The Official Launch of Studying Under The Masters III {a huge giveaway too}


Good Morning!

I am excited to announce the teachers for the next and LAST Studying Under The Masters online course.

This next Studying Under The Masters will include not only some of your favorite artists but some of your favorite art forms!

Look at this incredible lineup! 

Studying Under The Masters III will focus on college, abstract, illustration, still life, folk art and portraits.

Ivette Newport will study the work of Marie Laurencin.

Kelly Berkey will study the work of John Singer Sargent.

Alisa Burke will study the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Jenny Doh will study the work of Joan Miró.

Melody Ross will study the work of Gustav Klimt

Jeanne Oliver will study the work of Horrace Pippin.

This deeply rich art series focuses on art history, practicing using the techniques and mediums of the masters, live chats and original technique art videos by the guest teachers.

This series has changed how I look at art in the present and past.

Here is praise for the Studying Under The Masters series…

“In all my years as an artist, I have never had a course that stretched and grew me so much. Not only has my art taken off in so many exciting ways, but I was blessed with friendship and support I never expected. Thanks for all that you do. I am so looking forward to part two!”



“The Studying the Masters class inspired me to look deeper into my own art process. The format where I was able to find out more about the artist’s process and their techniques captured my attention. The presenting artists were quality women whose own art process gave me confidence to keep going. I look forward to the next class.”



“This course is one of the best I have taken in that it introduced me to several different modern day artists. In watching how they studied under some masters, I became a student of, not one, but TWO artists each week, some of whom I feel a real resonance with!! I feel as though I am finding more of my artistic voice as a result of this class, and that is pretty exciting!! Thanks so much Jeanne for helping me take another step closer to my dream! ”


“The best class ever no matter your talent level…seeing the instructors paint right along in  “their” style of painting trying to get close to what a Master created was so enlightening since each had awesome talent but different ways to get the final results that they wanted! We were in their studio with there favorite supplies, magic!”




Here is a glimpse of what you can expect each week:

*The guest artists will study under the “master” of their choice. This will include a brief history of the artist.

*Start to finish video of the artist practicing a painting of the chosen master

*Videos sharing what they learned through practicing the techniques and style of another artist

*A start to finish video of the artist creating their own art using techniques they have learned but creating in their own style

*Each week will end with the artist sharing the artists that have encouraged and inspired them over the years.

*Each week will have book and video references

*Weekly live online “chats” with the artist

*All content has lifetime access

*All videos are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience


This new course will have 5 artists that will be joining me for a 6 week online course.

To read more about about the course click HERE.

You can also register by using the paypal button at the bottom of this post.

This 6 week course begins May 5, 2015 with lifetime access*.

Early registration price of $49.99.


To celebrate the new course I would love to have a huge giveaway of some of my favorite supplies!

What I am giving away:

*One Matilda Art Bag {valued at over $180}


*One portable art studio set {valued at over $200}

*One $200 Dick Blick gift card

* One package of every class that has already run on my creative network {valued at over $790}

One lucky winner will get an art package valued at over $1,300!


To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post letting us know your about a person that has influenced your creativity!

For additional chances at the giveaway you can…

* Facebook about the giveaway and the new course and link back to this post

* Pin this post and/or course to Pinterest

* Talk about the giveaway and/or new course on Instagram and use the hashtag #studyingunderthemasters and @jeanneoliver

* Blog about the new course

* Share this post on Twitter

 Each time you share about new course or please come back and let us know.

Thank you for sharing the new course!

{the winner will be announced next Monday}

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Creativity Takes Courage {Cat Bude}



For those of you that are new to the blog I want to tell you a little bit about the free series.

My creative network offers free videos, new online courses, live “chats” and now interviews with courageous lovelies from around the world.

Over the past two years I have had the opportunity to interview some of my favorite creative women and business owners.

You can see the talented list of interviewees over on my creative network under Creativity Takes Courage.



This month we are talking with Cat Bude all the way from Normandy, France!

I have had the absolute joy of getting to know Cat over the past three years.  I always leave my conversations with her inspired and with a smile on my face (and with another idea ready to take off).

I admire her love of family, home and faith.

She is a PNW transplant that has dived into the adventure of a lifetime and in the process saved everything that mattered to her.

Join us for an interview that will walk you through her family’s move to France, starting a business and finding her greatest voice.

Come on over and transport yourself to France!


To watch the video you just need to be registered at (registering is free).

Once you are on the site you will find this series, free videos (business and art) and new online courses along the left hand side of the page.

