2016 Is Off To A Creative Bang! {Come and Celebrate and Enter the Art Supply Giveaway}


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flutterbyebarn commented:

I’m taking Reflections: Paint your story. I’m scared and I’m ecstatic!!! I’ve done all kinds of art since I can remember, here and there. I have NEVER journaled. ? I am at such a point at my life where I can’t believe I was bold enough to think I had a story to tell. But I believe you, when you say it. And I desperately need to find my real voice and my artistic voice, so here I am. I know I will find it through art. Thank you for being so real and honest and encouraging. I can’t wait!!!!! ???????

Congratulations!  To claim your gift card please email us at contact@jeanneoliverdesigns.com.

This giveaway has to be claimed by February 1, 2016.


2016 is barely out of the gates and we have so many gorgeous new online courses for you!

We have four brand new art courses that are starting soon or they have just been opened for registration.

To celebrate we are also giving away one $350 Dick Blick Gift Card!  Read to the bottom to see how to enter.

Come and see what we have for you…

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Beginning January 18th is our first online art journaling course all about finding your own authentic story.

Reflections: Paint Your Story

Join me for a two week art journaling online course all about unraveling your own story and creating authentic art that only you can tell.

When I started to see my own stories as being meaningful and significant my art began to change.  When I could look back and find my own timeline and defining moments I was able to start digging deeper as an artist and my creating became more of a time of remembering, honoring, forgiving, healing and celebrating.  It made me more intentional about where I wanted to go creatively and how I wanted to share it.

If you think your story isn’t good enough…you are mistaken.

If you are afraid to tell your story…maybe it is time to find freedom

If you have never told your story…it is time.

If you want to create authentic art that no one else can create…let’s get started.

This two week online course is $48 with lifetime* access.

Beginning on February 15th is a follow up to the popular Scribble Art with Julie Johnson.

Making Art Sing: Values, Shapes and Lines

I have found wonderful and new techniques in my studio this fall.  We are not going to lose the basics of drawing. Learning the measuring is important in drawing.  But how about drawing on vellum and painting with drawing materials!  Really we use only a wet brush.  Fun and more fun!   Join me, as we get lost in learning about drawing.   I love to talk and explain my purpose for doing something as you watch from my shoulder.  Yes, you are that close up in seeing the marks and strokes I am making while I demo and video from a vertical easel.

This one week online course has recently opened for registration and has the early registration price of $29.98 with lifetime* access.




Registration has just opened for Danielle Donaldson’s newest watercolor course All Creatives Lovely and Small!

This course will begin on March 14th.

Ellies, pups and bunnies, oh my! One whole week of online creative goodness! We will start off our week with a good dose of danielle-ish color theory. This isn’t your everyday color-wheel stuff. As a matter of fact, it is kind of the opposite. You’ll learn how to work with color in a whole new way. You’ll find your very own colorful voice with a series of simple exercises that will not only build your creative signature but seriously boost your watercolor confidence. Next we’ll pick up our mechanical pencils and illustrate some quirky and goodness-filled animal friends. You’ll learn how to break down their bits and pieces and then reassemble them in a bunch of different ways. And then we’ll add soft, yummy layers of color and delicate details. We’ll wrap up our week by building a lovely, layered block of patterned paper, snippets of ribbon and a word or two to give our four-legged friend a place to perch.

This one week course has the current early registration price of $32 with lifetime* access.



Registration has opened for Elements of Clay with Alissa Millsap!

This course will begin on February 29th.

Do you have childhood memories of making mud pies or building sandcastles?

Maybe you loved creating something out of playdoh, wishing you could keep them forever?

In Elements of clay, I will be showing you several projects using air-dry paper clay.

No kiln needed!

Each project is inspired by nature, as well as the hope of new beginnings that come in the spring. Each project has a bohemian flair and style. I doesn’t matter if you worked with clay before or have never experienced creating a sculpture, it is my wish that you will be inspired to try something new. I hope you will join me on this journey as we explore the elements of clay.



Let’s talk about how to get that awesome $350 Dick Blick gift card!!!!



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This giveaway will close on January 18, 2016 at 11:59 pm MST.

The winner will be announced on January 19th.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!



If you are new to our creative network here are easy steps to get you started…

1. Register at jeanneoliver.ning.com (this is free).

2. Once your account is active you are able to take advantage of our free courses, series and even pay for courses.

3. Go to jeanneoliver.ning.com and along the top header click on “COURSES” and you will be able to view all three pages of online courses and free series.

4. To purchase a course please choose your course, click on the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be INSTANTLY in the classroom.

5. All videos can be found along the right hand side of the page under “COURSE CONTENT”.

6. All of our courses are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience. The best part is that you have lifetime* access on all new purchases!  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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  1. Leslie Wiercioch commented:

    I have decided 2016 will be the year of my creativity! I set up a dedicated studio space and have written a schedule for myself to include 5-6 hours of daily studio time. So far so good, loving it!

    • Kandyce commented:

      The first step I took toward living more creatively in 2016 was to carry a mini art set and journal with me at all times! ??

  2. Angela commented:

    For 2016 how I am adding creative living to my life is I started the NaNoWrimo challenge, and now have started to sketch/journal daily. Regardless of how busy my day gets, taking those few moments to awake earlier and reflect. Also just finished a book club with Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, as another resource.

  3. Jounaling daily! Even if it’s not a finished piece for exhibit – I hope to add some paint, pencil and paper to everyday

  4. I am actually scheduling creative time in this year, as opposed to just hoping to squeeze it in when/ if I have free time.

  5. I am writing and illustrating a story of our life in studio!

  6. Shared on Pinterest

  7. My creative resolution is to follow more art courses here….. as I’ve really enjoyed all others I’ve done last year. Thanks!!!

  8. This is the year I am dedicating all my energy into my creative life. My journey began with your Creativity Takes Courage class and have been creating, learning and teaching along the way. Thanks for this opportunity and would love to win this great give away!!

  9. Cathe Ekas commented:

    I have made a commitment to myself to be creative everyday. Also, to finish all the work from all the classes I have already paid for.

  10. I recently purchased a vintage train case on Etsy. I have organized some art supplies inside, including a blank watercolor page journal, so that I can “grab and go” and practice some art techniques while waiting in the carpool lane for my kids at school, or waiting during piano lessons, volleyball practice, hockey practice, etc. The book is small, so it’s a no-pressure kind of thing. Just getting something on the page, practicing with some of my supplies. The classes look amazing. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. Danielle M. commented:

    I have allowed myself to buy (and ask for gifts) supplies that I would never have purchased in the past, because I do not know how to use them. I am taking classes on here as well.

  12. Christy Brink commented:

    The first thing I did this year was to create and organize a space for art to support my intention of making art a daily practice. This year is about building a structure that will support my artistic endeavors.

  13. Danielle M. commented:

    Following on Instagram

  14. Just pinned some images from this post onto my Art Techniques board! Thanks for another chance to win.

  15. Love that your on Instagram I followed you!! I plan to be more creative this year because I am making the time, instead of doing things like watching tv in the evenings I plan to use that time to be in the studio instead. Just using my time more wisely being more aware of how I use it, I think it will be a huge difference.

  16. Tracey Simmonds commented:

    I have set the goal of working in the studio at least 5 days a week. I have also for the first time set my yearly art goals down on paper. Here’s to a creative 2016!

  17. Glenna Lundberg commented:

    I’m challenging myself to “a drawing a day” this year to keep myself in the creative zone! (LOVING “Listening” – thanks so very much!)

  18. shemann commented:

    One thing I’m going to do is take the course All creatures… , so excited.

  19. Well this year I have been SLOW to start. But I find excitement in your art and blog. Thank you for making me FEEL like doing art , when I look at it. Today I will be setting my art goals for 2016. I would LOVE to take your Art Clay course!!

  20. Louise Korade commented:

    This year I am expanding the directions of my creative life. I’m exploring new things, such as classes on JO blog, as well as experimenting with new subjects for paintings. I plan to be more productive this year in both quantity and range. I’m excited about art!

  21. What a lovely giveaway! Thank you!

    I am trying to live more creative everyday by spending time everyday learning something new. Branching out of my favorite mediums and trying to create something every day.

  22. Peggy McDevitt commented:

    I am taking more classes, in fact one of the. Is reflections. After the news at 5:00 I go downstairs to my studio and make happy art instead of watching tv.

  23. Ruth Reaves commented:

    I have scheduled time to create at least 3 times a week!

  24. Hollie Stromberger commented:

    I’m living 2016 more creatively by DIY decorating our house and involving my daughters (9 & 11) in some of your online classes! What fun! Thanks

  25. Just followed on Instagram (I’m a late bloomer there! jeanfb18).

  26. Creativity has always been important to me but I let it go for a while – prioritizing all the things that “needed” to be done over “frivolous” art time. And it made me miserable! During 2015 I prioritized creativity in my life and made more time to make art. In 2016 I will continue with this, adding some form of creative time every day (even if just for 10 minutes!). One big lesson I had to recently overcome was feeling like my art needed to have a purpose, rather than creating for the sake of creating. That was a big one for me to overcome as now the pressure is lifted, I can create just for the fun of it! BTW, thank you for such an amazing giveaway, Jeanne!!

  27. I am semi-retired and finally have the time to do something I’ve long wanted to do – I’m going to college to take a textiles course. I will have support and intention to create something every day. It’s very exciting.

  28. This year I have committed myself to getting better at what I do. I love to paint. So I plan to learn more about painting and practicing all I learn. Thank you Jeanne for all the classes you offer and your generosity.

  29. I’m taking several art classes this year to help me live a more creative life. Almost finished with Studying Under the Masters Portraits and ready to start the third Studying Under the Masters class! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Ellie Moore commented:

    I have finally started cleaning up my very cluttered art space. Many years ago I scrapbooked, but now I’m into mixed media art and I use different supplies and there is clutter everywhere! My table is cleared off so I can actually work now!!! Yay! Thank you for this opportunity ?

  31. Following you on IG 🙂

  32. Susan Tjaden commented:

    I’ve just completed watching the videos for my first course, and now I’ve signed up for the second one! Each weekend I am going to indulge in some sort of creative expression through painting or photography (my other love).

  33. Tracy Harvey commented:

    I’ve come Home.

  34. Michele commented:

    I am trying to use my bullet journal everyday…working on doodling and hand lettering. Also, I am aiming to spend time daily with my spinning wheel as well as at least one of my many lonely musical instruments.

  35. Trying an online course…..fingers crossed for 2016’s art. xox

  36. Marjorie Grace-Sayers commented:

    Your courses are fantastic!

  37. Susan Tjaden commented:

    Just shared the class on FB.

  38. I am planning to paint and or collage daily this year in the hopes that this creative time will lead me to my personal style.

  39. pick up a pencil every day…even if only for five minutes…

  40. Nicki commented:

    I’m taking up my son’s challenge for me to get back to shooting photos with film. He gifted me the film and developing (I don’t even know where to get film developed anymore)!

  41. tesoritrovati4800 commented:

    I am re-kindling my love of the art of hand lettering (signed up for your class on that last week and bought some india ink and a paintbrush! Also, digging out my Joanne Sharpe book on Whimsical lettering and dusting off my Tombow markers from a year ago). I plan to make and sell some prints of these as fundraisers through out the year for causes near and dear to my heart. Today, I am putting in a proposal for a collaborative themed exhibit for September/October 2016 called “Beauty in the Broken Places” that explores that concepts of kinsukuroi/kintsugi, wabi-sabi, ekphrastic poetry and the power of art for healing. I hope that I get a lot of participation and make this an event for our coop of artists in our downtown community. I want to have artist talkbacks and workshops held in the gallery during the show that will be on poetry, making mantra jewelry, personal mixed media polymer clay shrines and others. I am putting the finishing touches on that proposal today for the gallery meeting tonight! This would be a lot of work but I know that it will be an amazing exhibit! I am also going to download all the content I missed last year in the Lifebook 2015 and set about to do more of that this year. Painting, polymer clay, mixed media and the like. I am hopeful that 2016 will see me expanding my art in an explosion of new ways and welcoming magic (my word for the year) into my life. Enjoy the day! Erin

  42. I have committed to draw every day in 2016. I am posting to Instagram and my blog for an accountability nudge. Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  43. Hi Jeanne, I love all of the courses I’ve taken from you! One thing I’m doing with intention this year is exploring and using intentioned substrates for my art. I particularly love surface art and good quality acrylic that I know is going to outlast me! Instead of putting money into prestretched, framed canvases this year I’m looking at everything I thought was trash a little bit differently. Not even the paint cans will be without scrutiny! Fun fun fun! Anyhow, art is deeply embedded in my days. It’s ever a problem getting started, it’s a driving need. Catch my work on Facebook for now. Website is coming this year, if I can keep my hands paint free long enough.
    Love your work,
    All the best in your move,
    Sheri Jean McCulloch

  44. This year… I plan to open an online shop for my art. Because of this, I will be taking more online art courses and setting aside “studio” time each week to practice my art!! Excited about a creative 2016!

  45. Merrilee commented:

    I’ve already signed up for the Jeanne Oliver “Reflections” class! And I’m also doing a Beehive Swarm quilt block swap. Excited to challenge myself to a year of creativity!! Thanks for giveaway opp!!!

  46. Chris Palmieri commented:

    Love all of your giftings that are blessing my heart!

  47. Angie Collett commented:

    I have finally cleaned my studio enough that it is now a functional place to work. Each morning, I go in and either write, cut, glue… something, to start my day. In my desire to purge and minimize unnecessary things in my house, it is in an effort for freedom… so I have not only time and energy, by space in my heart to create.

