Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover

It has been awhile since we had updated our Maddy’s room and wouldn’t you know it that in the meantime she has become a young lady!

Her last room update was vintage linens, sweet colors and her favorite color at the time…turquoise.

As we were pulling together ideas, colors and patterns of what direction to go we were looking to Maddy and what is authentic to her the whole time.

What fun is an awesome room if the person that it is for doesn’t feel comfortable in it?!

Don’t go for the perfect room for you…make it the perfect room for them!

Here is the before (pretty darn adorable if you ask me)…

And here is the after…

We are all in love with Maddy’s new space and most importantly SHE loves it.

Maddy is really loving the full bed, a place for her guitar, the record player and the clothing rack (duh, I want one too).

It took awhile to find all of the pieces and I know it is still a work in progress and she makes it her own.


Wall Color: Inkwell by Sherwin Williams

End tables: Target

Lamps: Target

Sconces: Urban Outfitters

Sheet Set: Pottery Barn Teen

White Linen Bedding: West Elm

Books: Anthro

Candle: Anthro

Jewelry Dish: Alisa Burke

Bed: Land of Nod

Curtains: Tapestries we converted to curtains from Urban Outfitters

Dresser Knobs: Anthro

Pillows: Target, Urban Outfitters

Record Player and Records: Urban Outfitters

Desk: Target

Makeup Cart: IKEA

Clothing Rack: Urban Outfitters

Posters: Urban Outfitters

Wild and Free: Urban Outfitters

Light Fixture: IKEA

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  1. Emily commented:

    That is one terrific room, and Maddy is so grown up now:-)

  2. Debbie commented:

    Such a lovely sophisticated grown-up room…. your Maddy is beautiful!!!

  3. Your room is gorgeous, Maddy!
    And so are you!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chas, Aubrie, and Rylee

  4. katie commented:

    gorgeous room for your beautiful girl.
    her love for her room comes through in the pictures.
    katie (&lucia)

  5. ramona commented:

    swoon! 😉

  6. Judith Thibault commented:

    It looks amazing Jeanne! Last pic made me smile, right on Maddy! =)

  7. Where did you get the light fixture?

  8. Lisa W. commented:

    SHE is adorable…beautiful…..SO so cute!!! And ALL of the above! AND I love her room makeover too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ohmygosh!!! love love love!! looks so fabulous maddy!!!

  10. Kim Bice commented:

    I adore this room and am being a copycat and doing similar for my daughter. One of the sides of her room is all built-ins with windows in the middle. I am having a custom cushion made for the window seat but am struggling with my fabric choice. Any suggestions?

  11. Lexie commented:

    Where did you get the bed and the head frame from?

  12. Hi – is this color more like navy or dark grey in person? Or like black? So beautiful!