You will find all of our courses/videos under the COURSES heading.

If you want to watch Cat’s video:

1) Go to COURSES along the left hand side of the page

2) Click on Creativity Takes Courage {interviews with courageous friends}

3) Click the +join button on the upper right hand side

4) All of the details are on the page and you are all set.

Tell your friends!

We want to create an online community where you can create, connect and be inspired.

Come on over and check out the interview!

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Learning Well | An Essentials Course To Homeschooling


I am beyond proud to announce that registration has just opened for Learning Well | An Essentials Course To Homeschooling!

Few things are as close to my heart and my day to day life as homeschooling.

Alicia Hutchinson will be leading you in this one week online course!

This one week course has an early registration price of $32.

The course will begin on April 27, 2015 and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the videos!

All of the videos are pre-recorded so you can watch the course at your convenience.

Come and watch the heart behind this course…

I bet you want to hear a little more…

My vision for Learning Well is a course that would encourage new and experienced homeschoolers alike. Encourage them to start strong and keep going on this homeschool journey that isnt always easy. Homeschooling is an amazing experience, but it is also one that is sometimes scary and always pretty challenging. Its easy to want to quit before we get started. Its easy to want to throw in the towel when we feel burned out. I wanted to put this course together because I am truly passionate about educating your children at home. There is change I feel in world of homeschooling and I feel it becoming more and more accepted and chosen more and more by parents everywhere. This excites me! I want to use this new change of tide to walk along beside these families and share what has worked for us in these past seven years of homeschooling our kids. There have also been many failures and I want to share those too. To put it short and simple, I see Learning Well as a course to teach, share with, and encourage homeschooling families.


This course will be FULL of so much good stuff!

You will walk away with direction, inspiration, encouragement, real life stories and COMMUNITY!


To register for this course you just need to be a member at (registering is free).

Once you are on the site you will find this course, free videos (business and art) and other online courses along the left hand side of the page.

You will find all of our courses/videos under the COURSES heading.

If you want to register for Learning Well | An Essentials Course to Homeschooling:

1) Go to COURSES along the left hand side of the page

2) Click on “view all” at the bottom of the list

2) Click on Learning Well | An Essentials Course to Homeschooling

3) Click the +join button on the upper right hand side, pay and you will be ready for the course to begin on April 27th

4) All of the details are on the page and you are all set.

Tell your friends!

We want to create an online community where you can create, connect and be inspired.

Come on over and read more about the course!



*As long as we manage

How We Celebrate Valentine’s Day {and a huge giveaway}



I think when it comes to Valentine’s Day we are pretty chill around here. Maybe it is because I don’t like people telling me what to do and when to do it.  I can be annoying like that.  When it comes to LOVE…I am all over that!



We are quirky, may dance a little too much and often make up songs throughout our day that sometimes resemble rap (and they are not good).  We laugh a lot and spend a lot of time together because these people within these walls are the ones I love being with more than anyone else.



I sure don’t need a special day to love on my family but sometimes it is nice to have an extra reason to remind people what makes them so special.



My husband Kelly is the one that makes sure we are all OK.  He protects us and takes care of us.  He makes sure we have breakfast in the morning and hot coffee ready for me when I wake up.  He believes that my ideas are incredible and that none of my ideas fail (which sometimes they do).  He wakes up early to do devotions with me and prays over our kids at night.  He is kind and good and believes in the best in people.  He is fiercely protective of me and will be the first to come in between me and harm (of any kind).  He is fun and adventurous!  He is my best friend and the one I always choose first.  He is a total hottie and he tries to use his dimples to get his way.  He loves the Lord and desires to honor him.  He is everything that I always dreamed of.



It is easy to take the ones we love the most for granted and everyone loves to be reminded every once in awhile that they are pretty amazing…even if it is with paper hearts:-)





 Courtney’s brand new book!

I’m excited to participate in the #shareyourheart campaign and especially excited because you have a chance to WIN a pretty awesome prize! All you have to do is find Courtney on Facebook (, and SHARE the Paper Hearts Book Trailer with your friends…Then enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway below! That’s it, easy as pie! 

For bonus entries, create your own paper heart and share it on Courtney’s wall and tag your post with #shareyourheart 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Learn From a Designer {Sew Simple. Sew Fun}


You know when you just instantly connect with a person, a style and a brand?

That is how I felt the first time I saw the product photos of Bink and Boo.

