inappropriately (myself included) and I want to really get better about this and save using the word friend for those that have earned it and I truly show it to them.

I think we have a blurry line now a days what a friend is and we need to step back, take a deep breath and see that it is not as hard as you may think to put things into perspective.

Social media and having the whole world available for learning, exploring and even creating relationships has allowed us to use words for sacred relationships in almost a flippant manner.

We use the word “friend” to describe people we barely know , maybe just an acquaintance or in some instances…a stranger.

What is that in between word?

We know what a stranger means.

We know what an acquaintance means.

Have we forgotten what a friend means?

 I have long loved the words and thoughts of Maya Angelou and I hope these words resonate with you as much as they do with me.


In a social media world of blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so much more we have given strangers the idea that they may really know you and then that makes you “friends”.

Do we just have bags and bags of acquaintances and some “deep and serious acquaintances” as Maya so clearly spoke?

Look again at what Maya said of friendship…

“But in a friendship you get to know the spirit of another person & your values coincide. Friends may disagree, but not about serious matters. A friend will stand for you when you no longer are able. A woman can say to her self “If I die, I know that my friend, my sister-friend will be here to hold up the banner”

THAT is a friendship I want to proclaim!

THAT is where I want to put my heart.

My time.

My energy.

My love.

My phone calls.

My attention.

Do you have deep and serious acquaintances in your life that are not actually friends and you haven’t taken the time to really process that?

Do you have bags and bags of people that you are giving out to and not saving the best of yourself for those that truly deserve it?

Are you wasting energy worrying about a person that is not worrying about you?

Do you have people in your life that expect friend privileges when they do not actually deserve them or reciprocate them?

Do you share your heart with everyone or have discernment about who actually listens and protects what you are feeling and sharing?

Do you know that it is completely OK to still be kind to people, care about them but not bring them over into the sacred space of true friendship?

I have a small but mighty tribe of friends and family.

These are the people I talk to each day in some form.

They love me at my best.  They love me even when I am not loveable.  They have been forgiven and have forgiven me.  They listen and I know my heart is heard.  They know me in joy and in pain.  They don’t love me because what I can do for them, give them or how I can promote them.  They don’t name drop or drop my name.  They are safe.  They are the ones that know how I am really doing and read between the lines and call to talk even though they have a million other things to do. They pick up the phone when they really shouldn’t and I do the same.  I trust them with my fears, sorrow, joy, questions, hurt…and they protect that.

I love all of the beautiful people I get to meet through teaching at retreats, teaching online, conferences, blog etc. but I could never keep up on all of these relationships.

I love that I get the honor of connecting deeply one on one when I teach and that our lives have beautiful, real and meaningful impacts on one another and our paths we are on.

I love this world that allows me to connect with so many in so many different ways but as I watch my own children navigate these new waters I want to hold myself to the same standard.

What are your thoughts?

How have you helped your own children?

How have you helped yourself?

Welcome To The Jane Eyre Collection! {a giveaway too}


We launched the Jane Eyre Collection at 5pm MST on Saturday night and the response was amazing!


Thank you for loving the new bags and jewelry and for selling out some bags so quickly.

Our collections are about storytelling and the gathering of vintage fabrics, new fabrics, vintage buttons, embellishments and vintage findings for the jewelry is one of the beautiful and exciting parts about offering our two collections a year.

I appreciate so much that we have customers that equally appreciate the attention to detail in each bag and the vintage elements that go into our collections.


I am so excited that our brand new Matilda Art Bag sold out within only 1 1/2 hours!

We will be bringing the art bag back next collection and making sure we have even more to offer next time.

{My seamstresses spend months making each collection and they are already busy working on the next collection (you will flip out over the fabric in the next line)}

After seven years we still make bags because the response is so beautiful to them!

Thank you!


We still have so many gorgeous jewelry pieces and we have a large supply of other bags so I hope you will come and take a peek at what we have been working on.

I also love to do a giveaway each collection and this one is no different.

I would love to giveaway:

* One Josie Camera Bag

*One Luella Vintage Clutch

* One Roll Up Paint Brush Holder

* One Art Deco Print Collection With Wood Stump

*One Art Deco Photo Collection With Wood Stump

* One necklace from our vintage jewelry line

* One complete package of all of our online courses totally over $500

*We are going to also offer the online course package to the friend of your choice so you can be creative together!

