It’s Almost Time | The Last Blog Post On This Site


Right now thousands of emails are going out to let the members of our creative network know that we have migrated their account and courses over to our new network. This will go on for hours as over 35,000 members are moved over.

As the migration began our family came together and prayed over the new site, all of the men and women working on this huge project and for all of the men and women that have supported us and the other artists on our site for all these years. This new site is truly for you. This labor of love is the best THANK YOU we could dream up!

So, our new network is not live YET but it’s almost time. On this night before the launch of the biggest project we have ever taken on in our business I would like to thank two women (believe me…more thank yous are coming). These two women made a huge impact on my business when I was just starting out.

I would like to thank Christy Tomlinson for asking me to teach online for one of the courses on her site so many years ago. She also included me in an online craft/art show and shared my work, clothing/bags and heavily promoted my first online course that I hosted on my own site.

I would also like to thank Melody Ross for believing in me early on, sharing my work and heavily promoting my first online course Creatively Made | Rediscovering the Beauty of Your Gifts.

These two women supported, promoted and encouraged me and ultimately made a huge impact in the direction that my business would go. Yes, I showed up and worked hard but we never get to where we are going without those around us lending a hand. Thank you!

So, it’s almost time! I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!

This will be the last blog post on this site. The next time you hear from us we will be in our new home!

You will not want to miss the announcements, the celebrating and the giveaway!  Until tomorrow!

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  1. logan wilhelm commented:

    Exciting time for your brand, family and followers, congratulations and Good Luck in the future!

  2. Katrine Mccann commented:

    Hey guys already sent an email no reply, still waiting for a password as i need to access my classes please…

  3. I am interested in your workshop in North Carolina. Do I have to have a lot of experience in sketching and/or in drawing portraits or will you help us with that?