  48. Vicky Ausmus commented:

    I bought myself some pan pastels last year that I never played with, so I plan on playing with them in 2016! I also want to do more multi-media things this year. I’m excited about learning new things and having new challenges.

  49. Erin B commented:

    I am working on organizing my home so that I have an inspiring space to create.

  50. Susan Tjaden commented:

    I created a pin for All Creatures Lovely and Small on Pinterest

  51. Jessica Porterfield commented:

    I intend to draw every day and actually use a timer and draw the entire time. I have removed some of the clutter from my drawing table in order to be able to draw without having an avalanche of paper and found objects fall on me. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  52. I am trying to make time to sketch every day.

  53. Edwina commented:

    Some friends and I are collaborating on a blog!

  54. following on IG

  55. Angie Collett commented:

    Shared on FB

  56. I plan on showing up to the blank page – every morning! excited and a bit nervous to see what will appear. cheers to an awesome 2016!

  57. Susan Tjaden commented:

    Following on IG!

  58. I have invested in new tools (Wacom tablet) and have signed up for the Paint Your Story class (so looking forward to this). I have also committed time each week to teaching myself Illustrator through online courses (Skillshare is great). I have also taken several painting and drawing classes here as well as at Craftsy. I am in a time of learning. In 2016, and hopefully through Jeanne’s Paint Your Story class, I will find more freedom in my art. Jeanne, I have taken many of your classes, but the Studying Under the Master’s classes, and particularly Becoming … the Unfolding of You have been dramatically life-changing for me. I so appreciate you and what you are doing here.

  59. robenmarie commented:

    What an awesome giveaway to start off the year! I am saying “yes” to learning a new skill. I plan to make time to learn this year…just for me!

  60. Pinned to pinterest

  61. Just shared on Facebook!

  62. Penny commented:

    I have always wanted to try my hand at watercolor painting. I decided to jump in and signed up for Danielle Donaldson’s All Creatives Lovely and Small course. I can’t draw or paint. This is all new to me. Am hoping for success in my endeavor.

  63. Corinna commented:

    Journal daily and enhance my drawing skills.

  64. Chrystal commented:

    I am doing something in my art journal at least twice a week. I am also taking time for myself more often.

  65. Sandra Webster commented:

    After just losing a dear close friend, I realize that time is too short to let life pass us by without doing something special everyday. Art is my “something special” that I have neglected the past few years. In this new year, I plan to make it my priority to make time everyday for my “something special.”

  66. Corinna commented:

    I follow you on IG.

  67. Missy B commented:

    I am trying to learn all I can about the ways I love to create – I find learning about art is inspiring 🙂

  68. This is a difficult time for me as we all have throughout our lives, my husband was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer and we are currently navigating all that entails. But the one practice I have right now, along with lots of prayer, has been my art journaling. I have committed to journaling everyday and I paint when time avails, but journaling has been so raw and real and really helpful in dealing with all the emotions I’m feeling right now. I have a small one I carry in my purse when we have appointments and it just helps me to loose myself for a moment and relieves me of the stress I am feeling.

  69. Susan Tjaden commented:

    Posted the class on IG!

  70. I’ve shared to facebook too 🙂

  71. Running a business, sometimes “just painting” gets pushed down the priority list. This year, I have dedicated studio time to keep that from happening!

  72. Elizabeth commented:

    I have promised myself a year of honing my passions. I am already registered for the Reflections class and will be cruising the Danube with you in October. I am trying hard to not just sign up for classes and not do the work. But, between all the great classes you offer and your lifetime access, it’s hard not to sign up for all of them.
    Really looking forward to getting back to my Masters classes too. So much art to do…not enough time in each day.

  73. Debbie Mcintyre commented:

    This year I am going to take what I’ve learned from you and work on fine tuning my own style. I have a few of your classes to finish up and like to really work through them all at my own pace. Happy New Year…Happy New Home.

  74. This year I joined your painting your story class and also bought the studying under the masters (the one with Van gogh) and am loving it!! This year is definitely about discovering my style in art and being free to make art just because I need to!! thank you for your inspiration! and thanks for the giveaway! (:

  75. Erin B commented:

    I posted on Facebook

  76. I follow on instagram too. (:

  77. I have a re-created my studio and I am going to use it every day to either sew, quilt, paint, sketch or practice watercolor Daily.

  78. Trying to just create for me…rather than big goals with deadlines in mind…just little ways of making my daily routines more creative…scrapbook again, cook and bake and really enjoy the process, make our new home a true reflection of who we are…(thinking way ahead here!)

  79. I am attempting some new projects; creating art journals and upcycling sewing clothing. Very excited.

  80. Cheryl Billmyer commented:

    I am organizing a place to create.

  81. shared to facebook

  82. followed on IG 🙂 good luck everyone!

  83. Missy B commented:

    I pinned! I want to learn more about creating the things I love – which is inspiring to me! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/260997740883159940/

  84. I have pledged to take some kind of e-course once a month no matter how large or small of a class or workshop it may be. This way I will have to show up everyday to create and practice my art!!!!!

  85. Followed you on Instagram today!

  86. Jackie C commented:

    This year I will be starting to use Make Time Clock and also I am setting out drawing supplies so they are readily available at all times.

  87. Posted to Twitter

  88. Denise Johnson commented:

    I am drawing/painting at least one card/postcard each week. Every week I pick one of my Christmas cards I received, that year, and I dedicate to pray for that person and their family. At the beginning of the week, I send that person an encouraging card letting them know that they are in my thoughts and prayers that week. This year, I am Inspired to personalize them with my art. Devotions, prayers, friends and art all wrapped into one is very exciting for me. Also, I am committed to taking more art classes from some of these very inspiring and talented artists.

  89. this year I am planning on taking some in person courses to evolve in my artistic process

  90. I’ve shared on IG too (I already follow you) and tweet the course “tell your story”…. as I’m part of it 🙂

  91. Erin B commented:

    I pinned this post on Pinterest AND following you on Instagram.

  92. I’m taking my very first art class this month since graduating from art school 7 years ago. I can’t wait to learn new techniques to add to my bag. <3

  93. Deborah commented:

    I am committed to learning new art techniques this year and to not be so hard on myself as I learn. My word this year is “Trust” and I am going to trust my heart to the Lord to lead me into my creative DNA.

  94. Anita K. commented:

    I’ve been working daily, even just 15-20 minute sessions, and am thrilled to find a finished piece at the end of a week.

  95. Alisa S commented:

    I signed up for All Creatures Lovely and Small and I’m trying to work in my Art Journal once a week.

  96. Linnea D commented:

    I am going to be more creative this year by trying to paint more intuitively…and of course taking a few art courses 🙂

  97. Great giveaway – Thank You! I am incorporating more writing into my art.

  98. kim rexius commented:

    saying ‘yes’ to painting & every creative process that calls out to me?

  99. Dottee Odom commented:

    This my year to reach out and share my talents with others!! In late January I am a guest teacher at an art retreat in Heber, Utah!! This has been a dream of mine that I never thought would happen!

  100. Ronda O commented:

    I am going to paint and/or draw everyday. I miss me!
    Following on Instagram and pinning

  101. Marta Barber commented:

    As a professional musician, I am recommitting to my craft by pushing myself out of my comfort zone and seeking new opportunities in 2016. I also want to be more creative in my downtime so I’m gathering supplies for crafts I want to try and playing more with my home decor too… Thanks for the great giveaway!

  102. Marta Barber commented:

    I follow you on IG!

  103. Chelsea commented:

    You are so inspiring, Jeanne! I am loving the “finding the quiet” series. To make 2016 my most creative year yet, I am in the process of rearranging/getting rid of things so that I can make a dedicated work space in our sunroom. It is a bright, clean space that calm and inspires me me and I can’t wait to finish setting up my art and craft supplies and get to work!

  104. I want to write and paint a picture book this year for my children. And I want to become more artistic with my home. We are hoping to move this year so I am pretty excited about the opportunity to have our first real home and to make it a special and lovely place for my family. Also, since we homeschool, I try and do one new thing each year with my children. This year I think we will try clay. Perhaps we will even try the new class!

  105. Dana Sue Weibel commented:

    Happy New Year, Jeanne! My new year has started off with expanding my art studio space. I’m moving the bed that is currently next to my studio “corner” and putting it in another bedroom leaving the entire room to myself! So excited to have more room to spread out and create!

  106. Madeline Laird commented:

    just shared on Pinterest. Trying to make more time to paint.

  107. Jamie Pitts-Klayman commented:

    I’m committed to completing a piece of art a day when I return from the Dominican Republic. Probably smaller paintings.

  108. I shared your courses and the giveaway on my Facebook page 🙂

  109. I pinned on Pinterest!

  110. I’m working my way through the course, “Santos Cage Dolls” so that I can let my imagination soar with paper clay. It started by wanting to create my own fantasy wings for my angel tree toppers, for my Etsy shop, and now I have decided to explore and try full dolls, angels, and animals.

  111. KJ DeWaal commented:

    I now have a dedicated art studio and am spending time creating daily. I’ve started 2016 out with enrolling in several on-line classes. Many through your site. This will be my most creative year yet.

  112. I shared Reflections….Paint Your Story on my Pinterest page.

  113. Elaine Mundt commented:

    I journal and scrapbook for my kids, but this year I’ve decided to “interview” my parents and record and journal it. I am going to have each of my kids also make up a list of questions they want to know. Additionally, I’ve gotten back into sewing and have completed some projects already (“new” mittens!). Jeanne, your creativity inspires me!

  114. Angela Barribeau commented:

    I just shared on my Facebook page!

  115. Art journalling more this year, and also setting an intention to encourage others in their creative pursuits more than I ever have before.

  116. Willow Cartwright commented:

    This is my year to live a creative life. 2015 was a year of healing after the loss of one of my sons, art helped and continues to help me on this journey. My family is beginning to recognize the “mom needs to art” look and is trying to give me the space and the time needed. art happy heart…as someone new to mixed media and art journaling, the dick blick gift card would be an amazing boost to my art supply stash!!! Thank you for your generosity

  117. Oh, and I enjoy your IG feed!

  118. Angela Barribeau commented:

    I pinned a pin in Pinterest about your site and giveaway!

  119. Keren commented:

    I am going to learn more about design, and see which area I would love to head towards!

  120. I shared Making Art Sing on my Pinterest page.

  121. Willow Cartwright commented:

    Ooops! forgot to mention i Shared on FB and shared all pics to Pinterest!

  122. This year is totally about letting go of the fear and the mind noise that can smother creativity. I’ve been meditating and working on mindfulness which helps me feel closer to myself and more willing to express that which I find within. When I am loving and connected to myself I am able to happily create and connect with others. Less perfection, more just doing and feeling. Thanks for your beautiful classes and cheers to 2016! (I pinned some images to my “You’ve Gotta Have Art” board on Pinterest, and also just followed you guys on Instagram!
    -Dylan, ByDylanM.com

  123. Angela Barribeau commented:

    I shared about your site and giveaway in Instagram.

  124. I’m going to devote at least 8 hrs a day to make things for my etsy shop n

  125. With 2016 comes decluttering. A clear mind is free to create. Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

  126. Anne commented:

    I am doing hand lettering

  127. Tracy Bauman commented:

    I have been focusing more on incorporating my art into my life! I love interior design and decorating. I also love drawing and painting. So one day I could be refinishing furniture and the next day working on an invitation design with water colors and beautiful typography. Being creative to move myself into a new adventure in 2016 is my number one goal. Thanks for your inspirations as well!

  128. Becky J commented:

    Hello Jeanne- I am weekly trying to schedule my block of time for creativity with my two daughters (ages 16 & 23) to stitch, paint, paper craft and follow my whimsy! THANKS for the great giveaway- it surely would come in handy for some new paints and brushes!!

  129. Me again 🙂 I just shared All Creatives Lovely and Small on my Pinterest Page.

  130. Keren commented:

    I have just shared the gorgeous watercolored illustrations on Pinterest.

  131. Betty Visotski commented:

    I waited until I turned 69 before I started learning and doing art. It has been a few years of struggle learning to draw and I can see improvements with each drawing and now I”m making this year my year to develop a style. I know it’s in there some where and I’m hunting it down and pushing it out the end of my pencil and brush. Every day I do some drawing and if lucky some painting. Even small bits are helpful. Every art class has brought some kind of enrichment.

  132. And……..I shared Elements Of Clay on Pinterest also 🙂

  133. Zohra Amed commented:

    For 2016 I am getting into the sketchbook habit, finally….sketching daily, trying new materials, and planning out pieces in my sketchbook before beginning work on a final piece. I’m framing and hanging up final pieces. I’ve strung up wire in my studio so I can really look at work and decide if it is done or not and if it should be framed or not. I’ve registered for two of Jeanne’s classes and have taken several books out of the library on artists who inspire me. I usually work in watercolor but am now exploring charcoal and a damp brush….love it! 2016 is going to be a very creative year!

  134. I have already signed up for some of the yummy offerings here as a way to infuse my creative practice with new energy and ideas! I am clearing away the distractions and focusing upon what truly nourishes and inspires ME … which means books, writing, journaling and a practice which is grounded upon Devotion. Thank you Jeanne for all that you do!

  135. I have added this to pinterest. Thank you again.

  136. Melinda commented:

    I’m trying to live in the moment more and take in the beauty of the everyday.

  137. Shelly Marlott commented:

    2015 was such a rough year and I feel a great way to regain my calm and my happiness… is to be dedicated to creating great art! I have scheduled out weekly times that I will be in the studio. I have created little boxes of tools… for instance when I’m itching to do clay.. I grab my clay box and start on an online clay class (Elements of Clay!!!).. this keeps the “work” out of it and allows me to jump in and play! Thanks JO and friends… Happy Creations 2016!