I am a huge lover of vintage fabric and finding new ways to reuse vintage elements in my own products.

She is on trend on with her clean lines, everyday style and vintage vibe.

It doesn’t hurt that the designer and owner behind Bink and Boo is completely amazing herself.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bianca Wickers this past summer while we were in California.

As the kids were all taking surfing lessons I was able to kick back in the sand and talk to her face to face for the first time.

It wasn’t long after that I knew that she would be the perfect person to teach the very first sewing course on my creative network.

Guys, if you have ever wanted to learn to sew, you have a sewing machine just gathering dust or you want to take your sewing to the next level…THIS is the course for you!

Bianca will be teaching four sewing projects start to finish and they are beautiful projects that you could make over and over.

First, let me tell you a bit about Bianca…

Hi!  I am Bianca, I am a wife and momma to two wildly awesome kiddos.  I am also the chief creative chick behind bink & boo — a lifestyle brand inspired by my love of the beach, my appreciation of the 60’s and 70’s, and my enthusiasm for thrifting.  I am always on the hunt for vibrant vintage fabrics to revive and remake into fresh goods and creations.

I believe in people.  Encouraging others.  Speaking truth with grace.  And…spreading sunshine & cheer (joy and kindness).  I am excited to offer a simple and fun approach to sewing and creating.


I bet you want to hear about Sew Simple. Sew Fun.

Join Bianca for a one week online course (with lifetime access *) where she will take you step by step through four fun and easy sewing projects.

This is perfect for the beginner and those that want to take their sewing to the next level.

This course will teach:

1. Tote from a (vintage) pillowcase. 
I thought this would be the perfect project as we head into Summer.  It’s easy to sew, it’s practical, and it’s fun!  It’s also a great project to introduce my whole repurposed/upcycled obsession.
2. Zipper clutch/pouch.
I thought this would be the perfect project to teach how to EASILY sew  a zipper.
3. A tunic from one of my favorite patterns, and how to use hem tape. 
4. A little girl’s dress from an easy pattern, and how to add buttons.

* as long as we run this site

To read more or to register click HERE.

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Lost and Found: An Art Class Coming To Denver


Good Morning!

I have another local art class that I get to share with you and that makes me giddy happy.

This allows local girls and even girls from out of town to attend at an amazing price.

I am honored to have been asked by Holly Kuhn of Old Glory Antiques to teach at the grand opening of their first Monthly Markets!

I will be there on Thursday shopping because most of the coolest things in my home are from Holly’s shop! She has an incredible eye and her aesthetics are second to none.  You will have time to shop a bit on Friday but I recommend if you are interested in really shopping to come the day before.


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH  //  9:30 AM – 2:30 PM



“Not all who wander are lost.”  //  J.R.R. Tolkien

Creating art is a constant of adding and taking away, losing and finding yourself and discovering what you are really trying to say with your art. Join me for a one day class of creating as we add layers through paint, charcoal, mark making, acrylics and collage. We will work on two pieces at once to keep our creating loose and spontaneous. This class will incorporate how to create interesting backgrounds, break down how to draw a face or figure, mark making, and collage.

The fee is $125 per student, and students are responsible for providing their own supplies for the class. Here are the required materials:

-2 wood artist panels, canvas or cardboard (at least 6 x 12 but no bigger than 12 x 16)
-set of your favorite brushes (Jeanne likes #4 flat, #2 round, #0 round, fan brush and a large brush for applying gesso, matte medium, backgrounds, etc.)
-small set of acrylics (include your favorite colors AND black, white, a deep red, yellow ochre, raw umber fluid)
-black Stabilo pencil & charcoal pencil
-container for water
-Liquitex matte medium
-clear gesso & white gesso

I would LOVE to spend the day creating with you!

To sign up, click SIGN UP! below and fill out the form. 

Just Dreaming About It Won’t Get You There


In the new year there can be long lists of dreams for the year and maybe even a yearly bucket list.  What I have found to be true is that me just dreaming about something has never led to the actual doing and experiencing.  If I want to learn something, go somewhere, spend time with someone… I have to make a PLAN OF ACTION.

There have been more times than I can count that I had no idea how I was going to make something a reality but I jumped in anyway.  When I know something is important to me, my family or my creativity I get really creative to make it a reality.  That “dream” doesn’t need to stay that way.  What fun is an incredible “dream” if you don’t walk it out and make a plan of action?  That dream can become a reality through planning, sacrifice and just jumping in.  That whole just jumping in is really the first step of action that leads to more action and then something wonderful being accomplished.

