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There are so many awesome online courses out there and sometimes it can be hard to know which one to choose!

I know that your time and money is so important and that is why I wanted to make finding the RIGHT online course easier for you.

The first step we did was create an online digital catalog that would allow you to look at most of our courses all at once and in a beautiful format.

The second thing we are starting is the Where Do I Begin? series!

This will be weekly posts that help you find the best course for you based upon your lifestyle and form of creativity.

Easy and so convenient!

This week we are helping you find the perfect courses for you if you love decorating, diy, cooking and homemaking.

Our home courses have been some of our most popular courses and I believe that is because of the HEART and DEPTH behind each course.

So, let’s show you how you can connect with all of the home courses we have available…

* If you are interested in Art of Home | Modern Simple Living

* If you are interested in Creatively Made Home | Home for the Holidays

* If you are interested in Creatively Made Home | Creating a home that reflects your heart in everyday living


How do you get started?


If you are new to our creative network here are easy steps to get you started…

1. Register at jeanneoliver.ning.com (this is free).

2. Once your account is active you are able to take advantage of our free courses, series and even pay for courses.

3. Go to jeanneoliver.ning.com and along the top header click on “COURSES” and you will be able to view all three pages of online courses and free series.

* If you are interested in Art of Home | Modern Simple Living

* If you are interested in Creatively Made Home | Home for the Holidays

* If you are interested in Creatively Made Home | Creating a home that reflects your heart in everyday living

4. To purchase a course please choose your course,  click on the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be INSTANTLY in the classroom.

5. All videos can be found along the right hand side of the page under “COURSE CONTENT”.

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Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover


It has been awhile since we had updated our Maddy’s room and wouldn’t you know it that in the meantime she has become a young lady!

Her last room update was vintage linens, sweet colors and her favorite color at the time…turquoise.

As we were pulling together ideas, colors and patterns of what direction to go we were looking to Maddy and what is authentic to her the whole time.

What fun is an awesome room if the person that it is for doesn’t feel comfortable in it?!

Don’t go for the perfect room for you…make it the perfect room for them!

Here is the before (pretty darn adorable if you ask me)…

And here is the after…

We are all in love with Maddy’s new space and most importantly SHE loves it.

Maddy is really loving the full bed, a place for her guitar, the record player and the clothing rack (duh, I want one too).

It took awhile to find all of the pieces and I know it is still a work in progress and she makes it her own.


Wall Color: Inkwell by Sherwin Williams

End tables: Target

Lamps: Target

Sconces: Urban Outfitters

Sheet Set: Pottery Barn Teen

White Linen Bedding: West Elm

Books: Anthro

Candle: Anthro

Jewelry Dish: Alisa Burke

Bed: Land of Nod

Curtains: Tapestries we converted to curtains from Urban Outfitters

Dresser Knobs: Anthro

Pillows: Target, Urban Outfitters

Record Player and Records: Urban Outfitters

Desk: Target

Makeup Cart: IKEA

Clothing Rack: Urban Outfitters

Posters: Urban Outfitters

Wild and Free: Urban Outfitters

Light Fixture: IKEA

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When Country Living Asks How We Keep Our Home Clean…

We were recently asked by County Living Magazine to share some of our tips for keeping our home clean.  I wanted to make sure I was extremely honest about what works and doesn’t work in our home.
You can read what everyone said HERE but I also wanted to share all of the tips I had sent to them…
We are a family of five and some days I feel like we can barely stay above the mess.  Kelly and I have really tried to instill in the children that as a family we have to work together and sometimes that means doing things even before you are asked and even things you don’t always want to do.   We are trying to raise them to look for opportunities to help and ways to make our family and home run better.  Kelly and I both work from home so even though we fully live in our home and enjoy it I also need it be cleaned up in certain areas to feel productive.