  138. Cindy McPeak commented:

    I’m putting together a plein air kit for oil painting. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

  139. I just shared this giveaway on my Facebook Page AND All Creatives I pinned in Pinterest 🙂

  140. Lorri Thompson commented:

    I have recently begun illustrating my faith through Bible journaling.

  141. I never thought of myself as creative because I can’t draw and my brain seems not to work creatively but as I get older I see creativity can be many things. I love the theme of tell your story. That is exactly our theme of women’s ministry at our church this year. I think God may be telling me something!

  142. Melanie commented:

    It’s hard for me to share my work, I guess because it’s such a vulnerable feeling. There’s this element of fear, what if no likes it etc. kind of feeling. I just recently opened an Etsy shop after years of creating, yet being too afraid to share. I’m starting small. Little pieces of jewelry and art. My heart beats so fast every time I post something. It’s like the fear of being a failure pops up each time. But every time I create something it feels so good!! So I’m holding onto to that particular feeling each step of the way and through the doubts! Thank you for the chance to win! I love everything about you, your courses, your posts and your approach to life. Thanks for being an inspiration!!

  143. As it is, I’m completely immersed in creativity as a mixed media art instructor and very blessed to create everyday. One step I would like to add to my staircase would be to improve my painting skills. BTW congratulations to being on the cover of WWC as well as being nominated to Joss and Main as a style maven! I pinned your giveaway and follow you on instagram. Thanks!

  144. Organize my space. Every time I do I get inspired all over again.

  145. Jeanne Schaap commented:

    I have signed up for Relections, Paint Your Story, with Jeanne Oliver.

  146. Andrea Bakewell commented:

    I started this year with the Passion Planner and have scheduled in “me & creative play time” each week. It is so easy to be “busy” and the “me time” is always last on the list. This should keep me on track ? Thanks for this awesome giveaway opportunity !

  147. April Lopez commented:

    This year is my year. After being my dads caregiver then spending a year mourning his death I am finally making the time for myself and making art makes me happy.

  148. Terri Bone commented:

    I’m signed up for Paint Your Story, and I have gotten all the pictures of my life ready to go!

  149. April Lopez commented:

    I follow on IG and FB.

  150. April Lopez commented:

    I’m signing up for another class today!

  151. Gail cohen commented:

    2016 found me sprawled on the bed with an intense virus and here I am 2 weeks later, still unable to shake this off but I have signed up for make your art sing,even though my physical voice has been non existent. I have been reviewing the masters videos and remain determined to “expand” and grow in my art making this year. So what if if 2016 will have to begin in February for me. My birthday is January 31st and i will be entering into the second part of these exciting 50 years of life. I am determined to remain open and learn from the array of insightful,unique, artists I have met in the past 3 years online. “You”…. Each and every one!!!! Please continue sharing your creativity with me….it’s what gets me out of bed and certainly, out of my head when I need it most…..always….xo

  152. Rebecca commented:

    This year I am letting me be me in my art and allowing myself to experiment. I’m calling it Art Expedition 2016. Plus I’m sharing more on my blog which I realize is really a studio journal.

  153. Bev Sparks commented:

    Happy New Year! This year I plan to document all the workshops I’ve taken over the last 3 years and figure out why I am drawn to them and what type of art I enjoy making the most. I’d like to focus on one or two ways of creating art early in the year and then slowly branch out from there. I think the best thing to do is stop and listen to what it is that I need in my life..to ask what do I like and what do I want to see for myself as the year progresses. I’m also planning to stat jouranling and have signed up for several classes here that should help point me in that direction… I’m striving for peace and harmony. 🙂

  154. Leslie Cude commented:

    To live a more creative life, I am taking some of your art classes and as of today, I am teaching an art class for little girls!

  155. stephanie commented:

    I am making physical space to make art. Taking online and in person classes.

  156. Pamela commented:

    2016 will be a individual reflective year for me. I have written and shared goals to reflect upon daily and am signing up for your new course Reflections. Wish all well and a great year.

  157. Meghan T. commented:

    I am committing to art everyday! So far so good and I am happy as can be! If it’s just 10 minutes then its just that! But I am soending a lot of time in the studio and I am loving it!

  158. This year I want to do some art journaling. I keep thinking of myself as an art-journaling-wannabe but I stop myself for fear of ruining the page. I just need to do it and stop thinking so much.

  159. Charisse commented:

    For 2016, I’ve started scheduling daily creative time, instead of just hoping I might get some free time! Also, I’ve started carrying around a small journal to draw/sketch every day, even on the go!

  160. April Lopez commented:

    I shared on FB.

  161. Taking the course on listening. Enjoying it! Will start adding drawings to my journaling.

  162. Mari Zeleznik commented:

    I’m taking online courses to jumpstart my artistic bent and to stay healthy. For art, I’m enrolled in Jumpstart 2016 and in Wanderlust 2016. I’m already busy with Wanderlust. For mental health, I’m doing the Brené Brown semester course. So maybe I’ll be ready for another art course a little later in the year. Now, I think I have enough, what with work and other responsibilities.

  163. Ren Jetton commented:

    I will move my creative space to the bonus room over my garage. And I will finally begin the calligraphy course I enrolled in through your website. I am left handed and previously took a course. It was not successful! But now I have more time for practice so am hoping for success.

  164. Sarah B commented:

    What an awesome giveaway! This year my goal is to have more simplicity, which hopefully equates to more time to be creative and productive. I’m looking forward to class starting next week!

  165. Michelle commented:

    I’m finding more and more that the best therapy in the world for me is discovering my creativity. Im excited to explore handwriting, and would also like to explore watercolor. I’d love to learn to sketch, but I’ve got to take this new found love one step at a time ?

  166. I pinned your Reflections class which looks wonderful! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/106538347413353675/

  167. welmoet commented:

    On New Years eve I began my first large canvas – 4×6 ft – something I’ve wanted to do for years. It is an abstract which also takes me completely out of my comfort zone but already I’m loving the process as it unfolds!

  168. Anita Lindeman commented:

    I plan on starting my Bible journaling. I used to draw and sketch a lot and I want to get back to it. I need to do something for myself; something I enjoy. I have looked at a few of your online courses and am seriously thinking about doing a few! Thanks! Love your work!

  169. Michelle commented:

    Following on Instagram, and did some fun pinning on Pinterest

  170. Jodi Hooper commented:

    I started Jen Wagner’s Intro to Handlettering course, to pick up where I left off from my college days — quite a few years ago.

  171. Hello, I just shared this on Instagram. #jeanneolivercreativenetwork Thank you again.

  172. Elvia Black commented:

    I plan to create something daily in lieu of watching T.V. I am actually planning time instead of just hoping to find time. I love art and learning creative ways to express myself.

  173. Connie commented:

    I’m excited to take Danielle Donaldson’s watercolor class!

  174. Keri Montgomery commented:

    I will do something creative every day this year! No skipping!

  175. Keri Montgomery commented:

    I already follow on Instagram. ?

  176. I shared on Instagram and facebook. I am so glad to get started on some of your older courses I just purchased.

  177. Aimee Barkdull commented:

    I just entered my very first drawing challenge!

  178. I have decided to do something every day related to creating. This month I am sketching in a journal.

  179. wendy commented:

    I am committing to following through on my online art classes – I have a tendency to fall behind and then just save off the PDFs and videos (when I can) for some magic future time when I will be able to watch them. If not now, when?

  180. wendy commented:

    Pinned your Reflections class (oh my, it looks absolutely yummy!) – I’m thinking it may be my early Valentine’s Day gift.

  181. Michelle commented:

    I’ve organised my art making space and show up there every day to make something!

  182. wendy commented:

    And following on Instagram – thanks so much for the chance to win! I’ll be sharing on IG as well (when I can figure out how – I’m new to it).

  183. debbie commented:

    I’m beginning an eclass today with Brene Brown called Living Brave where she helps to “explore what it means to fully show up in our lives – to be brave, lean into vulnerability, and to rumble with the challenges that come with living a daring life.”

  184. Carol Minton commented:

    I am stretching my creative wings.

  185. Heather Anne commented:

    I’ve blocked out some time each week to be creative – I find that if I don’t put it on my schedule it doesn’t happen. My first task was to tidy my creative area and organize my supplies. I cannot create in a mess, but my creations often make a mess! My hubby thinks this is funny, but he’s super supportive. He knows that making something beautiful makes for a sweeter wife!

  186. i am really committed to growing in my artistic expression and part of that involves the online courses that i recently purchased here. ya for creative fun!

  187. Ronda commented:

    I am committed to doing art as much as I can. To complete all my classes that I have started. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize.

  188. Stacey B commented:

    I started a sketchbook just for “playing”. No worrying about the final results!

  189. First thing I am doing to be more creative is taking a weekend class

  190. I’m trying to incorporate art to my everyday life instead Of leaving it at the studio.

  191. kathy commented:

    I am taking several classes this year including the paperclay class and am scheduling time for art every day, just like everything else is scheduled..

  192. I already follow you on Insatgram!

  193. Ashton commented:

    My word of the year is Create! I am committed to drawing something every day in 2016. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway.

  194. kathy commented:

    pinned on pinterest!

  195. Regina Sargeant commented:

    I just retired from my law practice and I cannot describe the joy and contentment I get from creating. I plan to continue to paint as much as possible!

  196. Gloribel Irizarry commented:

    I’m decluttering and organising my studio. Also I already enrolled in the online class Reflections: Paint your own story to be inspired and create more art.

  197. I will be exploring my creative self, embracing my hand tremors instead of fighting them. thanks!

  198. Dawn commented:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize! Your love of Van Gogh in Studying Under the Masters really inspired me to “make marks”!

  199. Jenn commented:

    I have started getting my supplies together for the journaling class! I have my tote bag, and beautiful old ledger. I can’t wait! <3 I want to tell my story!

  200. I posted about your classes on FB and shared my wonderful experience with a past Danielle Donaldson class

  201. Jenn commented:

    Followed you on Instagram! (yay)

  202. Kristi Archer commented:

    I am trying to take more time for myself creatively this year. I am organizing a space that I can store my supplies, and scheduling time to actually create…not just dream about it.

  203. I have committed to doing art everyday. I put together an art bag that I carry around so I can pull it out anytime I have free time. I also get in my studio daily and work even if it is for 5 mins.

  204. I already follow you on Instagram

  205. Big year for me turning 70…my challenge is to do as much art as possible, I’m on a mission. I have so much to learn and just want to leave something of me to whomever. Thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  206. Jenn commented:

    Pinned a post to Pinterest!

  207. Pinned on pinterest

  208. Jenn commented:

    Shared on Facebook!

  209. I am so excited to share that I am allowing myself the time to create, and I am planning a getaway in the Spring. The getaway is for the sole purpose of finding my creativity. I have never experienced this type of freedom in my artwork, and Jeanne, your Ning site, and online workshops have been a super encouragement for me.
    Thank you for all you do for this community of artist.

  210. Dear Jeanne, I always love visiting your blog and classes – such beauty! In 2016 to honor my creativity I have rented a downtown studio…So excited! Looking to be set up by late Spring. Also making sure that I have creative space and supplies where ever I am. Looking forward to your next class!

  211. Gosh, I would love to win this! I’ve been out of action for the last year and a bit because I just couldn’t make it work…..
    I’ve decided to get back into blogging and artwork and I would love to take some courses!!! Having the supplies would be so great!

  212. Maria Mounsey commented:

    Trying to do something creative every week.

  213. Maria Mounsey commented:

    Follow on Instagram

  214. My theme for 2016 is actually CREATE! I am committed to bits of art journaling every day, and I’ve started a 100 paintings project with a goal to finish 100 small paintings by the end of the year. I’m having a blast so far!

  215. Margaret commented:

    Working on more jewelry projects and paintings

  216. I am cutting hours at work so I have more time for
    creativity. (cre8now@att.net)

  217. This does indeed look like a fabulous line-up of classes! Lovely, intriguing photos! For 2016, I am trying to increase the amount of time I have to do art by reducing the time I spend aimlessly browsing online. I have a healthy studio habit but I think I can squeeze even more out of my day if I eliminate some time-wasting. Thank you for the chance to win such a fabulous prize!

  218. Carol covert commented:

    I plan to continue making something everyday, and finishing some courses I started and did not finish yet! I already follow you on IG

  219. Ashley commented:

    It happend.
    The shift.
    Even though there was a very long life winter on all fronts…
    Since November, the blossoming began.
    I am in my dream work. NOT without challenges.
    My year has begun. So well. About time. The pain leaves my body as I live into my dream life and am aware of all of the treasures such as good work, abilities, friends, deepening relationships, teaching, meeting new people, learning to work in a new environment and owning it all. I am grateful I allowed myself to be around long enough to see this. There were times that emotionally, mentally, physically I was choreographing a dismal and sad ending for myself. Today is so good. Yesterday was super duper…. and as I keep remaining present to the here and now and grateful for all that is now. All will remain as well as it can in the world I know. Drawing is magical! I am grateful to be abilitie’d and to teach such things on many levels. <3

  220. ruth ann siegler commented:

    Due to a medication, I am losing the dexterity and nerve sensations in my right hand. Sewing has become painful so I will be painting more in 2016!!! Art is such a part of my soul that I can’t imagine not being creative in thought and deed!!