* $50 of art prints from the shop

This is over $1,000 in giveaway items!

So excited!!!


To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post letting us know what piece you love from this collection.

For additional chances at the giveaways you can…

* Facebook about our new collection with links

* Pin this post to Pinterest

* Talk about the sale and celebration on Instagram and use the hashtag #jeanneoliverdesigns

* Blog about the collection

* Share this post on Twitter

 Each time you share about the sale or this post please come back and let us know.

How Are You In The Waiting?


There is one place we are all at again and again in our lives.

You would think with this much practice we would be so much more graceful handling it and learning from it.

No matter your age or where you are at in your life we are constantly in a state of waiting.

Waiting to grow up

Waiting to leave home

Waiting to love someone

Waiting to figure out your calling

Waiting to find the person to spend your life with

Waiting for a relationship to heal

Waiting to have a family

Waiting for a promotion

Waiting to start your own business

Waiting to forgive

Waiting to travel

Waiting to use your gifts

Waiting to say goodbye

The list could go on and on.

What my younger self never understood is that the waiting…is all about getting you ready.

I know so much more about myself and this waiting than I have in the past.

I have known for many years now that there is a calling on my life and I believe it will be in a specific area.

When I look back over the past 7 years of my business I can in hindsight see what each step has prepared me for.

Only through experience, trust and knowing myself and the Lord better do I now know that it hasn’t happened yet because I am not ready yet.

I am in the waiting.

But, aren’t we always?

I trust that when I am ready that the next door will open and that in the waiting I am getting ready for what is next.

In the waiting we don’t need to rush it, get anxious or doubt that we have a path.

Take a deep breath and be ready for it.

Don’t be so anxious and controlling about what is next that you aren’t being present in what can be learned today.

The Jane Eyre Collection {Don’t Miss The Launch}


I wanted to let you know that the brand new Jane Eyre Collection will be available this Saturday, July 19th at 5pm MST.

I hope you love all of the designs, fabrics and details in this collection.

The Jane Eyre Collection will have vintage pieces, photography collections, jewelry created from vintage findings and new bags from new and vintage fabrics!

Here is a peek at the Jane Eyre Collection…

Thank you for taking a peek at the new line and I hope to see you in the shop on Saturday!

If you know me at all you know this makes me so happy!


It is pretty exciting to me to be asked to combine my love of art with my faith!

There are few things that determine my day to day as much as my faith and the creativity that the Lord as placed in me.

Those two factors have everything to do with how I make a home, raise my children, run a business, love my friends, open my home and grow my marriage.

If you have taken any of my online art classes you know that I believe with my whole heart that our gifts were given to us to bring us joy, bless those around us and to ultimately honor the Lord.

I have been asked to teach art and to talk about my faith next year in Italy!

When Laura asked me to come back just one more year to Lake Como it was so much on her heart to make this retreat more her than ever before.

She wanted a retreat that combined everything she loved about Bellagio and the Lake Como area with her deep love of the Lord.

I am so excited to teach next year alongside the talented Stephanie Ackerman and to share my heart for women, the Lord and the gifts we have been given.

My mind has been spinning non stop thinking of the art, projects and devotions I want to share with you!

I already know that some of our time together will be based around the theme of “For Such a Time as This” and “Be An Adventurer”.

I can promise you that you will leave this retreat not only visually inspired by the beauty of Italy but also knowing more about who YOU are in Christ and where your gifts are wanted and needed.

More information about the art and class descriptions will be coming soon.

Registration opens TOMORROW for this brand new retreat and it will be unlike anything I have taught at to date.

