Plaster and Wax 101 {Last Days For Early Registration and a Giveaway}

I love how wax transforms your art and takes your creativity to a whole new level.

While I was in Mexico last fall I had the privilege of meeting, creating and becoming friends with Kathie Vezzani.

I loved watching her create and the freedom she had with color as she painted.

I asked her to come and teach on my site before the retreat was over and I am so excited her course is now less than a month away!

Here is a peek into what her course will be about…

Plaster and Wax 101 {portraits illuminated from within}


Mixed media artist, Kathie Vezzani, loves to share her love of all things plaster and wax. Join her in a 2-week course that will take you on a playful journey of creating in plaster and encaustic wax. This is a beginning course that will introduce you to the basics of using these two mediums, including safety procedures and tools.

Plaster is a luscious, absorbent surface that begs to be scraped, carved, sanded and painted. A very old, raw medium used to make the ancient frescoes we see in Europe, Kathie will take you on a journey to paint your own masterpiece. She will go over the basics of painting a face, show you how to paint a “pretty face, “ then using her own style, show you that you don’t have to paint realistic faces that conform to the rules.

When finished, she will show you how to apply layers of encaustic medium to make your painting seem illuminated from within, adding oil paint to soften the edges or add splashes of color.

Adding, removing, distressing and layering, so many possibilities when working with plaster and wax!


This two week course will begin on May 19th!

The content is available for one year.



The course has an early registration price of $29.  After May 1st the price goes to $35




This course is available for one full year.




I wanted to do a fun giveaway to celebrate Kathie’s first solo online class and also to remind you that there are only days left to get the early registration price.


Kathie wanted to give one of you an original encaustic painting and I want to give one of you a box full of Kathie’s  favorite encaustic supplies!

How about that giveaway?


Kathie is giving away one of her original encaustic painting valued at over $100.


I am giving away Kathie’s favorite art supplies valued at over $130.00


To enter for a chance to win the original painting or the art supplies please leave a comment on this post sharing what medium you want to learn to use next.




For additional chances to win the painting or art supplies you can do the following (just remember to come back here each time and tell us for additional chances)…




*Tweet about the new course



*Facebook about the new course



*Pin the course to Pinterest



*Share the course on Instagram


*Blog about the course



I will announce the winners of the original painting and art supplies next week!



Registration is now open!


 Early registration price is $29



The price will go to $35 on May 1st.




You can go directly to and register for the course by clicking HERE.




(this will put you instantly in the course and you will be ready when class begins)

Be a deer and
leave me a comment.

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  1. Candace Dallas commented:

    Oh my, I would love to win either one. What a lovely giveaway! I would love to take this course as I have long been fascinated with encaustic. Maybe I’ll find a way to swing it….

  2. Candace Dallas commented:

    I tweeted 🙂

  3. Candace Dallas commented:

    And it’s pinned.

  4. All signed up for the course and super excited! Thank you for the generous giveaways! Hmmm, next I would like to learn about…I will get back to you on that answer as there are so many things yet to learn! Thanks and Happy Wednesday Jeanne!

  5. heather basson commented:

    Oh How I am looking forward to this class, to learn all about encaustic is what I have SOO wanted to do for such a long time and to win would be amazing as we have such limited art supplies here in South Africa. Cant wait for the class to begin XX Heather Basson Cape Town South Africa

  6. I’d like to use shiva oil sticks for painting faces. I’ve tried it but have a hard time with details on face. And great giveaway; thanks for the chance.

  7. I would love to learn how to make mosaics. Thanks for this opportunity. This class looks intriguing.

  8. Monique Topp commented:

    I have been dying to try a class in wax! Would love to win these supplies would be great to start the class with

  9. Check out this great class by a wonderful teacher! Sign up today

  10. Monique Topp commented:

    Pinned your class

  11. Encaustics are what I’ve been wanting to learn for a while now~
    the way the colors so smoothly flow into each other….
    the depth and texture that the wax gives paintings.
    It’s beautiful and intriguing.

  12. i have been looking for an encaustic class for a long time, and how wonderful to find this on line!!! i also love the idea of learning to work in plaster. thank you Jeanne for providing this class. i have never done an online class and think it is going to be fabulous. i am trying to develop myself as a mixed media artist so i am interested in any class that will build on this foundation. i also have signed up for the Building a Creative Business class. My dream!