I get to travel to some pretty incredible places for my business and to teach art.  I also have traveled to beautiful places just for me or for my family.  I hear many people say to me, “I dream of going there too or someday I hope to have the money to…”.  The thing is that we never know how long we have on this earth and there is never enough money.

I remember the first time I went to France and I remember originally showing my husband the retreat and just KNOWING this trip was for me.  My pretty amazing husband took one look at my face and said, “I don’t know how we will do this but we will figure it out”.  Guess what?  We did!

Going to France that first time and spending time in the south of France and then Paris changed my creative heart.  It CHANGED it!  What if I hadn’t asked?  What if my husband wouldn’t have said that we would figure it out?  That first trip has opened up more trips and relationships.  It has made my world smaller and more intimate.

Did you know that I found one of my closest friends on that first trip to France?  I actually met one of my closest friends that also happens to be a lover of travel, family, art and the Lord!  I now believe with my whole heart that I was supposed to go on that trip to meet HER.  The Lord knew I would need an artist/heart friend that I could grow, travel and create with.  I don’t know what you have been “dreaming” about lately and the things you want to do in your life.

I would just encourage you to take steps of action this year.  Don’t wait.  What is waiting for YOU if you step out and figure it out as you go?

I have some pretty incredible heart, exploring, creative retreats coming up this year.  These are trips of a lifetime.  I will tell you about each of them below.

The thing is if you have an exploring, adventuresome, creative heart you don’t have to go on one of my retreats…just find one!

Maybe you don’t need to travel across the ocean and maybe you just need to open your home, step out your front door, go to a museum or find those women just like you in your community.

I just want you to not regret not doing things that are a part of your heart because the timing isn’t perfect.  It never will be. Believe me..I know. We make it perfect by our actions and sacrifice.

* If you are looking for something creative, here in the United States, historic, full of good food, warmer and within the next five weeks…

You might be interested in joining me in Savannah, Georgia for the first stateside Living Studio Retreat! If you do not sketch or paint please do not let that stop you!  This retreat is for the creative heart. This is for the painter, photographer, writer, entertainer, cook etc.

This retreat is February 23-28th, 2015.  We are staying at the artsy and stunning Brice Hotel!

To read more and/or to register click HERE.

Price is based on double occupancy, $2150. Single occupancy is an extra $550.  Local price for those not staying at the hotel, $1650.

* If you are looking for something creative, in Italy, with time at the pool, incredible food, history, time on the lake, faith based and sure to leave you with your faith and creativity at a new level…

You might be interested in joining Stephanie Ackerman and me along Lake Como this summer for Laura McCullough’s art and faith creative retreat!  Laura knows the town of Bellagio intimately and takes you on a luxury adventure that will leave you dreaming of the food, people, the pool, Lake Como, smells and villages long after you are home. I should know…this will be my third year teaching in Bellagio!

This retreat is July 11-18th, 2015. We are staying at the apartments of the world famous Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni and neighboring Hotel Florence.

To read more and/or to register click HERE.

This retreat is $3250

Attention to detail, people focused, life long friends made… The ONLY way to see Italy is with Laura.  No other time spent will you make friends, feel the cobblestone streets, meet the butcher, the baker and the leather shop owner, all friends of Laura’s, and sip Prosecco under the stars as you thank God for every Italian moment… ~ Lora-Lori Rutt

*If you are looking to explore France in the fall, experience the Paris flea markets, stroll the villages of Normandy, sketch along the beaches, stay and create at a French chateau walking distance to the ocean, tour ancient ruins, experience true French cuisine, be escorted by locals, study local art, visit the markets of the countryside, be invited into a local art studio and so much more…

You might be interested in joining me for The Living Studio Normandy.  I am collaborating with Cat Bude and her husband of Sunday Brocantes at Rabbit Hill to bring you a truly luxurious and inspiring retreat. If you do not sketch or paint please do not let that stop you!  This retreat is for the creative heart. This is for the painter, photographer, writer, entertainer, cook etc.

This retreat is October 9-16th, 2015.

To read more and/or to register click HERE.

This retreat is $3995 double / $5495 single US Dollars

I can’t wait to see what you guys do this year!  I know that so many of us sit on the fence waiting for things to be perfect or for things to settle down or for the money to appear.  Whether your dream is to plant a garden, write more, find creative friends in town, paint, cook, take a class, learn a new language…I hope this year is your year to take stop dreaming and to start doing.

Love you guys!

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