{you can get a glimpse of what a retreat with Laura is like by clicking HERE and HERE}

I bet you want some of the details…

Here is the information straight from Laura!
To read more and to register tomorrow click HERE.
I am excited to be hosting an Art retreat again!  If you followed me this year on FB or IG, you noticed that Jeanne Oliver and I “co-hosted” an art event a few weeks ago in Bellagio.  It was an amazing week and I was honored to combine forces with her in her vision for “The Living Studio” retreats she plans on doing all over the globe!  So I’ve asked her to come back AGAIN and teach for me next summer!!  I have a vision for this Creative Art Retreat that I think will be a blessing to everyone who signs up!  I have two teachers who are super excited to join me and share their journeys and their God given talents with us and I think you will be blessed and inspired by both of them!
Here’s a preview of what the Creative Art Retreat will include:
Bellagio, Italy ~ 7 Nights ~ July 11 – 18, 2015 – $3,499
- 7 nights at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni Apartments or Hotel Florence
- Opening Reception overlooking the gorgeous lake
- Tour of Bellagio, including the history of this region by a local tour guide
- Day trip to a beautiful Monastery from the 7th Century on Lake Como
- 4 Classes in the beautiful event room by 2 amazing Artists!!
- Exploring Lake Como on beautiful vintage boats
- Ferry’s to surprise locations for exploring 
- Tours of famous Villa’s and gardens on the lake
- Cooking Class with hands on instruction and a beautiful meal YOU made!
- All breakfast included in the gorgeous breakfast rooms at either hotel
- Almost all lunches and dinners in gorgeous locations around the lake are included!
- Grand Finale at Mistral – GHVS Michelin Star Restaurant
- Transfer to and from MXP airport is included on a luxury private bus
- Taxi’s and/or Ferry’s to and from dinners and excursions
- Hotel and room taxes included
- Classes and art time in the beautiful event room with a view of Lake Como
- Wonderful products from our SPONSORS
- Free Make-n-Takes
- Handmade “Swag Bags”
- Amazing SURPRISES I can’t reveal yet…but they are AWESOME!
- Plus time to relax by the GHVS pool, or stroll the cobblestone streets
- Live music in the music room each night
- And…an unforgettable experience in Italy you will treasure forever!!
PLEASE NOTE:  I can only take 20 ladies on this Creative Retreat so the spots will fill up fast!
To read more and to register tomorrow click HERE.

The First The Living Studio {Lake Como}


I am back from the first The Living Studio and I am feeling tired, blessed and changed.

I am also a little sick but that will pass:-)

I had dreamed of traveling with other creative people to beautiful and interesting places near and far.

My desire was to get out of our comfort zone and create not just in a studio but out where life is really lived

I wanted to see people capturing their experiences with their art supplies around a cathedral, statue or cafe.

I had hoped to encourage even one person to start carrying their supplies with them once they returned home and to find the beauty right outside their front door.

This first The Living Studio became all of these things and more.

This first retreat would not have been possible without the beautiful collaboration with Laura McCollough.

Laura hosts annual creative retreats in Bellagio, Italy and has such a love of the Lake Como area.

She was kind enough to share her love and knowledge of the Bellagio area and work with me to create a unique experience for everyone that attended.

Nothing can adequately describe how wonderful it was to explore and create along Lake Como but I hope this gives you a glimpse…

Our days were filled with walks along cobblestone walkways, lots of steps, double espressos and early morning cappuccinos, sweet chapels and grand cathedrals, cooking classes and kayaking, views that we will never be able to describe or adequately capture with the camera, hikes to castle ruins, afternoon shopping, time at the pool being served drinks we don’t even want to know how much they cost-), evenings in the music room, art classes on the balcony under the umbrellas, quiet sketches in dark sanctuaries, messy hair from boat rides on the lake, dinners that we will dream about until we return to Italy and pizzas bigger than our faces, glasses raised with Prosecco, sunburns and sore feet, afternoon bells ringing, the smell of jasmine in the air and the breeze off of the lake, green shutters and yellow buildings, old cemeteries and untold stories, tree lined shaded paths and sculptures greeting our steps, open air markets, painters on the streets, tiled floors, exploring villas and gardens, creating out of our comfort zone, creating in places that were new, laughter until our bellies hurt and friendships created that will last beyond the trip.

Thank you to all of the women that journeyed to Italy with me!

I hope you will join me again and we can explore and create together!

Plans are already underway for a new The Living Studio in another part of the world.

If you would like to know more about The Living Studio you can email me at jeanneoliverdesigns@gmail.com.

If you currently host retreats and would like to bring The Living Studio to your area you can email me at jeanneoliverdesigns@gmail.com.

If you would like to be the first to know about where I am teaching and where other retreats will be held I would love for you to subscribe to my newsletter.