  221. Betty Wisse commented:

    following you on instagram

  222. I’m taking the reflections class! I’m super excited!

  223. The new courses all look amazing!! This year is about simplifying my creative process. I homeschool my son so I am playing with 20 minute creative windows and being portable so I can simply pull my sketchbook, illustration pens or watercolours out of my bag at a cafe or the park with ease. This is new for me as I usually dive into intense studio days and nights and love every moment of it. Thanks for sharing all your great creative resources and spirit – so wonderful and inspiring.

  224. Guylaine Morin commented:

    I want to give me the permission to do art daily, even if I know that I have too little time, not the perfect tool, not the brilliant idea, not the perfect …
    I just want to do something creatif each day, as little as it may be, BUT DO IT.

  225. Alce commented:

    2016 is the year I come out f the craft box and proclaim myself an artist!
    So much to learn about social media, website , teaching etc but it’s a challenge that I am up for.
    Launch my art self with a shopping spree would be fantastic. Thank you for the chance to win
    Happy 2016 to all the secret creatives…let this be your year

  226. I also pinned this post to Pinterest!

  227. Erin Ellis commented:

    I reorganized my art studio, and I’m letting my creative juices flow!

  228. Neysha commented:

    To get my creativity flowing this year I’m redesigning my work space so its a lot more organized and to accord with my artistic needs. Also try my best to do something at least once each day so my energy never goes away. I started this month by doing a 30 day art challenge and so far so good!!

  229. Sandy commented:

    Pinned on Pinterest. Can’t wait for the classes to start that I signed up for. 🙂 Thank you for putting up such great classes Jeanne!

  230. Erin Ellis commented:

    I follow you on Instagram (@ErinLoves2Run)
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  231. Thank you for this entry! I am organizing my space and supplies so that I have a clean desk and I can find what I need to create!

  232. i wouldnt want to miss Danielle Donaldsons new class All Things love everything that girl does. I also plan on catching up on classes i have already that i have not completed. looking very forward to a great art year 2016!!

  233. donabumgarner commented:

    As it happens, I’ve already signed up for two of these classes! I can’t wait. But my big commitment is renting a dedicated studio space where I can go and paint (big!) a few days a week without the distractions of home. I’ll be there this afternoon.

  234. donabumgarner commented:

    I follow you on Instagram!

  235. I also shared this post on Facebook 🙂

  236. Susan commented:

    I’d love to become adept at creative handwriting, just to give myself an outlet from the routine of daily living and work.

  237. I pinned an image from this post on Pinterest 🙂

  238. And, I am already a follower on IG. Thanks again!

  239. Lisa Wood commented:

    Pinned to pinterest. I’m revisiting classes I took over the last couple of years.

  240. donabumgarner commented:

    I pinned the art journaling class on my huge Art Journals board.

  241. donabumgarner commented:

    And I pinned the Danielle Donaldson class, too. So excited for this one!

  242. Thank you so much for this giveaway and thank you for asking such introspective questions. I really appreciate your intuition, Jeanne. The classes you teach are spot on as artists around the world reach out to each other and become a bigger whole. It’s beautiful watching this transformation and growth.

    I didn’t know I had made a decision about creativity. It just seemed to happen organically. What happened on this inside, finally letting go of the expectations and demands people place on me, is now happening on the outside. I am letting go of the expectations and demands I’ve placed on my own living space in order to make room for creativity.

    My dining room is where I create. But it’s still a dining room where family and friends gather for meals and celebrations. So I’m going to move most of the china cabinet contents to another location and fill the china cabinet with art supplies. I’m moving most of the kitchen bookcase contents elsewhere so the bookcase can keep projects in progress on trays or in bins. I’m really excited about how such an easy change will make such a big impact.

    I don’t want to have a home where I’m always looking for space to create, I want a home where creativity is already there and makes space for me to live in it.

  243. Darlene Groseclose commented:

    I just started my first ever painting class at my senior center. Bought all my supplies from Blick. Would love to win the gft card. Thank you.

  244. Carol Grubba commented:

    I have decided that this is the year that I will teach a class at a local gallery that carries my work and has classroom space so I can share my creativity with others.

  245. My one goal for 2016 is to create art every single day, even if it is just for fifteen minutes, or five minutes, or whatever I can manage…and I have removed the have to produce a finished product agenda from my to do list…the agenda is all about playing, moving colors, scribbling, being free and open…and when things feel fnished, be it after a day or after a month or after a year, then so be it…

  246. started to follow you on istagram!

  247. This is my year to practice, practice, practice!! I especially want to improve on faces. Excited for the new year!!

  248. This year, I’m stepping into action more. I love to daydream about ideas and sketch them out and this year, I’m following through and bringing the ideas into fruition.

  249. Stacy Mc commented:

    I want to start a art journal. Love your classes, such inspiration!

  250. Gina Landry commented:

    *2016* is going to be a fabulous fabulous year!! I’m feeling some major creativity inside me that is just screaming to get out!
    I’ve got many a story. Way too sceered to start. But anyway, LETS GET IT ON!!!s

  251. Stacy Mc commented:

    I follow you on Instagram too.

  252. I am working on filling up on my new art journals that I got for Christmas!

  253. Hi! In 2016 I have committed myself to actually starting and finishing an art journal! I want to do something creative every day!

  254. A New Year and new prospective. In 2016, I’m going to view my art with new eyes !!!

  255. T. Peattie commented:

    This year I plan to start journaling more in my art journal rather than being concerned about making pretty pages.

  256. Brooke Johnson commented:

    2016 is going to be a creative one! I am teaching art to K-2 this semester, and I’m working on fun lesson plans. Personally, I am spending time each day doodling, lettering, painting or creating something (even tiny!) each day. 🙂

  257. poppiesvintage commented:

    I’m art journaling every day.

  258. I am starting off 2016 with a bang and hope it continues! I am enrolled in the year long art course called Wanderlust – by Everything Art. Lots of prompts for art journal spreads and 25 different teachers. Awesome. I am also doing a gratitude journal with a spread every week and also committing to drawing more, so I have a sketch book just for illustrations that I want to do every week. Whew! Fun!

  259. Brooke Johnson commented:

    Following you on instagram now…justplainbrooke

  260. My 2016 intention is to let go of the fear of not doing art well enough, not being creative enough, and not caring what others think about what I’m creating. These feelings have kept me from doing my heart’s desire too long, and your blog and classes have helped me step into a new place of being with myself. Thank you, Jeanne, and your team of creators!

  261. Brooke Johnson commented:
  262. I have decided to carry a better quality skechtbook in my art bag, instead of the cheaper kinds I’ve been using and I LOVE IT! (It I s the travelogue by handbook.) As well as sketching daily, I am also dedicating a page per month on a mini sketch to represent a highlight of each day.

  263. Pinned on Pinterest

  264. Kathleen commented:

    Too bad no one is interested!! 2016 should be a wonderful year! I just signed up for Danielle’s new class, All Creatures Lovely and Small, and The Elements of Clay. At the moment I am finishing up on 2015, which wasn’t to shabby. Did both of Danielle’s classes. How wonderful is she!! I did not know I could draw.. WOW! Really enjoy your site and your collection of classes. Thank you for all your efforts and God bless.

  265. I’m trying to paint or draw everyday to make this a VERY creative year.

  266. Gina Landry commented:

    I follow you on instagram

  267. A few years ago my Daddy passed away. He is the one and only person that ever supported my love of all things art.

    When his art supplies were handed down to me my heart broke into a million pieces. He had torn out all the images he worked on thinking what he had to offer the world was never good enough. Every journal, notebook, pad was empty, only torn out bits left. I found one image in pastels and colored pencil of a cabin and a tiny little book working on the human shape. I cherish these more than I can ever express. They were his attempts to show the world how he saw it.

    So the one thing I have pretty much been doing each year since he passed to live more creatively is one doodle, one paint stroke a day… which always leads to more.

    I have decided I want my kids to say she did it for the love and curse me under their breath and laugh as they have to clean out my art room, when I am gone, because it is so full of all the wonders I couldn’t keep pent up… so it spilled out on my journals, pads, canvases…. I want my Dad to know he is good enough and I will spend every day enjoying that I get to to be creative. Love you papa Bear.

  268. I’m following you on Instagram.

  269. Gina Landry commented:

    I shared the new classes on instagram!

  270. Kathleen Henry commented:

    Just Pinned two classes and am now following you in Instagram.

  271. Shared on Facebook! This year, I have reorganized my art space to provide more room to do art. I’m not sighing up for more classes until I catch up on the one’s I’ve never completed. Got a schedule of days and times at the art table.

  272. all the courses sound wonderful. I have signed up for one of them, so excited!
    one, actually two creative endeavors this year:
    daily art
    and illustrating some of my stories. yea.

  273. following you on instagram!

  274. L. Bratton commented:

    To kickstart my creative juices in the midst of a busy new year I bought myself a paint by number kit! I’ve never done one, and now I’m addicted. It’s a great way for me to paint each day without having to get all my paints out. I just concentrate on one number. Then close the lid, wash the brush, and make myself put it away. Can’t wait til my other projects are finished, and I can get all my paints out again. Until then this is a fun way simple way to create art! Watching the picture unfold is so exhilarating!

  275. Mary Ev Hammond commented:

    I had allowed my studio space to get so cluttered, there was no room for creativity, so I de-cluttered and now have space to breathe and dream and create!

  276. I plan to turn our formal living room into my craft room! Once I have a dedicated space and can unpack my supplies I have big plans to get creating on a regular basis!

  277. already following on IG 🙂

  278. I have shared multiple times on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I have taken several of your courses and am taking two new ones this year 🙂 Can’t wait!

  279. I’ve gotten creative in my planner book/visual journal. I’m also taking Bari J’s class on Pattern Play through Jeanne’s network here, plus my usual doll making, collaging, and art quilting! Hmm… I might need to sign up for Making Art Sing –

    Happy New Creative Year!

  280. Elizabeth McAlister commented:

    I have started using a housekeeping organization system I am hoping will allow me to have more time for creativity and keep my house clean enough I don’t feel overwhelmed and depressed.

  281. Hello Jeanne I am becoming more organized which makes me more productive with my artwork. I hope to be so organized I can sign up for the clay class. MaryJane

  282. Nancy Shuey commented:

    I am trying to take at least one day a week to make sure I paint by putting it on my calendar, making it a priority

  283. 2016 is the year of my creativeness! I am doing art journaling for self growth and once a month my mom and I create cards for some creative time together.

  284. deedee commented:

    I’m going to actually finish all of the classes and projects I began in the past! Learn new techniques.

  285. Donna Brown commented:

    I am finding different ways to remember the weekly sermons by ‘journaling’ the the topic and scripture and adding the visual art that these inspire me to create. It helps the messages to sink into my soul in a beautiful way. Creativity, a gift from “The Creator”!

  286. Barbara commented:

    Just started my first 2016 quilt project yesterday! Planning on two classes this year.

  287. deedee commented:

    Pinned! 🙂

  288. I am 68 years of age, and if not now, WHEN??!!! I had such a creative child in me when I was young, and with all the details of ordinary life, I have lost touch with her! I have stories within my soul I want to tell and leave a legacy of family for my children and grandchildren! By rediscovering my passion for drawing and writing, I feel I will be rediscovering myself once again, someone who I have long since and too long ignored and forgotten! Let the joyful journey begin! Blessings to you all! Nanny

  289. My time is short….although how short, I don’t know. Shorter than it should be, so I am trying to get as much creativity into my life as I can. It’s the one thing that is keeping me sane in this crazy cancer journey. I am taking courses (including reflections (paint your story). I’m also putting my art out there, with an art show at my local art centre. I’m working on sketching everyday with my morning coffee. I am traveling, going to art galleries and zoos and other places with beautiful things to recharge my creativity. This is what I’m doing.

  290. Linda Rose commented:

    I signed up for Making Art Sing class. Excited to begin…. and end.

  291. deedee commented:

    Following on Instagram!

  292. Jeanne Kelly commented:

    2016 is the year I started a sketch journal of faces. I’m working on my own whimsical characters, facial feature by feature. I love the process and can already see improvement in my sketches.

  293. I am challenging my self daily to create some little piece of new art. Simple objects that may one day be incorporated into a larger mixed media piece:)

  294. Terry Mc commented:

    I love all my workshops I’m taking from Jeanne Oliver! I have shared on Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  295. Happily folowing on Instagram!

  296. Brenda commented:

    To actually make time to work in my studio at least twice a week.

  297. Ericka Pasco commented:

    I’ve decided to take several online classes and to devote at least 30 to practice no matter what the day has in store:)

  298. My intention for 2016 is to paint 100 paintings (& let go of the fear of working on canvas & dive into the blank canvases with joy & possibility).

  299. Lizabeth Cherry commented:

    Starting the new class Making Art Sing with Julie Johnson – love her teaching!

  300. I have set a goal of sketching, painting, or doing something creative each day and am purposefully carrying my sketch book with me throughout the day. I now sit in educational sessions, church, etc thinking about how I can represent what is being said in my art.

  301. Ericka Pasco commented:

    Following on IG

  302. KarenLS commented:

    I plan to take more classes and really follow through on them to get the most from them.

  303. Debra Eastridge commented:

    I have signed up for Danielle Donaldson’s class through your site to start in March AND I am lucky enough to be able to attend one of her workshops this year!!

  304. Nancy Harrelson commented:

    I love to paint but fearful every time I start a piece. I believe I will be more relaxed and creative this year if I actually learn some basic art skills-like drawing!

  305. Allyson Kettler commented:

    2016 is my year for dedication to mixed media. I have actually scheduled blocks of time to practice my art and am finding it very fulfilling and rewarding.

  306. Debra Eastridge commented:

    I follow Jeanne OLIVER on Instagram and Facebook!