I love home and everything about it.  I also love having friends and family in our home and it is my heart’s desire that they feel loved and welcomed.  Over the years I have learned that when I am more relaxed with entertaining than my guests are also more relaxed. I also know me and that our home has to be a certain level of clean for me to want to have friends and family over. It is a balance.  Our home is not perfectly clean barely ever but it is well loved, clean enough, filled with beautiful things we use daily and full of people we love dearly.
Here are some of my daily tips that keep our home above the mess…
1. Before I head downstairs in the morning I quickly start a load of laundry and then almost run down the stairs to get to the coffee.  Our children fold the laundry and then also wash and dry their own clothes.
2. I know that if we don’t stay on top of our messes that they quickly take over the home.  We all work together to make sure that dishes, counters and the floor are taken care of after each meal.
3. This is probably going to sound like not a legitimate tip but I love special cleaning supplies.  I have recently fallen in love with Murchison-Hume and their line of cleaning products.  It is not too pricey and I love the
presentation and it smells amazing.
4. A clean home makes me giddy happy but having the whole house clean at once rarely happens.  I have come to learn that closing children’s rooms and just being OK with it brings lots of peace.  Try it.  Let me know how the closing the door trick works. This is until I lose it and have to start bringing in garbage bags to clean it out a few times a year.  In all honesty…I have real kids with real rooms with their own tastes and style.  I have long ago stopped expecting them to keep their rooms to my standards.  We are all happier for it.
5.  Each week I treat myself to a new candle and fresh flowers.  A candle burning, fresh flowers and my favorite music on the turntable only feels right in a cleaned up space.  I will take what I can get and this is a bit of heaven on earth for me.
6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We run a business and homeschool our kids and the best thing I have done lately is to find an affordable cleaning lady to help out.  She comes every other week and takes care of some of the things I am not getting to.  She is within our budget and she makes me wish I could have her as my live in “Alice”.
7. One of my biggest tips that works and truly keeps our home feeling clean enough for me is this one tip…The main floor is always picked up before I go to bed.  Always.  It takes just a few moments but if we are keeping up with the house throughout the day then this is not a big deal.  I am not talking sparkling, eat off the kitchen floor clean but beautifully picked up.  This does so much for my own space and peace and productivity.  No dishes in the sink, washed down counters, nothing on the stairs, the living room picked up, chairs pushed in.  The reward is that when I come downstairs in the morning for that cup of coffee I was telling you about earlier….I get to enjoy it in my beautifully picked up home.  Maybe it is just one floor but I am OK with that.  Maybe all of the bedroom doors are closed upstairs and I will only let guests use the main floor bathroom and maybe my own bed hasn’t been made all week.  If the main floor is tidy then I invite people over more, welcome in unexpected guests, feel more peace in my own space and isn’t that what home is supposed to feel like.
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An Action Packed Monday!


What a Monday we are having!

I am not even on my first cup of coffee and look what is already going on…

1. Week four of Studying Under The Masters III just launched and it is FULL of videos by artist Kelly Berkey!

This course has lifetime access and it is so full of content that you will be studying, learning, re-watching and growing as an artist for a long time.

2. My week with Life Book 2015 launched today!  I gave the the class tons of videos and loved creating for this year long, online, journaling course!    There is still time to sign up.

3. Even though it has been raining like crazy here in Colorado (I am not complaining though because I love the rain) I hear that it is acting like summer in other parts of the country:-)  Today is the first day of the Summer Tour of Homes 2015.  Our home will be featured later in the week but you will not want to miss this line up!

I would like to take this time to thank my Grandpa Benjamin, Grandpa Loran and Kenneth Oliver for serving our country and for making a day like today possible.  Thank you to all the men and women that serve and to all the families that sacrifice so much for our country. I think and pray for you often and no words are ever adequate.

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Things I am Loving Right Now


This time of year is so fun with the changing of the seasons, the extra rain we get in Colorado, finishing up school and the excitement of pool days and vacations around the corner.

I have mentioned many times how much I love music playing throughout the day, candles lit, books everywhere and the little things that make our home pretty and cozy.

I always like sharing some of these little things that make the day to day beautiful and fun!

Here are some of the little things I am loving right now…

* Amber and Moss candle

I pretty much am obsessed with this scent and have these burning all day long.

* The Big Picture by Kat Edmonson

Such a fun album and I may be driving my family nuts with playing this over and over. That is the fun of a new album though!

* Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin Cologne

Kelly got this for me for my birthday and I love it so much. I also love the Earl Grey.

* What Katie Ate on the Weekend Cookbook

My friend Lissa bought this for me for my birthday and this is the only cookbook I have been using the past few weeks. Everything I make from it has been a hit!

* Temporary Tattoos

This will hold me over on getting the real thing!

* Butterbean Studios

Not only is this so yummy but it has become my go to gift!

* Masala Chai

Addicted!  So good!  Makes cutting back on coffee a lot easier.

* Alla Prima

Just starting this book but so inspired and can’t wait to play!

* Ink and Elm Photo Backdrops

With all of the videos we make and all the product shots we have to photograph we love getting different backdrops. I highly recommend this shop on Etsy and all of their products.

* I Will Go Send Me Cuff

I love me some cuffs but when I saw this one it just spoke to me. I want to always be ready to be person that is willing to go where the Lord wants me to go.

* Jesus + Coffee Mug

A good way to start the day for sure!

* House of Belonging Sign

I have Tiffini’s signs all over our home and they make me smile all day long.

* Hammock

We can’t hang this until it stops raining (I am not complaining too much because I love the rain) but THIS means summer is here when it goes up!

* Jane Austen

Perfect book/cover design combo.  Anyone else just buy books with amazing covers? Don’t lie!

* Quiet Paris

Getting excited to be in Paris this fall.

* Rodan + Fields

The past four months I have had my skin acting crazy!  I have even had cysts and the most bizarre breakouts. This has been hard because my skin has usually been really clear and healthy.  I have been using the Unblemish at night and the Soothe in the morning for the past month and the difference has been incredible!  I also do the microdermabrasion once a week, use the eye cream 2 x a day and once a week use the overnight redefine eye pads. I am so happy with the results and I only expect my skin to get better and better.

