Apple Picking + Apple Crisp

We looked at our property and purchased it in the middle of winter and it was completely covered in snow.

Over the past seven months of living here we have watched the land change through the seasons and we have had sweet surprises along the way.

One of our best surprises so far are some apples trees on the land!

Come and check out our first harvest!

We have been sharing with the neighbors, the horses and enjoying them ourselves too!

We always use Ina Garten’s recipe because I love the lemon and orange zest.

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Our Family Room | The Jack of All Trades Room

Our home is very open and has a modern floor plan but our family room is tucked away perfectly just for us.

From our kitchen you go up a few steps and you are in this cozy room that has become our movie, game, school and friend hangout space.

This room was the first room I put together in this home because with all of the hard work of moving we just needed a space to sit and relax and GATHER.

I love gathering and comfy spaces.  Piles of pillows and blankets and lots of spaces for your favorite people to cuddle up with each other.

This is that space for us.

Thank you Ella Claire for inviting us to be a part of your Farmhouse Holiday Series!

(Make sure to check out our kitchen tour last week)

I shared a video walking tour yesterday in the Finding Fall Home Tour. I will post it again below if you missed it.

Come and check out the rest of the homes on the tour. I love this tour because each week you get a more intimate look into our spaces.


Fall Family Room 1

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Dear Lillie | Shades of Blue Interiors | Miss Mustard Seed | City Farmhouse


Jennifer Rizzo Design | Jeanne Oliver | Rooms FOR Rent | Kindred Vintage


And today’s featured guest – A burst of Beautiful

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Fall Kitchen and Recipe Tour 2016 | Mini Home Video Too

Welcome to our first home tour in our new home! Thank you for joining me for the Farmhouse Holiday Series. Come back each week over the next few months and get peeks into our home dressed up for Fall and Christmas.  Our hope is that this series will be glimpses into our homes during the holidays, and that we will be sharing inspiration for simple cozy spaces.

We went on a crazy home journey within the past year and you can read about it here, here and here.  We had no interest in moving and then here we are. It was a year ago this month that we looked at that first home and all of the adventuring began.

We have been in this home for 6 months now and we have worked the hardest to turn an unfinished workshop and garage into our new studio.  We have so many ideas and plans for this home and we have been having the best time making it ours.  Today we are taking a peek into our kitchen and this is an area where we will only be making small changes for awhile.  Before we moved in we had the whole house painted Nano White by Behr (ceilings, walls, baseboards) and we had the window frames painted Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. We also replaced all of the lighting throughout the whole house. It is amazing what just paint and lighting can do to transform a space.

All of the homes we put offers on were mid century or more modern homes.  We had been wanting this change for awhile and it feels so good to have this new creative energy. Creating comfortable and beautiful spaces within our home for our family and friends is one of my greatest joys.  I am not in a rush to fill the space and want to allow the space to organically come together.



One of our favorite parts about this new house is the layout and all of the windows.

I love making breakfast each morning and looking out the back windows and seeing the mountains. If we are really lucky we will see our favorite residence of our woods…the does and fawns.

I hope that never gets old.

We were able to take many of our vintage pieces and mix them with more modern pieces in this home and I think they work beautifully together.

I have learned to carry scissors in the car so I can cut all of the wild flowers along the side of the road on my way home each day:-)

I like to have my cooking staples on hand and easily within reach.  I love creating layers in decorating throughout the house and the kitchen is no exception.

I change out everything on the vintage cutting board each month based upon the season and what plants I can find.

I love including our children’s art throughout the house and I adore this sculpture that our Maddy made a few years ago.

I love when they will let me show them art techniques and then they run with it and create mini masterpieces in my eyes.

We had originally planned to put up open shelving in this area but we have loved the mix of the vintage shoe trolley with the white ironstone and other collected serving pieces.

We have lots of years to play with this space.

While I was in Normandy a few years back I found some of the most wonderful vintage grain sacks.  I framed many of them and you will find some of them around this home.

If you have vintage needlepoint or fabric but you don’t know what to do with it I highly recommend framing it. It adds so much interest and texture to a room.

Because I know that photos make it hard to feel the flow of a home I wanted to make a quick kitchen video for you all.

Kitchen Video Tour


I love cooking for my family but also having friends over and casually and comfortably entertaining.

The biggest thing that I have learned over the years is to cook things that I love to cook and things that I have cooked so many times that I am not stressed with my guests.

So, make a fun cocktail for your guests and enjoy cooking for your friends and family and keep the focus on them and having a great time.

I have included a few of my favorite recipes below with videos that were created for my Art of Home online course from last fall (back when I had red hair:-)).

Butternut Squash + Sausage Soup

Butternut Squash + Sausage Soup Video



Easy Cocktail Recipes Video


Come and check out all of the beautiful glimpses into the other kitchens in the tour.

Farmhouse Fall Kitchen



Ella Claire | Craftberry Bush | Miss Mustard Seed | Jeanne Oliver

Farmhouse Fall Kitchen 2


Love Grows Wild | Rooms FOR Rent | Shades of Blue Interiors | Dear Lillie

Farmhouse Fall Kitchen 3

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We have a brand new online course beginning on November 1st with the talented Melinda McCoy of House 214 Designs.