  307. gullahmama commented:

    I’ve been creating with some regularity, and it has been a joy. This year I am choosing to approach everything i do as a creative project — from cooking dinner to working on the pieces for an upcoming art exhibit. This is the year of living fully as a creative being in every aspect.

  308. Maureen Hayes commented:

    I am limited my computer time, so I will spend more time creating and less time looking at others do it! I am also trying to look at what supplies I do have and how I can use them in multiple ways to challenge myself try new things. Thanks for the chance to enter for the the giveaway.

  309. Allyson Kettler commented:

    I shared about the giveaway on Pinterest and Facebook.

  310. Stephanie commented:

    committing to a regular practice of my art 🙂 following on instagram and pinned on Pinterest

  311. Allyson Kettler commented:

    I also follow you on Instagram! Better late than never.

  312. Lisa Crail commented:

    By doing art for ‘me’ – by using my art journals – starting with Reflections – paint your story, that my beautiful children gifted me for Christmas. Looking forward to an amazing year…

  313. I am getting out my supplies more often and working my way through the exercises in a drawing with perspective book.

  314. Jackie Jones commented:

    The last few years, have been getting back into art-painting and learning new techniques. 2016 will be about doing more with my art, hopefully selling and sharing in the community. I will definitely share and have shared this wonderful site and classes on Facebook and IG. Love the classes on here! Jackie J

  315. I follow you on instagram!

  316. Barbara Raney'Ferrell commented:

    As get over a three month illness, I plan to get back to drawing on a daily basis. I’ll need to get a lot of practice in as I haven’t drawn in years. I’ll also have to get new syplies I’m sure my paints have dried up. I’ve been making books doing steampunk, Tim holtz stuff things like that. I’m looking forward to telling my own story and not just following along, although I’ve learned a lot from you tube and blogs. I’m excited to get back into drawing. I really enjoyed your video about your new class, thanks for sharing.

  317. Michele Oliver commented:

    Hi, I have already started 2016 off by taking a few new online courses, in different mediums, and I intend to do this the entire year. I love learning new techniques and how to use what I have in my studio.

  318. I’m learning to give myself grace and not feel guilt in my creative endeavors this year. To give up my all or nothing approach and carve out small amounts of time to practice my art. To be fully present even in the small moments. Even 15 minutes a day adds up over the course of the year.

  319. Robyn C. commented:

    This year I am committed to spending at least 30 minutes in my studio every day. My mantra is “Be curious and do the work”. In the words of Picasso “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.

  320. Maureen Hayes commented:

    I shared all of the new courses on IG and tagged you in each! Thanks for th additional entries!

  321. Maureen Hayes commented:

    I followed you on IG. Thanks for the extra entry.

  322. Carol Simonson commented:

    Last year was very eventful. My art was set aside. I don’t even know where all of my supplies are within my studio. That is about to change, thanks to Jeanne and Danielle. They have given me inspiration. I am in the process of getting things in order but during that time, I am jumping in and pledging to do art each day. Maybe it will only be for five minutes on the run, but it will be a beginning. I am so looking forward to what and whom the Lord is going to bring into my life this year. Thank you, Ladies, for giving us the incentive and desire to reach out to do things that feed our souls. God bless!

  323. Sheila commented:

    I am getting my studio set up so I have no excuse not to create daily. Some new art supplies would go great in it!

  324. Maureen Hayes commented:

    I posted all the courses listed here to my online art classes board on Pinterest. Thanks for th additional entries.

  325. I just signed up for the clay workshop! It has been too long since I have worked with clay and am very excited! Thank you!

  326. I am continuing the artistic growth process that I began last year, by making my art practice a priority. This year I am committed to stretching my comfort zone and to continue to practice daily!

  327. I have shared this giveaway on Facebook. 🙂

  328. I already follow you on Instagram because I have taken some awesome classes of Danielle’s. Love her!

  329. I have signed up for the clay workshop and planning on more. 2016 is going to be my year of creativity. To take my art to another level and reach out to others in the art community. Thank you!

  330. I have joined a group of like minded creatives (The Luminaries club by Lisa Jacobs) to keep me on track and inspired ? happy 2016 everyone! I have reposted the n FB and followed on IG

  331. Julie Hatlem commented:

    To live a more creative life in 2016, I will embrace the messiness of life. Create, from all that I discover.

  332. awholelotofthisandthat commented:

    I want to do something creative EVERY day – handwriting, drawing, painting, sketching – make it a daily habit.

  333. Edwina commented:

    Thanks for offering this! I shared on Pinterest.

  334. Melissa Mooney commented:

    I’m making more time to create & sprucing up my little art studio. I have already taken classes from your website & look forward to taking more! I have already been following you on Instagram & just posted this there. I also pinned it & posted it on Facebook too!

  335. Vanessa S. commented:

    This year I will take things slow. I am going to edicate more time with the underpanting and layering of my artwork. I feel a certain calm these days to take my time instead of rushing to finish a painting. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  336. Oh my gosh Jeanne!!!! You collaborate with such amazing talent! One of the things I am doing this year is Listening…each time I am in my studio I am simply listening and following the path set before me. Thank you for this opportunity. I’m going to sign up for two of these for sure whether I’m picked or not because I can’t NOT sign up for them! <3

  337. Sarah Miller commented:

    I am taking on-line classes and some college level refresher courses. I also have challenged myself to fill a new drawing journal this year.

  338. Creativity doesn’t happen unless we make time for it. That’s my big goal for this year. I’m excited! And thanks for the opportunity to win some fabulous supplies. My fingers are crossed! Have a blessed New Year!

  339. I shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  340. My word for 2016 is “Heal”. I am taking so many steps toward healing thru spirit, body and mind. A major part of this is bringing art and creativity back into my life after abandoning it for most of 2015.

  341. Im an instagram follower 🙂

  342. Patti Sandham commented:

    I would love to win a chance for this fabulous gift card. I am honouring my creativity by taking 6 online art classes 2 with your network. The journaling one with you and Make my art sing with Julie. I will share this fab give-away on my Facebook page too. 🙂

  343. I took over some space in our house for my dedicated art area – no more having to bring it out and put it away each time because sometimes it just doesnt feel worth all the effort. My ‘studio’ isnt perfect, but it is MY space!

  344. I pinned images to my “art supply wish list” board on pinterest!

  345. Lorrane berthold commented:

    I am making a space just for me to create

  346. christine commented:

    2016 will be the year I use up all my art supplies that have been sitting around to make daily art of every and any kind, so I can make room for new ones! … also to finish an online class I started a couple of years ago.

  347. I would love to win~ This year even though I’m a busy mom of two, I’m making time by taking some online classes with Jeanne Oliver Ning and practicing what I learn at least once a week. Thank you for this awesome creative network. Claudia – anticatreasures@hotmail.com

  348. Shared on facebook too!!!
    I would love to win~ This year even though I’m a busy mom of two, I’m making time by taking some online classes with Jeanne Oliver Ning and practicing what I learn at least once a week. Thank you for this awesome creative network. Claudia – anticatreasures@hotmail.com

  349. Rochelle commented:

    In 2013 I fulfilled a life long dream of owning studio space away from my home. Although I have not spent a large amount of time there, I still feel so lucky and blessed to have that space. I love being there and sharing the space with others.

  350. Pinned it!

  351. I have shared on pinterest. 🙂

  352. I will finish the Hand Lettering class this year!! I will!!

  353. Florisabel Caso commented:

    I am taking on line classes from various artists
    This site is one of my favorites
    Also I’m trying to spend less time shopping for supplies and more time actually creating in my journals

  354. Rita commented:

    Simple. I am not watching TV and my creativity is flowing 🙂

  355. Cheryl Demas commented:

    I am going to live a more creative life this year by starting my morning doing a bit of art INSTEAD of checking my computer. I hope this will put a different spin on my day and prevent me from falling into wasting too much time online.

  356. Cheryl Demas commented:

    I pinned Dannielle’s new class because I love her work.

  357. Jenni commented:

    I’ve been journaling a lot to get my creativity flowing. So far it’s working. 😉

  358. Jenni commented:


  359. Love this! This year I’m walking through some doors the lord is opening to begin teaching scripture art classes. Art & worship collided in my life 5 years ago and has brought me true freedom in Jesus. ??

  360. Suzanne Ponek commented:

    I’m embracing my truth and who I am. I believe by tapping into me it will open my heart to God and I will be able to create without fear

  361. What a great giveaway and very generous! One of the ways I am GOING to be more creative in 2016 is by designing more and creating more mixed media projects. I have an art journal that I have already prepped for all my different mediums, its just waiting for me to throw some texture and color on it…. and I have been accepted onto a design team for a stamp company, so I will be creating biweekly for the company and posting on my blog as well as the company blog. Looking forward to creating away this year!

  362. The step I’ve taken to live a more creative life in 2016 is a big promise to myself to draw, paint, doodle, create something EVERY DAY!

    I’ve also:

    • (very excitedly) signed up for your ‘Reflections: Paint Your Story Course’ (and have my eyes set on the ‘Elements of Clay’ one after that!)
    * I’ve shared the new courses and giveaway on Facebook (Yasemin Adam)
    * I’m now following you on Instagram
    * The new courses have been shared on Instagram and tagged @jeanneoliver #jeanneolivercreativenetwork
    * I’ll blog about the new courses and giveaway in my next post (www.naturallyyas.com)
    * And I’ve pinned one of your images from this post to my ‘Create’ board on Pinterest (Naturally Yas)

    I’d LOVE to win this gift card because I’ve just moved to the US from the UK and left all my art supplies behind….so starting anew, with you!

  363. Linn F commented:

    Actually I’m taking fewer classes this year, although I am signed up for Making Art Sing. I’m focusing on finding my own voice by working from prompts rather than following a full lesson. I’m also committed to hauling out and working with supplies I’ve gotten and never or rarely used. I probably will be going back to lessons that resonate with me or maybe some that didn’t at the time but might now.

  364. Traci Severson commented:

    Working hard at trying to be present when doing things rather than passively meandering through the day from one task to another while wishing I was creating. Making the time…….that’s what it’s about!

  365. Rene Jantzi commented:

    My word for this year is ‘listen’, so I feel I’ve heard to take up a pencil and practice drawing and lean how to use watercolors. Both are very scary … And exciting!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some art supplies!

  366. I follow you on Instagram

  367. Laura Snow commented:

    I have two main goals for my creative journey this year, the first is to get my art space in order and the second is to be intentional to do art every week, at the very least and every day if at all possible.

  368. Jeannie commented:

    I am planning to purposely make art this year, so I can do what brings me joy! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway and I hope to learn lots when the new Reflections Art journaling class begins. My new word for 2016 is Courage, I will have the courage to make changes in my life and not be faltered by it.

  369. Marianne commented:

    I have set up a dedicated room in my house as a studio

  370. Marianne commented:

    Shared on Facebook!

  371. My art journey and personnel life for 2016 is practice and do more than observe. I have been blessed with so much and one of the blessing comes from this site. My first class for 2016 is studying under the masters. Thank you for all you do 🙂

  372. I’ve been sorting, organizing, purging and rearranging my studio in between layers of paint, gesso, found papers and objects. The fresh look and opening up of my art space really helps me to get inspired to be there and work on finding my creative voice.

  373. Marianne commented:

    Pinned a few courses to Pinterest!

  374. SusanA commented:

    One step I’m taking to live a more creative life in 2016 is being intentional about learning more. I just signed up for Danielle Donaldson’s All Creatures Lovely and Small course. Yay!

  375. Marianne commented:

    Following on Instagram!

  376. Kim Himes commented:

    Going to bring art into my middle school math classroom. Started a 3D spatial reasoning project today!

  377. Bev Victory commented:

    Sketching every day and going back to classes I’ve already in to do more work. Also, signing up for this first class (you’ve convinced me I have a story) and Danielle’s class.

  378. My new practice is getting up a little early to paint and draw before the day gets busy. I feel so good going off to work knowing I’ve already fulfilled my goal. It makes the day feel lighter and brighter.

  379. Jane Simons commented:

    Hi Jeanne, this new year my goal is to get back to creating and re immerse in the classes I’ve purchased here. My mom passed away soon after my best boy kitty and 3 other losses in one year on top of a long disability. 2016 is to be the year for healing and that includes creating again!!! Thanks for the chance. ??

  380. Shelly Cabler commented:

    My art journey for 2016 started with signing up for Junelle Jacobson’s “Art of Goodness” on line workshop!

  381. Had so much fun with the Art Every Day Month back in November last year that I’m putting it in my schedule this whole year. Days turned into weeks without me being creative for me (was creating just for my classes) and I missed it so much that for 2016 I’m gonna be playing at my artspace a whole lot more, getting my hands messy just because I can.

  382. Merissa R commented:

    This new year I’m getting out my craft supplies and going for it! I’m gathering all of my inspirations and getting my hands busy. Getting that new sketchbook filled with sketches, getting those new paints wet, and photographing this journey. Amen!

  383. Christy Hartman commented:

    I recently took the plunge and purchased a new set of pan watercolors and am committed to exploring watercolor this year and love Danielle’s take on color and watercolor. I’m taking watercolor classes and just painting.

  384. Christy Hartman commented:

    Following on Instagram.

  385. Christy Hartman commented:

    Following on Facebook

  386. This year I want to learn how to do collage. I am reading any books the library can order for me (limited funds). Two of the ones they have ordered disappointed me– Paper Cutouts by Henri Matisse and another one he wrote. I also want to get a DVD called Painted Paper. Thanks for giving us a. Hence to win such an amazing gift!

  387. Kathy Lieb commented:

    I plan to continue working through the classes that I have purchased and I signed up for an in-person painting class, too!

