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This month we are talking with Stephanie Holden all about faith, family and finding your purpose.

I admire this woman and her family so much!

This girl is such a source of inspiration to me and reminds me almost daily to work towards the big picture.

Go grab something to drink and get comfy…

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Stephanie is a southern girl through and through. She’s been married 26 years to her high school sweetheart and they’ve been in full time ministry for 15 years. With God’s grace, they have raised three incredible daughters who are now all married to some pretty cool guys and she has three cute grandchildren who call her “Honey”. After the dust settled on all the DIY wedding projects that kept her busy for the past six years, she learned to not merely endure the dreaded empty nest season but to actually embrace it. You can often find her enjoying Sunday naps with her man, group texting her daughters and driving across the country to hang out with her grandkids. She has learned the importance of being intentional when it comes to family, keeping everyone as close as ever even though they are all miles a part. She shares about these things on her blog, The Honey Pot, sprinkled with her love for fashion and her recent journey to a healthy lifestyle. Whatever adventure you may find her up to, her aim in all she does is to share the love of Jesus and the hope she has found in Him.

 Instagram:  (@honeyholden)  
Twitter:  (@honeyholden25)
Facebook: (Stephanie Cooper Holden)
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Last Minute Gifts For Creatives


I hope you are all having a beautiful month of preparing your hearts and homes for Christmas!

We still have a few gifts that we want to get today and then start getting everything wrapped up and ready for Christmas morning.

If you are a creative or you have a special person on your list with an artist’s heart I wanted to share some last minute gifts sure to bring more creativity into their new year.

1. One of my new vintage fabric purses or art bags!  TODAY is the last day we are shipping before Christmas.

My bags are perfect for carrying around all of your favorite supplies on the go!

2. Water Mixable Oil Paints. One of my favorite new mediums of this past year!

3. My first art class of 2015!  Join me for a local, one day art class! 

I promise lots of messy creating, laughter, connecting, some new supplies to take home and a finished painting.

This is a treat for me to teach so close to home! I would love to create with you.

4. I love my easel and it has been one of my favorite creative purchases.  This is a mid range option.

5. Join in on a one year journaling class fill of amazing teachers and an inspiring community of artists!

I am one of the 25 teachers that will be teaching in this online class.

6. How amazing does this book look?  My friend Danielle Donaldson has her first book coming out this spring and it already has so much buzz around it!

7. Who wants to explore and create in Savannah, Georgia with me? 

While most of the country will be covered in snow we will be creating art outside, talking over a latte and being immersed in the beautiful city of Savannah!

8. I want this so badly but haven’t gotten it yet!  Isn’t is awesome?!

This is a total splurge but soooo cool!

9. I have taught in Italy the past two summers and this will be my last year to teach in Italy for awhile. Laura’s retreats are pure luxury and this one will be even more special.

This retreat will be all about faith and your gifts!  I will be teaching along side Stephanie Ackerman and this will be a life changer. I just know it!

10. You guys know how much I love to decorate!  This book is decorator meets artist.

You will be studying each page and your heart may race:-) Be prepared!

11. Join me on this art retreat of a lifetime!

  I still can’t wrap my head around how amazing this Living Studio retreat is going to be. Who wants Normandy, France for Christmas? ME!

12. The best tabletop easel!  I love mine and really appreciate it as I work on smaller oil paintings.

13. I even have something that is totally FREE and just may change your heart in the new year!

Join me and 20 other women as we study along side you in Becoming | The Unfolding of You.

This free study will be like sitting down with friends and hopefully opening your eyes to who you really are and who you are called to be.

I better go get dressed so I can head out and finish MY shopping:-)

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I Am Teaching At The Vintage Whites Market {this is for you Colorado girls}


For all of you that have been asking for a local Colorado art class I am excited to share this!

I will be teaching at the Vintage Whites Market on January 10, 2015.

Join me for one day as we bring your stories to life through sketching, charcoal, acrylic paints, vintage book covers and words. We will create multiple pieces of art through creative exercises using charcoal, mark making and paint. We will be bringing your treasures, collections and words together to create a completed painting on a vintage book cover. Bring your favorite items from your own scavenger hunts, words from your collections and we will start a story together.

“There are times when your creativity begs to be a scavenger, collector and a storyteller. The scavenger in you finds beauty in strips of old wallpaper, the smell of vintage books and the patina in a collection of lost love letters. You take your findings and bind them with string waiting for the moment to bring them out again. The collector in you finds inspiration from music, poetry, paintings, conversations and the tiny beautiful moments of the day-to-day. You take your collection of beauty and tuck it away … but not forever. The storyteller in you takes your treasures and your collections, rearranges them, sorts them and creates them into something new and all your own.”

I will be there on Friday night too to shop, listen to music and grab something to eat.

$175 includes admission to The Vintage Whites Market, a one day art class and a few goodies during class.

I can’t wait to create with you!

You can register below…

New Bags Are In The Shop!


We were going to wait until after Christmas to add new products to the shop but we were getting so many emails that we are adding the bags!

We have all new bags in the shop and we have called in all of our staff to work hard to make sure all of the bags get out in time for Christmas.

All orders placed between December 11 and 14 will be shipped out priority before Monday.