Feel Home: Creating a Timeless Feeling Home is all about how to decorate a comfortable and beautiful space!

We all have the same questions when it comes to designing our homes. Where do I begin? Is this really me or am I making this decision because it is the latest trend? Am I still going to like this look six months from now? Whether you are the everyday home designer or working with a professional, the choices you make for your timeless home need to be made with intention. This course will guide you through the process and teach you the framework that I use to create a timeless home with my clients. We will create storyboards, discover the language for a timeless home (hint, it has a lot to do with your personality), and learn the exact design elements that create a timeless feeling. You will learn by doing. As a result, making design decisions for your timeless home will be easier. You will be making your decisions with intention and confidence rather than because you saw it in the latest issue of a favorite magazine. This course will teach you not just the what, but the how and why behind creating a timeless feeling in your home.

If you are new to our creative network here are easy steps to get you started…

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5. All videos can be found along the right hand side of the page under “COURSE CONTENT”.

*as long as we manage the creative network


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The Big Picture Free Video | Honoring your gifts, finding balance and living a creative life that you love

Being a wife, mom, friend, business owner, household manager, school juggler and creative are some of the hats I wear. I know you are the same and probably more.

I also know that if I am not intentional with my marriage, children, schooling, business, creative time etc. than I miss out on opportunities of being present in each of these areas.

I am not saying it is easy but it is very much worth it.

Being intentional and seeing the “Big Picture” has helped my life become beautifully full of the people, activities and beliefs I hold most dear.

I am a work in progress and I have areas I struggle with and areas I definitely need to grow and change but that is part of life and learning how to live and do better.

This is just a glimpse of where I am right now.

We are truly all in this together and we can all learn from each other!

I hope you will also share how YOU see the Big Picture.

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Part One: House One and the Day I Lost my Heart and Mind

(The photos in this post are of house one and the house I am writing about in this post)

This is part one of a twenty part story but I promise to only make it three parts. I am kind like that.


Part One: House One and the Day I Lost my Heart and Mind


It was a regular day. That means I was procrastinating the real work I needed to do and I was looking at for nothing and everything all at the same time. I am a realtor’s daughter which means I have grown up with a love of housing, open houses, random home searches in towns I don’t even live in, I take a vacation and instantly start searching for local property and figuring out if I could live there based upon random Zillow searches.


In the midst of my procrastination I came upon a previously viewed mid century that I decided at that moment we should look at because maybe it had potential I just couldn’t fully realize yet. Please keep in mind that we weren’t really looking for a home and this was just me procrastinating real work. Kelly agreed to look at it and in my quick search to find a local realtor I saw a home that had just been listed within the past two hours. This wasn’t just any home…it was MY home. It was the home I had waiting for all my life. I am not prone to exaggerating or high emotions at all.



When I saw this home I burst into tears and had never felt this emotional connection to a property (let along photos of a property) in my life. Unfortunately for me my husband Kelly was on an hour long conference call and he was not about to risk his job for his antsy and hormonal wife. I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands (keep in mind he wouldn’t get off the phone and the clock was ticking). I instantly texted about 20 local friends asking if anyone was interested (or knew of anyone interested) in buying our house. Yes, I did. I then proceeded to find a local Realtor and set up an appointment for that day.



When Kelly (finally) got off the phone I told him to sit down and just look at the house. I told him this was our house. I knew it didn’t make sense, we weren’t looking for a new house, the bedrooms weren’t’ right etc.…THIS was our home. Kelly agreed and said we should set up an appointment. I told him he was so lucky to be married to me because we already had one and we needed to leave in 30 minutes. I like to think of myself as proactive.


We took the kids to look at the this mid century, untouched, masterpiece surrounded by 2.3 acres of woods and we made a full price offer before leaving. We hadn’t called our bank, thought it through or have a buyer for our home. It was our home and that is all we knew. The next day the final offer was submitted, we wrote the owners and gave them a photo of our family, we had our loan approval and we had a buyer for our home.  Did you read that…we had a buyer for our home.  All of this within 24 hours. This home was everything that we didn’t even know we were needing. It was rest and dreaming. If God’s hand was ever on a decision in our life this had to be it.   Right?


Two days later we were told that the owners had taken another full price offer. I couldn’t process the answer over the phone that we didn’t get the home. I truly didn’t understand and acted like I could still change the outcome. I cried like a heartbroken teenage girl. I was devastated. I don’t think my family knew what to do with me because I had never reacted like this outside of death or my parent’s divorce. I felt with everything in me that this was our home and that this wasn’t how the story was supposed to end.


The next day I called our lender and he told me he couldn’t believe we didn’t get the home because the other lender said we were the stronger offer. I asked him how often do loans fall through and he said everyday, all day long. I asked him to go ahead with our loan as if we were buying this property. I wanted to be ready when they called. This is truly how sure I was that this home would be ours.