  388. I shared on IG! 🙂 I am itsmoongirl.


  390. Mary Green commented:

    For me 2016 is about “being present”. Staying in the moment and not focusing on the past and not wondering about the future this will allow me more quality Art time!

  391. Carol Moore commented:

    I am taking several art classes this year, one of which is Creative Girl, hoping to jumpstart my creativity.

  392. Christy commented:

    I am taking the reflections course!! Yeah! I want to create more to express myself, not to please anyone else. It has been so long….

  393. I addition to perusing Pinterest and getting feeds from this blog and a few similar blogs, I am spending more time painting, paper crafting and writing.

  394. I am creating a doodle journal for the year.

  395. Kaye commented:

    My goal for this year is to reorganize my studio, so that I can find things more easily and not have to clear surfaces before I can create. I also intend to keep track of my creative output, with a goal of completing 2 pieces a week.

  396. I have promised myself to make art every day, no matter how small or with what medium.

  397. Vivian commented:

    Following on Instagram too! I’m @CuppaCreativity

  398. Angela Sopranzi commented:

    Wow…so many creatives out there! Brava! What am I doing for 2016…..really looking forward to the art journal class which begins on the 18th. I have started by sketching everyday and trying to figure out what I really am good at and really enjoy doing! Hopefully, this new class will lead me in the right direction.

  399. Taking classes right here for 1! I’ve decided this year to take a back seat to my own teaching and just take classes classes classes!

  400. Thank you for the opportunity, I find you and your site to be such a blessing and inspiration – not just words! I wish I lived closer to you, can’t wait to see what the new land/home brings to the table. I plan to work in my art journal more this year like no one will ever see it, just let go and see what develops without cause or purpose.

  401. I have finally found a way to combine devotional time with art in a way that makes sense for me. I’ve tried ways that seem to work great for others but I couldn’t maintain interest because it wasn’t “me.”

  402. Amber K commented:

    I am asetting aside time each day to practice yoga. It makes me feel refreshed and inspired. I am also setting aside time at least once a week to practice my art.

  403. Kathy Briner commented:

    This year I am choosing to set aside time each week, actually putting it in my calendar to paint and to reflect and to write poetry. If I am struggling to paint I am making sure there is a canvas on my easel promoting me promoting me come!

  404. I shared the new courses and give away on fb. (Melanie Clark Dorsey – on fb)

  405. Jeanne Bell commented:

    I have signed up for an art class once a week and I want to practice drawing on a daily basis! I am retired and this is the start of my new life.
    Jeanne Bell

  406. I am working on doing something creative and journaling more in the new year, already created three keepsake journals out of large envelopes, one as a gift and two for Christmas Cards received and tidbits on concerts attended and what special things I did, Made one with 2015 Christmas cards and then went back and made another with my 2014 cards. I would so be over the top delighted to win!

  407. I have bravely taken the biggest step I could to give me more time to be creative, and therefore, more fulfilled, I just quit my job because I don’t want to keep making excuses, it’s time to nourish me and my passions, and I am going to make 2016 the year I do it!

  408. I am setting aside time each morning when I first get up to create with my coffee. This is always a time of day I am truly alone in the house with no distractions while everyone else is still snoring. So far, it has been a great start to my day!

  409. shared on Facebook!

  410. Drawing every day and in theme, doesn’t matter what theme, but make sure to spend a way more than a few pages to work on it.

  411. studiojru commented:

    i am going to set aside specific time to take the artsy classes i have signed up for in the past, but haven’t made time to complete!

  412. studiojru commented:

    i follow on instagram!

  413. studiojru commented:
  414. Kimberly Barcello commented:

    I’ve decided that sharing my journal pages and other non-serious work/projects online has helped me to let go and continue on to the next piece.

  415. Yvonne commented:

    I have claimed our unused den as my sewing room and moved all my equipment to that space. In the past I thought it was selfish to have a sewing room. Now I know I deserve one.

  416. Randi Schmechel commented:

    I have been saving paper, tags, junk mail, catalogs, etc., for up cycling into my art journal. Lots of collecting, little arting. I am going to spend some time getting rid of these things so I will feel less overwhelmed by stuff and more likely to DO some art!r

  417. Randi Schmechel commented:

    I am following on Instagram!

  418. Tammy Grieder commented:

    I have committed to this time spent being creative and loving it! Just getting my feet wet.

  419. Michelle Wooderson commented:

    I plan to do daily (or often) sketching and painting. I think keeping at it is the best way to get better.

  420. Michelle Wooderson commented:

    Shared on Facebook. 🙂

  421. Lorna S. commented:

    I signed up for All Creatures Lovely and Small to start in March. I also joined the Art to the 5th’s 2016 Document Life Project – the unplanned which started on 1/1. This is the fourth year I’ve joined Ali Edwards’ One Little Word class. Now I have to get the studio unpacked. The challenge is that the movers dumped all the boxes in the room and on top of cabinets and until I can get to the shelves, cabinets and drawers, I can’t put anything away. Hopefully I will have made some progress by the end of the month! Big challenge moving at the end of the year. But the fun is to re-create or create new rooms in new walls! It is all good and fun and creative. I am blessed.

  422. Melanie commented:

    I am drawing every day – just a quick sketch! I’m giving more time to my classes and not just with the goal to complete the work, but to enjoy and learn all that I can!

  423. Michelle Wooderson commented:

    Following on Instagram. 🙂

  424. Julie commented:

    With budget cuts at my local government job, I will have more free time to focus my energy on creative endeavors. I have many projects lined up and now will have time to play and have fun !

  425. Michelle Wooderson commented:

    Shared on Instagram. 🙂

  426. Marsha commented:

    I have never considered my self as “creative”. But for 2016 I have decided to start doing easy things and see where it takes me.

  427. Michelle wooderson commented:

    Shared on Pinterest. 🙂

  428. Judi commented:

    I am going to make an effort to sketch everyday. I want to make sketching daily in a sketchbook a habit I continue for years to come.

  429. franniemeshorer commented:

    75 years young and excited about ‘new chapters’ in my ‘book of ART life’! (raved on facebook about new classes i just signed up for!)

  430. Diane commented:

    To do art from the heart and not from the head.

  431. I’m considering more classes, sketching more, art journaling more, exploring new mediums.

  432. Anne Fleetwood commented:

    I’ve been in an artistic slump for the past several years. Thankfully, that slump has come and gone, and I’m ready to start fresh with my art in 2016. Now I just need to get my art/craft room in order!

  433. Gina Bottom commented:

    I will draw or paint every day this year. I have signed up for Make art sing and I can’t wait for it to strart!

  434. I have started a small business using my artistic abilities At least my daughter thinks I have a talent. She emails me one day and says that she has set me up a website. I feel like the baby bird that was pushed out of the nest except I am not sure I can fly. I do have one commission and I will see where this goes.

  435. Patti commented:

    I have been a lurker and an observer for too long. My 2016 affirmation is Bold Change. For me at 73, this means creating every day…making marks, putting paint on the page, letting go of ‘white space’ fear….doing and making. So far, have done so these past 11 days. You have inspirted me, Jeanne…thank you! ^^I^^’s

  436. Judy Jacobsen commented:

    I just got my art room cleaned up and in order and plan to dive in full force into a creative new year in 2016! My grandchildren are now living nearby and I’ve already started doing art with them.

  437. soozyb2013 commented:

    I been collecting supplies for a couple years now to get started on mixed media/art journalling. Being on a disability pension it’s difficult to get supplies in the first place. My New Year will be consisting of purging of “things”. I need more space to create, so I will be giving myself that gift this year. Clearing “stuff” and making more memories instead of collecting things. I have always been artsy and always am doodling, knitting and beading and learning to sew. There are soooo many things I want to do and clearing my head and my house is the first step in getting there.
    Happy New Year to everybody and good luck in your 2016. 🙂
    Victoria, BC Canada

  438. angie commented:

    I am getting all my spaces organized, as that helps spark my creativity. I would really like to revisit my calligraphy and try my hand at water color.

  439. Friends and I started a once a month meet-up to do some project we have never done. Stretching the comfort zone, last week, painted on parchment to transfer to silk. I am a 3D artist-painting 2D in a group was scary! Class for encaustic collage is next.

  440. Following on IG!

  441. Judy Jacobsen commented:

    I pinned several of your events and giveaway to my Pinterest page.

  442. Joan Currie commented:

    Love the new courses! I posted them on Pinterest.

  443. Stepping away from technology to be more present in my life and to draw inspiration from my own experiences is huge for me this year. I had a bad habit of waking up and grabbing my phone first thing, now I give myself time in the morning to meditate, do yoga, or drink coffee on the back deck and journal. It has done wonders for my mental state!

  444. I already follow you on instagram! 😉

  445. Shelly B. commented:

    Pinned on pintrest

  446. Lisa Ingram commented:

    I have committed a few minutes each day to my art by filling the daily square in a dedicated planner with a tiny work of art. I”ve also also set aside time on Saturday to wok on one of the several courses I have joined @jeanneoliver.

  447. Shelly B. commented:

    My goal isto find more creative time for myself and expand my creative outlets. I’m going to try something new in creating signs and also get back to creating with cross-stich.

  448. Sonja commented:

    Hi Jeanne! Thank you for such a lovely website and courses. I am being creative this year by sewing curtains for our house. I am learning as I go and thankful for help ironing hems. We have a lot of windows!

  449. Trinette commented:

    This year I plan to be creative in all aspects of my life, whether it be cooking for the family or doing the laundry. I want to be content with where I am and what I have now.

  450. Lisa Ingram commented:

    Shared the new course and giveaway on Facebook.

  451. Carla commented:

    I recently joined the Scribble Art class (when it was 50% off…YAY!). I plan to practice drawing weekly. But mostly, I am dedicating a few hours each day to make jewelry, leather journals, and fabric handbags to sell and develop my little business!

  452. Lisa Ingram commented:

    Already following you on Instagram.

  453. Lisa Ingram commented:

    Posted the new class and giveaway on Instagran.

  454. Um, Jeanne, I hope you mean the winner will be announced January 19th and not September 19th. Nine months is a long time to wait! LOL

  455. These classes look terrific. I plan to make time for creating art everyday, if only for a short period of time. I feel this will keep me doing something I love and not letting any excuse keep me from art journaliing, painting a canvas, coloring in a coloring book, etc.

  456. Angela Hayes commented:

    In 2016 my goal is to spend at least 30 minutes a day in my sketch book.

  457. Lisa Ingram commented:

    Pinned image on Pinterest.

  458. I saved “All Creatures Big and Small on my Pinterest board.

  459. In 2016 I am living more creatively by using photography to tell people’s stories….by doing in-home lifestyle sessions. I’m also signed up for your Reflections course! 🙂

  460. Maeve commented:

    Wow, so many comments here tonight! We are all getting back to our art, that seems pretty obvious! I am working on an artsy journal and I have signed up for another of your classes coming up in a few days. I am also registered for others from the past offerings on this site, and will finally have some time to work on them – I hope!

  461. Carla commented:

    Just pinned one of your images on PINTEREST and shared on FACEBOOK!

  462. I LOVE to be creative! This month I am doing the Thirty Paintings in 30 Days Challenge and taking Jeanne’s class Reflections:Paint Your Story. I am so excited to be off to a year full of fun and imagination! There are so many ways to be creative. I even love to blog about it.

  463. I follow in Instagram

  464. To be more creative in 2016 I am taking courses/workshops and have a (small) area set up to be my creative space.

  465. Lynda commented:

    We have moved and I have a much smaller studio space…so I’m working on being more organized and specific with my materials when I create. So things go back at the completion of a project because of limited space. Thank you for the chance to win!

  466. Lynda commented:

    Following you on Instagram

  467. Lynda commented:

    Shared your new course on Instagram…tagged you.

  468. Cynthia commented:

    Making the time everyday to journal, study and create something whether art or food.

  469. Nachell Sturges commented:

    Signed up for a new online class with Jeanie Oliver and organized my studio to start off the new year with lots of new ideas and inspiration.

  470. Renee commented:

    2016 Creative plan: January- sign up for my first Jeanne Oliver Designs course with friends 🙂 Check!

  471. I’m giving myself more time to just play in my art journal.

  472. I follow you on instagram.

  473. Can’t wait to take Danielle’s new watercolor class!

  474. Posted Reflections class on Pinterest in Creativity!

  475. Posted All creatures in Pinterest under things to try

  476. I pinned this post.

  477. Posted Elements of Clay on Pinterest

  478. Mary Ann commented:


  479. Beginning in 2008, the blogging world opened up to me, and also online creative ning sites began to pop up everywhere! This was my chance to further my own creative resolve. To belong to groups where the people are dedicated to being creative is what has kept me centered in my yearly path to learn more in the realm of creativity. The journey is such an enlightening process, as there are so many, many talented souls who share their life with their students, and vise versa. The students meet other creative souls and the journey unfolds to reveal an endless supply of creative bliss, with so many varied art mediums being used. It is the thrill of the chase to learn a new art theme which someone else is willing to share with the world of creative souls. I have just blogged about myself, and the journey I found myself experiencing this past year, as I met someone on another blog which opened new vistas of possibilities about myself through connecting her as we share some of the similar personality characteristics. First and foremost, I am a Christian, who loves the Lord, secondly I am and Empath, and thirdly, my personality traits are that of an INFP persona. You can read all about it on my blog at: http://amagicalwhimsy.blogspot.com/ And YES! I would love to win the Dick Blick Card! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  480. I have just pinned the Dick Blick giveaway details on Pinterest!