I would also love to hear some of the things you are loving right now.

Be a deer and
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Top 6 Social Media Tips For Creating Balance {For Home and Business}


(These photos have nothing to do with the post but what fun is a post without photos? I thought you would understand.)

When you are a stay at home mom, homeschooler and entrepreneur with a home office… your worlds start to collide.

There are days that without everything right here at home I know I wouldn’t be able to do all that we get accomplished.

Then there are the days when everything coming at me can be a little too much.

The most frequently asked questions that I receive are about how I get so much done, how our family works with a business and how I stay organized.

Over the next months I thought it would be fun to share some of the ways that I have found to bring focus, balance (is that even real) and intention to the day.

I wanted to first talk about social media and the pull that we can feel all day from Facebook, blogs, Instagram, email and just having a phone with us.

Whether you run a business or not…the above pulls are a part of our lives (whether you like it or not) and we need to learn to manage it without letting it manage us!

Here are some of the top ways I TRY to keep social media from running my life.

I know this sounds silly but it is a major time saver.  Sometimes we just need to check one thing real quick BUT if you sit down you could lose more than a few minutes.  Facebook goes to Pinterest goes to email goes to….you get the picture. Unless you are working on an actual project or need to do some serious writing my recommendation is to do it standing and then get on to better things.



Imagine constantly checking your phone, Instagram and email over a two hour time. Now imagine setting a timer for two hours and at that time checking everything and then getting back to better things.  That is what I do ALL OF THE TIME!  I don’t want my children to remember me as the mom always texting, checking emails and instagram while we were hanging out. I want to be present and that means setting boundaries for myself.  I get lots done because I am very intentional with my time. Now don’t get me wrong…I can waste a day with the best of them but I don’t want that to be my norm.  It is about being distracted and I need when I am making art to really make art, cooking a meal to be engaged with what I am doing and when I am spending time with my family that they know they have my attention.  When the timer goes off I check work stuff, personal stuff and within 15 minutes everything has been taken care of and to think that I could have spent that two hours constantly checking. The sad thing is…I would have!



Lose your phone. Leave it in the car when you go to a restaurant, leave it upstairs while you are watching a movie and tuck it into a drawer while you are reading.  Give yourself a break to not worry who is calling, texting etc.  Losing your phone intentionally may be the best thing you do for yourself each day. The world will live. Promise. Unless you are a brain or heart surgeon…then you can keep your phone on you:-)



I will call you out on this if you are my friend (and they know it).  When you are eating dinner with your family, at a restaurant with clients or having coffee with girlfriends…for the love of all that is good…keep your phone in your bag!  You have someone right in front of you that wants to talk to you.  Let them know you love and appreciate that by actually listening to THEM!

I interviewed a man not too long ago for a small job for my business and the whole time we were talking he kept checking his phone.  I felt invisible and we never really made it past the interview process.  This is make and break stuff in business and definitely with relationships. Don’t just save your attention for clients and friends.  Keep it in the bag with your family the most!



Remember when people used to read a book in bed or get it on at bedtime?  I am serious…this stuff happened!  Nothing like the soft glow of your phone to lull you to sleep. In all seriousness, as a business woman I need to not have work being the last thing on my mind before bed.  I can’t see at 10:45pm that someone can’t get into their class and then feel like I need to get out of bed to see what is going on. Remember that whole brain and heart surgeon thing from before?  I promise you that most people will live until morning.  I have excellent customer service but we also can sleep too.  Do you remember working hours?  It is healthy to have a time of night when work stops and rest begins.  Don’t let your phone be your last contact at night and the first contact in the morning.  This has made a huge difference in how I sleep and the peace I feel as I am going to sleep.   Maybe we can all read more books and do some other things too:-).



You want to know the biggest game changer for our family?  We have chosen Sundays to be our family and no tech day. No joke.  That means no computer, phones, texting, work etc.  There have been a few huge deadlines when we had to do some work after the kids went to bed but for the most part we really honor this.  We go to church or hike or watch a movie together or play games…but together.  No one else is interrupting our day and no one is going off by themselves to work, text, face time etc.  I love what I do so much and I could work 24/7.  When you love what you do it can be hard to stop working sometimes.  This day was put in place for Kelly and me as much as it was for the kids. We are trying to teach our kids all of these things about social media and technology because they are the ones that are growing up in it.  One of the mottos in our home is “People before technology”.  How can we say this if as parents we don’t live it and they don’t believe they come before work or distractions.    Giving up technology for one day a week can be hard for everyone at first but after awhile you just may love the freedom you feel.


Technology and social media are here to stay and I LOVE them!  I am so glad I can keep up with friends that live all over the world, see glimpses into the lives of the people I admire, work from home, take creative classes no matter where I go and instantly know where my kids are.  I just want to also read, take walks, create art, have a quitting time each day and to look at my children and husband when they are talking with me.

I am still working on these things but these are some of my most useful tech and social media tips that have made the biggest impact in my day to day. What about you?  Do you have some tips to share!  Please leave your thoughts below.

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