The shop will close at midnight on December 14th and will re-open after Christmas.

We have three new fabric options for the Matilda Art Bag, new ruffle tote, the Sadie, Emerson and no line is complete without our vintage grain sack bags.

Here is a peek into the new bags and they are so full of vintage goodness!

Vintage Grain Sack Handbag Trois

 photo thematildadetailsweb_zps21d8ef5b.jpg

Matilda Art Bag Deux

Vintage Grain Sack Market Bag Un

Emerson Handbag

Vintage Grain Sack Market Bag Trois

Elsie Messenger Bag

Vintage Grain Sack Handbag Un

Vintage Grain Sack Handbag Deux

Sadie Handbag

 photo thematildadetailsweb_zps21d8ef5b.jpg

Matilda Art Bag Un

 photo thematildadetailsweb_zps21d8ef5b.jpg

Matilda Art Bag Trois

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This Little Light of Mine {I’m Gonna Let It Shine}

I first saw this video at my church on Christmas Eve a few years ago.

I thought it was so powerful and beautiful and I am honored that the creator of the video has allowed me to share it here.

I hope this is a sweet reminder during December and throughout the whole year…

Now go out and let your light shine!

Thank you Michael for allowing me to share your beautiful video.

This video was created by Michael Sweet at Epitage Media | 720-281-2032

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Small Paintings Now Available {just for you}


I have a large pile of paintings that I will be slowly listing.

Tonight I wanted to make available a small collection of paintings I have completed on vintage book covers.

Each painting is 7 3/4″ x 5″ and painted on vintage Readers’ Digest book covers.

Each will come titled, signed and packaged to give (or keep).

If you are interested in a painting please email me at and I will send you a paypal invoice.

[Please note that the images are much clearer than the images below]

Thank you so much for looking.

1. Luella


2. Mother and Child


3. Mrs. Bramhill

4. Sisters

5. Just The Three of Us


6. I Remember


7. Only a Little Story

8. My Cup Runneth Over

9. Olivia


{This last piece is 7″ x 5″, on wood and sealed with bees wax}

Each painting is $89 and includes shipping.

If you are interested in a painting please email me at and I will send you a paypal invoice.

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What Will Savannah Look Like? {Q&A}


Good Morning!

We have had so many questions coming in about the brand new The Living Studio| Savannah, Georgia that I wanted to just take a moment to answer some questions.

Please feel free to also ask questions on this post and I will answer as soon as possible.

*Will there be structured classes?

Absolutely!  This is a much more relaxed and free form retreat because of all of the exploring and art we make on site but we WILL have structured classes too.

We just won’t be staying in a classroom all day when we have such a gorgeous city to explore!

*What will you be teaching?

I will be teaching how to draw a figure, working from live models and images, working with charcoal, how to create images with a limited palette, painting techniques and we will finish completed paintings also

*What supplies will I need?

Kathy and I will be providing you with some supplies but we will be sending out a basic supply list that will fit in a backpack or messenger bag. It will all be things you already have.  The best part is that if you decide you need something we are staying in one of the most artsy towns around and there are multiple art supply stores.

*What will our days look like?

Just imagine good food, cafe stops, architecture, creating IN the city, shopping, history, more good food, creating together and on our own and just getting immersed in a city and your art!

If you want more of a break down of the day please email me and I will send it over to you.

*What if I live local and don’t need the hotel?

YES!  We want you to come!  Kathy will give you a different price based upon not needing a hotel room.  We would love to have you local gals join us and share your city with us!

*I have food allergies and worry about traveling

Kathy and I do too and that is why we care so much about eating at awesome restaurants.  We need to eat at restaurants that really know what goes into their food and they are able to accommodate.

* I don’t want to share a hotel room with anyone. Can I still come?

Of course!  Kathy will adjust your registration cost to reflect your own room.

*I don’t paint.  Can I still come?

Yes!  We are all creative in some way and if sketching or painting is not your thing I promise you that you will have time for photography, reading, writing etc.  This is a creative time to give yourself to just explore and do what YOU want.

*Do I have to join the group for everything each day?

We have created a beautiful retreat but this is YOUR gift to yourself. If you don’t want to do an activity or class then we both would encourage you to go off and explore this incredible city and do what YOU want.

*What is The Living Studio?

My heart behind The Living Studio is that we will all learn to explore and create wherever we live.

I hope to inspire people to step out of the comfort of their studios and out into the world and boldly create based upon the beauty all around them.

This unique retreat combines my love of travel, creating and connecting with other creatives.

I don’t know how many times over the years I had walked past a person sketching in an art museum, painting in the gardens, practicing their watercolors in the mountains or writing at a cafe and I have stopped a moment to envy them.

They were doing it!

They HAD to be creative.

It is a practice and a preparedness that motivates you to create your studio wherever you go.

With practice and always having your tools with you…you live your creativity and the world becomes your studio.

*Can I read about a previous Living Studio retreat before I make a decision?

Of course!  Feel free to read more HERE and ask any questions you might have.

*How do I register?

Kathy is handling all of the registrations and you can find her HERE.

What questions do you have?  I have only answered some of the questions I have received lately on email.

This would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for yourself or another creative heart.