I also called our Realtor and asked her to put in a backup offer with first right of refusal. She called me back saying that wasn’t necessary. The owners had already been offered multiple back up offers and they wouldn’t take any other offer but ours if the the first deal fell through. I felt like once again that God was making a path for our family and connecting us with this home. The buyers for our home were willing to wait and so we waited. For six weeks we waited.


For six weeks I cleaned out our home, sold so much stuff, prayed alone and prayed with others. What I haven’t told you is that at the beginning of the school year I had told our children that this was going to be the year that we prayed for such big things that when they happened only the Lord would get the credit. We prayed for loved ones, for our business (I have a totally cool story about that for later) and for things in our lives we wanted to change. As a family we felt like we were in the midst of something big that we hadn’t even prayed about or for. I asked the kids to believe in big things and claim big things. We continued to wait.


I headed to France to teach the Living Studio Normandy and waited and prayed. I came home from France and waited and prayed. One night Kelly asked me if I wanted to watch a movie and I just asked if we could drive by the house again and just pray over it again. He kindly agreed. As we were approaching the home we noticed lights on and for the first time the For Sale sign was gone. Our stomachs dropped. Had it closed? What was going on? This was suppose to be ours, right? We called our Realtor right then and asked if the house had closed. He asked us to hold on and he would get back to us.


It had. It had closed. It was over and it wasn’t ours. None of this made sense and all of this felt so real, so big, so ours, so a part of something bigger and it was “just a house” so why did it hurt so badly and how could we have been so wrong. And how were we going to tell our children? Our friends? Our family? We had been so sure and now we just looked liked crazy religious freaks that had claimed something for 6 weeks that was never ours.  Wasn’t this going to be something so big and amazing that when it happened only the Lord got the glory?


What we were about to learn was that this house was only the beginning of getting out of our comfort zone and believing for bigger things for ourselves, our family and our business. It was also going to be that time when the Lord used a house so amazing that it made me lose my heart and mind to put us on a new path that we weren’t even looking for…




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Holiday Housewalk 2015

How do you say goodbye to a home and bring in the holidays for the last time at an address?

The past few weeks have brought such a storm of mixed emotions and now the reality that we are moving from the only home our children have known.

We love it pretty simple around here for the holidays and this year will be the biggest exhale of all.

The sweetest way to honor a home that we have loved so much (and that has loved us right back) is to just slow down and love each other even more.

I hope you will give us some grace this year for the house walk as we unexpectedly found a property, placed our home on the market on Thanksgiving day and have had showings ever since until today.

I made the very conscious decision to choose peace, family and simplicity instead of stress.

I highly recommend it:-)

We have simply decorated our home for Christmas in preparation for packing and moving.  I hope you will indulge me as I share some of my favorite holiday decorating from years past with some of the new photos from this year.

Merry Christmas!  I hope you are able to take an exhale too and just take the time to be with the ones you love the most.

Thank you Jen for inviting us back again and for bringing together so many gorgeous homes for inspiration.

To see the housewalk from the beginning start HERE.

If you are coming from Lily Pad Cottage I am so glad you are here and welcome!

Kelly is incredible and her decor is so inspiring.

Welcome to our home…

I am loving my deer and branch antlers from Joss and Main! The kids love it and it goes perfectly with the simple decor and natural elements that we love to decorate with.

We all decorated the tree last night and shared some of our favorite Christmas memories from this house.

Don’t you just love home? It is truly one of the most beautiful words.

At least we rewarded the kids with s’mores for the long days of painting, cleaning and pretty much not allowing them to live in our home for the past few days.

The tray is from Joss and Main and is the perfect size!

Some of my favorite images from previous holiday housewalks!

I am excited to make the new house our home and to share it with you along the way!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

My family wishes you a Merry Christmas!

The next stop on the housewalk is Bre from Rooms for Rent! Bre is truly one of my favorite ladies in the world! This girl is crazy talented and is authentic through and through.

Come on over to see Bre’s home all dressed up for Christmas…


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It is truly a lifestyle network with courses about home, cooking, bee keeping, art and so much more!

Come on over…

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If you feel the same I would love to have you join 20+ men and women as we share our own finding the quiet journey!

Some of your favorite creatives and bloggers will be joining me for this FREE series!

Come on over and read all about it. We would love to have you join us!

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4) All of the details are on the page and you are all set for the study to begin on January 1, 2016

Tell your friends!

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Thanksgiving Tablescape Tour {cozy and fun}

Day 3 Collage

Shades of Blue Interiors | Jeanne Oliver Designs | Zevyjoy | Liz Marie Blog | Julie Blanner


What is not to love about a holiday all about family, friends, good food and just being together!?

When my friend Bre of Rooms For Rent asked me to be a part of her Thanksgiving Tablescape Tour I jumped on the opportunity.

Before I put the table together I thought about how could I make our table a little different this time, make use of our space (yard), incorporate colors of the season and use decor I already owned.

My hope is that you would also “shop” your own house and incorporate the beautiful things you already own. Maybe a little foraging too:-)

You will never regret making your holiday about the people that join you around that table.

Have fun!

You can purchase the gorgeous vintage chandelier at Authentic Home and Lifestyle in Castle Rock, CO.

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