  481. My creativity is always buzzing! I have a hard time taming my creativity to just a couple of projects! However, 2016 is the year that I’m venturing out and learning calligraphy and I have created a binder to plan my projects. I have also started on a different canvas of sorts. My outside landscape! I am creating an Italian retreat for myself and family. Beautiful giveaway and hopefully I will be able to join one of your online art courses.

  482. I pinned the images to pinterest, shared on facebook, and followed and shared on instagram! Love it all! God bless!

  483. My word for this year is DO, as in just do it! I have signed up for several of your courses that I have not yet taken, but I always seem to find reasons why I can’t be creative right now. So that is how I came up with my word, DO, just do it and that is what I am doing.

  484. debbie commented:

    I’m following you on Instagram!

  485. debbie commented:

    I pinned an image from this page to Pinterest!

  486. I just shared on pinterest!

  487. Rebecca commented:

    I never thought of myself as creative, but always wanted to be. I will be taking more time to do my jewelry this year. I also signed up to do one of Jeanne’s classes, but don’t remember the name. I love to garden and create beautiful landscapes. I will pin this to my pinterest board as well.

  488. Jill commented:

    I am getting creative this year with some more of your courses. A bit addictive.

  489. I am SCHEDULING creative time into my planner. It isn’t an add on if I get through my errands and chores and have some time on my hands. But I am acknowledging it as a primary part of my life and scheduling it.

    Feels naughty and grown up and so filled with self care.

  490. I shared on Facebook. And twitter.

  491. This year I commit to play and experiment more with art.

  492. Aaron commented:

    I am trying to live a more creative life in 2016 by sharing my thoughts and actions with creative others.

  493. This year I am rededicating myself to my art, committing to a studio schedule and delving deeper into what I have to share through my art.

  494. Aaron commented:

    I follow on Instagram – a_m_a_r_t_i_n

  495. Aaron commented:

    I’ve done some pinning: https://www.pinterest.com/A__Martin/

  496. I’m getting my room sorted and cleaned up and I’ve made specific goals to achieve each week. 😉

  497. Shared on my FB :”)

  498. I’ve made a commitment to draw or paint every day in 2016 and post it on my blog (www.faithworksartstudio.com) /facebook/social media/ etc.

  499. Michelle commented:

    Shared on my FB wall. ?

  500. flutterbyebarn commented:

    I’m taking Reflections: Paint your story. I’m scared and I’m ecstatic!!! I’ve done all kinds of art since I can remember, here and there. I have NEVER journaled. ? I am at such a point at my life where I can’t believe I was bold enough to think I had a story to tell. But I believe you, when you say it. And I desperately need to find my real voice and my artistic voice, so here I am. I know I will find it through art. Thank you for being so real and honest and encouraging. I can’t wait!!!!! ???????

  501. I am registered and partaking in numerous online art classes this year, but am also making a (once a month) commitment to take real live art classes with a local artist. There is nothing more exiting and daunting at the same time as having your teacher standing behind you watching your every brunch stroke :”)
    Loving, living my more creative life this year…..

  502. Shared on my FB page! :”)

  503. Last year was an amazing year for me creatively, and I plan to continue this year in the same vein… my daily art practice is my anchor. I’m planning to branch into poetry a bit this year, and want to spend some more time painting and drawing from life… and being open to the opportunities that the Lord gives me…. the exciting thing about a creative life is one never knows what is around the bend!

  504. Janet commented:

    2016 is the year to be more creative with my writing. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  505. Karen elizabeth commented:

    While struggling through some family difficulties I am setting aside time for creative processes. Seeing the world as a beautiful creation of God and using the talent I have to express myself is what I look forward to this year. I’ve signed up for one of your classes. I am in the midst of some knitting, beading, and music. What a great way to spend some very cold days, looking at the snow covered world and creating.

  506. This is amazing! Love the new courses!:) One thing I am doing this year creatively is taking art classes with a local artist… spending a few hours a week learning from her and doing art together!

  507. Carmen commented:

    2016 will be about less Facebook time and more self care. I want to create art just for me and journal everyday to reconnect in those quiet moments of creating. Shared on my Pinterest page-

  508. Andrea Aeschliman commented:

    I’m currently enrolled in a few different online classes! Never stop learning!

  509. Denny commented:

    I’m doing some art every day even if it’s just a little sketch. I,m taking online classes. I’m planning to take an in-person class

  510. linda folkerts commented:

    All of your new courses look so inspiring! I have enjoyed many of your past offerings. This year I have finally created my own portable art studio and have it in my car, in order to take advantage of even small opportunities to continue learning to sketch. Thanks for all that you do to inspire others.

  511. Lorie commented:

    After a very challenging, painful, grief-filled 2015, by the end of October I was already determined to make 2016 a year of health (physical, emotional,spiritual), creativity, purpose, joy, and love. I am off to a wonderful start already in these first 12 days. My first steps have been to use two long-ago paid-for weeks at a fitness resort, and t enrolled in two of the online classes here on Jeanne’s Ning site. I’m bursting with excitement for what 2016 will bring!

  512. Cheryl commented:

    I am setting time aside everyday to honor my creativity.

  513. Lorie commented:

    Just shared on my Facebook page ?

  514. susan reed commented:

    This year I am going to immerse myself in the Reflections course! I bought a wheel and am working to create the space to make pottery.

  515. Tonya Williams commented:

    This year I am signed up
    For several online art classes and I have a whole area of my house set up for art making. I can turn on the tunes and start creating 🙂

  516. I already follow on IG.

  517. I pinned it. 🙂

  518. I have my own art studio in our home. My resolution is to use it everyday in the coming year.

  519. Shared on FB.

  520. Lynn Noone commented:

    I am reorganizing my life to include ME time! I welcome 2016!

  521. Debbie commented:

    I am following on IG and pinned also! Thanks for a chance to win/1

  522. This year, I started art journaling, with a commitment to make art every day, even if only for 10 minutes. After a short dry spell, I’m happy to be back in the swing of things!!

  523. beth commented:

    I have started a Make Every Day journal where I keep track of my sewing, quilting, stitching, and other projects. Some days, I write about creating in the kitchen, other days I glue fabric, and sometimes I’ll draw. It keeps me accountable to set aside that time every day and keep a record of it all. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  524. beth commented:

    Also, just started following on IG.

  525. I’m committed to planning time each day to create, whether that’s in my art journal, painting, or just sketching & playing in my planner. I’m giving to myself which allows me to then give to others and not run on empty. I would love some Dick Blick art supplies! I can only imagine what all I might buy 🙂 Even if I don’t win its nice to dream about it, lol!

  526. Dionne commented:

    For one I joined the Jeanne Oliver creative network and have signed up for the Reflections class. Secondly I joined our local Artists Guild.

  527. Katherine Murray commented:

    I am working on starting my business of handmade baby items. It’s been something that had been slowly progressing for years, but this is the year that I need to really launch it and get serious. So, I am carving out 2 hours every night to work on my business. I’m excited to get my creative juices flowing again!

  528. I absolutely LOVE the classes you offer Jeanne! I just pinned the three new ones I signed up for. This year I am determined to do art every single day. I am finding it is settling me and providing such joy. I was fortunate to meet Danielle Donaldson in a class in Portland last summer. It is on my bucket list to take a class from you in person one day. Thank you for providing quality lessons. You are a wonderful role model and your integrity shines!

  529. Katherine Murray commented:

    I also follow you on Instagram.

  530. Katherine Murray commented:

    I pinned an image to my Pinterest!

  531. angela commented:

    I have my art bag packed, my craft room is cleaned, and I’m ready to make art at home and in the go! I plan to use previously-wasted hours (like social media time, wee-hour waking) to make art!

  532. I’m planning on attending more art retreats in 2016! Whoot!

  533. Dionne commented:

    I shared on fb and Insta. I follow on fb and Insta. And commented above. I will be pinning ?!

  534. Kerry Barrasso commented:

    I love all things Blick. What an incredibly generous giveaway!

  535. Dawn Dutton commented:

    My Christmas present from my husband was a new art studio! We converted our office into my art studio. Now to fill it with art goodies. I love Dick Blick. When I can save up money that’s where I get my art supplies from. It’s a great company. My word of the year is CREATE! I plan on making some type of ART everyday. Thanks for the give-away.

  536. Ann V. commented:

    Taking time to practice hand-lettering styles each day!

  537. I have made it a goal in 2016 to take the time everyday to create, now matter how little time I have, get in my art studio!

  538. Ann V. commented:

    I started following you on Instagram.

  539. Grace Wilhelm commented:

    I’m going to finish the canvas word art I started in December!
    And I’m also going to put quarterly craft nights on my calendar so I can be intentional about being creative!

  540. Grace Wilhelm commented:

    I also pinned the clay art course pic because I want to try my hand at some clay beads!

  541. Grace Wilhelm commented:

    I’m a new follower on Instagram!

  542. Ann V. commented:

    And I pinned this on Pinterest!

  543. C. Fields commented:

    I put “taking a watercolor class” on my list of goals for 2016. THEN, I found this site and the class All Creatures Lovely and Small. Before even enrolling, the list of supplies for the class has already taught me some things. If that’s any indication of the quality of the class, I can hardly wait for March for it to begin. Thanks so much for all this beauty, encouragement and creative fountains!!

  544. tami commented:

    I am an art teacher so I make kid examples all the time! This year my promise to myself is to make more ART just for ME!!! I have taken many of the courses here , they are great! My favs are Dannielle’s Storybook Girls and Jeannes’ Paint like a Master” I have gained so much inspiration from both! Thanks Jeanne for pulling so much goodness into one spot!

  545. Hi dear Jeanne,
    I’m sure after the heavy year this will be the Year of soaking (flying). I’m sure what I decide will come true now, because two year ago I was at the bottom of the ‘hole’ but last year was better especially art saved my life. Your art and course part of the healing I’m sure. Thanks for your generous heart that you help artist and not artist to learn from you.
    Thanks for the giveaway, my fingers crossed.
    Big hug and lots of love from Budapest Hungary

  546. I followed you on IG, and this year is my year of joy and I plan to create and create in 2016!

  547. Maureen commented:

    At least one face every day!!

  548. Abigail Johnson commented:

    I signed up for the “All Creatures Lovely and Small.” Looks like lots of fun. Abigail

  549. Mindmapping and daily sketch – no matter how small…getting started. It will snowball and I know that 2016 will be epically creative!

  550. My word for the year is Transform. I am transforming a few other things in my life and in particular my focus on my art and transforming what I’ve got going.

  551. I’m starting with asking myself the question of, “What if…” when I begin my work to get myself to see what else can happen when I am making.

  552. Cheryl Jaeger commented:

    I now follow you on Instagram!

  553. I pinned on pinterest!!

  554. I follow you on Instagram!!! 🙂

  555. I shared on Facebook!! 🙂

  556. I committed to a weekly art journaling group for the year. Seeking community and stretching wings a little.

  557. Layla Payton commented:

    I shared on Facebook, have already followed you on Instagram, pinned your post, and thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this fun giveaway! 😀

  558. Laura Jarrell commented:

    I’m going to start by doodling more. In the little moments between things, whether in my pocket journal (small enough to take with me), or on scratch paper, just getting the pen or pencil on the paper and doing whatever I’m in the mood for!

  559. I am giving myself TIME to play. Thanks!

  560. Melissa Osigian commented:

    I am reading books and participating in a Bible study that will help me to slow down and listen.

  561. Libbi Corson commented:

    I am going to take some classes that are outside my comfort zone!!

  562. Libbi Corson commented:

    Shared on FB 🙂

  563. I plan on using my cache of jewelry and beads,as well as MAKING time to be in the my craft room. I have so many supplies, and they are NOT meant to just stay in their areas! I also plan to get back to listing new and exciting found items in my Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/creekwatercottage) as well as handmades that I want to do in between.

  564. Mary zan warren commented:

    Where do I get a supply list for the paint your story class?

    • Please go to the main page of the course. You will see the supply list along the right hand side of the page under “course content”. You will see this if you have paid. If you have not paid and want to see a supply list you will find it under the sign up info. Thanks.

  565. Amanda Clemons commented:

    followed on instgram

  566. Amanda Clemons commented:

    I am going to push myself to do something creative everyday. It may be spending the whole day in my craft room, knitting, art journaling, or a simple 5 minute sketch. Hopefully this will improve my skills and keep my living a more creative life.

  567. Elvia Black commented:

    Posted to IG (Peace 22)

  568. Elvia Black commented:

    Pinned on Pintrest

  569. Lisa Calarie commented:

    2016 is a new year for me to be creative. I have signed up for my first, of many I hope, online classes. I will be attending Art Retreats and I plan on holding an Art Retreat in September. This giveaway is so generous. I hope I win! Thank you for the opportunity.

  570. Starting the new year by joining a 31-day daily drawing challenge… which I plan to continue as a daily make-art challenge ongoing.

  571. joy matthews commented:

    and Instagrammed!! can that be a verb?? yep…it can now ‘cos we is creative!!

  572. 2016 is my Year of Fun, and this would be a great start!!

  573. I follow on Instagram too!

  574. Dionne White commented:

    Jeanne I pinned 9 photos on Pinterest ??

  575. Geri Colgrove commented:

    2016, the year to purge some creative avenues that no longer interest me and focusing on the most favorite medium. Being more focused without extraneous clutter.

  576. Julia Molewyk commented:

    I have set some goals to finish certain pieces of art work that I have started, or have wanted to create, in 2016. I also want to do some creative projects in my home and with my daughter this year. Last I plan to sketch with my friend for some of our monthly “tea and art” dates. Thanks for the chance to win!

  577. Julia Molewyk commented:

    I pinned your Reflections photo montage to my art pinterest board, because it is a class I would like to take. Thanks!

  578. I just created my own to-go art kit in an old makeup bag.

  579. I follow you on Instagram. ?

  580. Gloria commented:

    For this year, my creative goals are to improve my drawing and composition in watercolor, and incorporate some multimedia projects on my list of to dos.

  581. I’ve just moved my art studio back home from a brick and mortar, and look forward to fresh new wind beneath my wings and teaching again!

  582. It’s taken several years to delelop my habit of creating daily. I’m a bit of a scatterbrain! But it’s gets easier for me to invest time in mySELF, as I get past some of the stumbling blocks. GUILT! Should I allow myself to have this much FUN? Do I have to try to make money at it? And on and on. Thanks for your website Jeanne, of wonderful classes!

  583. i am trying to be more creative this year to provide an outlet of peace. I have signed up for one of your free classes. I just haven’t started it yet. I also subscribed to sketch box to get new supplies each month. My first box was full of water color supplies. I have started a journal that includes art and text. I am also meeting monthly with ladies from my church to create art.

  584. Nancy Johnston commented:

    OMGosh! Would I LOVE a gift card from Dick Blick! I’d get a set of really nice tube watercolors I’ve been lusting over and gift my 2 cheap sets to whomever would want them. I’ll post on Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

  585. Christy commented:

    How awesome! My word for 2016 is Create I follow you on Insta thx

  586. Christy commented:
  587. Christy commented:

    Shared giveaway on my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/christy.bridgeshenderson

  588. I am going to practice everyday to draw and paint again. Spending less time on Facebook so I have more time!

  589. Pamela McCarville commented:

    I’m not going to put my art last on the to-do list. Even if it’s just 5-10 minutes with my journal.

  590. I just enrolled in 4 of your offered classes! Thanks fr the chance to win your giveaway!

  591. Elizabeth E commented:

    I’m making time in the early morning for mediation, breathing and mindfulness.

  592. i am working to make art every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

  593. Mary commented:

    I am getting back into painting after ten years, and I have set aside time to sketch and paint. Also time to find the quiet. Thank you for the giveaway, sharing your talents and your ning site. Hope I win as I think I will need to buy new paints and supplies!!!

  594. Amber milburn commented:

    I am putting art on my daily calendar as an appointment.

  595. Kim Reed commented:

    In 2016, I am taking more art classes. I am also sketching daily and making jewelry weekly. I’m loving it!

  596. Elle commented:

    I plan to paint, draw and learn new mixed media techniques in order to use all my art supplies! I love new art supplies and learning how to use them in different ways.

  597. Chrystal Creswell commented:

    The Lord has given me an ability to paint. I have always enjoyed it but never fully embraced it. I know He created me for His glory and I am His daughter. He has given me a passion for what breaks His heart and I love everything He loves. He is my rock. Without Him I am nothing. This year I have decided to stop putting God in a box. I have realized I have been limiting myself to what God really created me for. I have limited how I used my art for Him. In the past I have set my goals so small. I have had to ask myself why? Where has my faith been? My God is huge! There is NOTHING He can’t do! I have decided to dare to dream big!

    Ephesians 3:14-21

    “For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven is named, that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height-to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

    This year I am taking a fresh step of faith out of my box and into the direction He will have me go, knowing He can and will do far greater things with my art than I can even ask or think. I am scared out of my mind but I know His will for me is FAR better than my own will for myself. I am so excited to see what will happen and thank Him in advance for what He is going to do!

  598. Amanda commented:

    For 2016 I made a list of sketch prompts. One for each week, then invited friends to join me. I also set aside one night a month for ‘A night of Art’ with friends who want to create, inspire & encourage.

  599. Bonnie Fraterrigo commented:

    The one step that I am taking to live a more creative life this year is to share my artistic talents with others. As I learn more ways in which to express who I am through my art, I would like to gift others with the bounty of my endeavors. I am thankful to God for the lovely talents he has shared with me. I enjoy creating things with my hands and sharing small parts of myself like a mosaic.

  600. Vicki Wright commented:

    My goal for 2016 is to lead a more “artful” life and create more art.

  601. Theresa C commented:

    Making time to be Creative. Giving my self permission for time with my creative side

  602. Theresa C commented:

    Pin a picture from here on Pinterest

  603. Erin Ellis commented:
  604. Linda K commented:

    I recently became a follower and signed up for one of the classes 🙂 Excited to learn something new and wow- this super generous prize would be an awesome way to play and experiment with new supplies! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  605. I am following you on Instagram!

  606. I shared the classes and giveaway on Facebook! (I would LOVE to be able to take Danielle Donaldson’s new class!!)

  607. I’ve pinned the classes on Pinterest :). Looking forward to taking one!

  608. Ronda Walker commented:

    I just found your website via a FB post. I plan to take classes to improve my watercolor skills

  609. One step I am taking to be more creative is to take a few classes that are outside of my comfort zone in order to stretch and grow!

  610. My second entry: I follow on Instagram! Love your feed, Jeanne!

  611. My 3rd entry: Pinned an image from this post to my pinterest!!

  612. Mary Ann commented:

    ps. I am following you on Instagram…and your photos always make me smile

  613. elizabeth marshall commented:

    2016 is the year I listen to the cravings of my soul 🙂

  614. elizabeth marshall commented:

    Happy to follow you on Instagram! yay!!

  615. elizabeth marshall commented:

    Pinned on Pinterest!

  616. This year I have committed to practicing art every day, and to quit making excuses or finding other things to do. I’m giving up the guilt and allowing myself to take some time for my creativity. I am taking a few classes too!

  617. Following on IG on both accounts! @trailhouse and @trailhouse.studio Thanks for another chance to enter!

  618. Pinned three images to my Art Inspiration board! Now off to watch a video of Scribble Art! 🙂

  619. Amazing! Pinned and following on Instagram 🙂

  620. Cathy R commented:

    I’m not very creative on my own but love the inspiration from this blog! Scheduling creative time each week! Thanks for sharing you many talents with us! Blessings for a wonderfully creative year!

  621. I took advantage of your two day sale and ordered a few of the classes I’ve been wanting to try.

  622. pinned to pinterest

  623. Lisa commented:

    I am making a commitment to myself and my art. I am taking some classes online and also drawing/sketching everyday in my sketchbook. I always start out with good intentions but never seem to continue or follow through but that is changing this year!

  624. Dennis Shuey commented:

    I have made a commitment to draw every day.

  625. Heidi Helena Moen commented:

    I will commit to do artwork every day for 100 days …

  626. Marie in Seattle commented:

    This creating network is wonderful. I am really enjoying the series on being quiet and listening. Thank you for offering it. God bless!

  627. Zsanae Miller commented:

    Creativity this year is not letting any fear into the process…going for it, try it, experiment, explore.

  628. Autumn P. commented:

    I’d like to spend more time in 2016 crafting and creating things to give away to friends. I’m hoping to make my way through many of the ideas I’ve saved on Ravelry and Pinterest.

  629. I’m going to start journaling more consistently. Would love the opportunity to try this co. Thanks

  630. Lizabeth Cherry commented:

    Following you on Instagram.

  631. Lizabeth Cherry commented:

    Pinned to Pinterest!

  632. gMarie commented:

    Write, draw paint, daily! I’m calling it my #dailysomethings. Such a lovely giveaway, Jeanne. Thank you.

  633. My goal for 2016 is to paint and draw more. But also to challenge myself to loosen up and have more fun with it. Trying new mediums, working with my regular mediums in different ways and putting my art out there! Good thing I have a whole year! LOL!

  634. Pinned on Pinterest and followed on Instagram.

  635. Karen Lewis commented:

    In order to make 2016 a more creative year, I am taking up new mediums such as watercolor pencils and and am also doing a 365 project with photos. A photo each day and all in a album at the end of the year!

  636. Jessica Jensen commented:

    I have been working on removing clutter from my life, both literally and with my time. I am not an organizational planner type by nature, but I am learning! I can see the benefits, especially in this season of life as a mom. It is freeing up time and space to be able to create! I am also teaching art at our homeschool co-op which is so inspiring! I love working with my students.

  637. Jessica Jensen commented:


  638. Suzan commented:

    Its so exciting and encouraging to read all of these comments. This year, I joined a local artisans galllery. Instead of saying “someday or when I am ready or have finished this or that” I have jumped in! Now there are no more excuses not to create. I think this may be my new strategy for reaching my goals. I will raise my hand first then figure out how to make it happen :).
    Thank you Jeanne and friends for all of your inspiration! Keep it coming please.

  639. I am consciously trying to do something every day, make something, draw something, watch something related to art and I hope to grow this year by doing so.

  640. The first thing I have done in 2016 is order the book All In by Mark Batterson pursuant to your recommendation in the Listening class. I have wanted to start a blog for a long time (have the website designed and all, but can’t seem to hit the “publish’ button)….I guess fear of failure is a BIG thing. So….. I decided to focus on God FIRST and then maybe everything else would fall where He wanted….. God made me as a creative person so I am anxious to see how creative He can make me in 2016. Yay!!

  641. Peggy commented:

    I’m using a “60 second journal” to write a goal for the day and a 60 second follow up at night recording the accomplishment! Wonderful idea, short sweet, simple, EFFECTIVE,

  642. So far this year, I have been journaling every day and I’ve signed up for the Reflections workshop to be sure I add art journaling to my daily written word practice.

  643. Following and posted on IG @sprinkleonglitter

  644. Monique Lynch commented:

    Excited about you lineup of classes this year! This year I’ve committed myself to stand outside barefoot at least 1 time a week. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I work at a desk all week and spend my entire day inside. Most weekends I either in the house catching up on housework or running errands. To take the time to stand in nature and have the soles of my feet bare and rooted to the ground will revitalize my whole body and spirit. I imagine more creativity is surely to follow if I take the time to reconnect to the earth. All the best for 2016!

  645. danielle muller commented:

    i am simplifying my life by getting rid of clutter…both emotional and physical. thank you for this wonderful network! xo, danielle muller

  646. This year I am making time to be creative through drawing, mixed media, painting or just colouring. Hopefully I will get the courage to share some of my pieces with others.

  647. i am making the time to create with the whisper of ‘simply, be a maker’ in my ears. i am also filling the well by taking several online art courses. thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  648. shared via my FB page also!

  649. Amy stark commented:

    Im doing little things each day, I am trying not to let my fear of wastefulness stop the process

  650. Serena commented:

    one step I am taking is journaling. I need to be out of my head and in a space of openness to create freely and journaling is very helpful for me to be less in my head. Working on making it an everyday practice. Don’t think, just do!

  651. Serena commented:

    pinned it 🙂

  652. Serena commented:

    shared on FB too darling. xo

  653. To be more creative, I am taking a 75 day one drawing a day challenge. I draw one image with ink only a day for 75 days. I need to get in the habit of making art a daly thing

  654. Just followed on instagram.

  655. Marilyn commented:

    Organizing my supplies and setting up a creative space. Oh how I would love to win!

  656. To do something creative every day – paint, draw or write.

  657. I shared the giveaway on FB

  658. Pinned Reflections: Paint Your Story an Art Journaling Workshop

  659. Pinned Make Art Sing

  660. pinned All Creatures Lovely and Small

  661. Pinned Elements of Clay

  662. Follow @jeanneoliver on Instagram

  663. I’m teaching art to middle and high school students this year. This forces me to be more creative as I try out new materials or techniques before class.

  664. Tina commented:

    I am making time to 15 minutes of creative play every day. I can always do more, but I am committing to at least 15 minutes. Thanks for this chance to win such an amazing prize!

  665. Commenting! Because $350 worth of art supplies would be like a pile full of heaven in the middle of my floor, and I don’t know if I could stop myself from rolling around in it and giggling like a five-year-old for a few hours. And, y’know, using them. But first, the rolling. Thank you for the chance! (Also, already signed up for *three* of those. You have the best classes.)

  666. Followed you on Instagram. I’m @peonyblue.

  667. Pinned the three I signed up for on Pinterest. And because I’m unoriginal, I’m @peonyblue there, too.

  668. Karen commented:

    I’m spending more time being in lovely places, with fun/kind people and having experiences that inspire me and nurture my creative nature.

  669. follow you on instagram!:)

  670. for 2016, I have set up a dedicated art place with my supplies at hand and commit to daily creative practice – whether it’s a short journal time or more involved project time. No guilt or punishments, just daily joy at making stuff happen.


  672. Diana Lambert commented:

    in 2016 and beyond I am working on banishing the inner critic and perfectionist that has hounded my all of my 58 years.

  673. I shared the giveaway on fb.

  674. Jocelyn commented:

    I need to make this promise to myself, setting aside just a few moments of quiet time, to sketch, to play with paint, to search for the perfect class… My husband and father have cancer and being a caretaker can be demanding. I need to find the time to reconnect and settle my soul and art always does that. I would love to add to my supplies, cancer takes over your whole life, including your finances. I have shared on FB and Instagram!

  675. 2016 is my year… my year to live my creative life.. to enhance my artistic skills in art and photography.. There is so many genres that interest me..it can be overwhelming but I guess the main thing is to…. just get started. I’ve always had a creative eye..dabbled in it throughout my adolescence but when marriage, kids and work came into the picture it all got put away…life happens. But now…now it’s my time. My time to re-visit and re-establish my TRUE self. So I’m looking forward to finding me..my inner creative voice and looking forward to meeting the real ‘me’. Thank you! 🙂

  676. Angelina Hankins commented:

    I plan on taking my productivity more serious and working on my creatives every day and to complete the Intro to Handlettering Course.

  677. Angelina Hankins commented:

    Shared giveaway on facebook