  13. I have shared by pinterest and facebook.

  14. Elaine Neidig commented:

    I’ve been interested in encaustics for some time, so when this class became available and for early registration I jumped at it. You can not go wrong with any of the classes given or sponsored by Jeanne the content is always over the top. I have taken many of her courses and have been super pleased. I’m so excited about this!

  15. I would love to learn to paint with wax!!!! I have sealed my painting with wax but have never tried to actually paint. Thanks for the chance!

  16. karlene commented:

    I want to learn about plaster next. Thank you so much for offering this class.

  17. Rachel commented:

    The class looks gorgeous. I wanted to play withencaustic a long time, so i hope to learn it.
    Thank you

  18. Karen Phanco commented:

    I have been very interested in encaustic for quite some time. However, i haven’t been brave enough to try it. This course gives me the opportunity to learn at a beginner level. I am super excited for it to begin!

  19. Judie commented:

    I’m so excited for this class to start!! I love using plaster in my mixed media paintings and I can’t wait to learn more about encaustics.

  20. Karen Phanco commented:


  21. Judie commented:

    I Pinned the course.

  22. Judie commented:

    And also shared on Facebook.

  23. Ooooh! I’ve been wanting to learn about encaustics!!! How fun!!

  24. Diane Leiker commented:

    all signed up & can’t wait to begin.

  25. Pinned!

  26. Posted on FaceBook!!!

  27. Tweeted!!

  28. what an amazing class! I have been super eager to learn more about encaustic for a long time now and would love to learn how oil paints play a part too!:) Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  29. What would I like to learn next? I’m very interested in metal, but I’m open to anything. I’ve always wanted to learn encaustic, but it’s really not in my budget right now. I’ll be cheering from the sidelines, though!

  30. April Lopez commented:

    I’ve never done encaustic so that’s on my list but I also want to learn pan pastels and oil sticks.

  31. Encaustic is such a surreal medium! would love to win this to give myself the shove I need. Next? watercolour…

  32. What a wonderful give-away! I’m very interested in encaustics!

  33. I just pinned the course.

  34. I shared this on my FB page.

  35. I just pinned the course. I would love to learn the plaster and encaustic techniques. What a great giveaway! I enamel, so I’m all about color.

  36. Stephanie commented:

    I just want to get my creative juices flowing again. Thought this would be a great tool. Thank you! I’m excited just reading about it. 🙂

  37. love this course and giveaway

  38. I’d like to learn how to use pastels. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  39. thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity!
    last summer, we spent some time touring a gorgeous converted barn studio and learning about encaustic medium from the artist & I have been intrigued ever since. it is the next medium I want to try.

  40. Cheryl commented:

    I just pinned the class and also facebooked about it. I would love to learn more about plaster and encaustics. Can’t wait to begin. Many many thanks!

  41. I’m totally intrigued with plaster…would love to learn it’s possibilities. 🙂 Thanks for the fun giveaway! 🙂

  42. I’m excited to take another wonderful class through Jeanne Oliver. This looks so yummy I can’t wait.

  43. Pinned. 🙂

  44. J. Engen commented:

    Encaustic!!! Happy to see you offering this course.

  45. J. Engen commented:

    I put it on Facebook!

  46. I have so many materials that I would love to learn to use better. What I am practicing with now is pencil pastels. I like the indistinct line it makes. Patsy

  47. Melk commented:

    I’m so excited for this course to start–I’ve wanted to try encaustics for ages, but didn’t know where to begin. After this . . . well, I want to learn it all, but something comparing the different types of painting would be great: watercolor vs. acrylics vs. gauche vs. oils . . . Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  48. I am ready! Woohoo!! Fun gonna happen!!

  49. Karen Stenback commented:

    Intriguing class…planning to join…thanks so much!

  50. Registering now! Fascinated by encaustics since a trip to Savannah where I saw the magic of the this medium. I have played around with it but need this class. I have been searching for a class and was delighted with your announcements! Can’t wait!

  51. Christa Thomas commented:

    So excited to learn encaustic techniques. And I am very curious about plaster as a medium. Sounds like a great class! And as always, a most generous give away!

  52. Enthusiastically Pinned!

  53. Joyfully tweeted!

  54. Lisa commented:

    How exciting, I would love to learn about encaustic medium in this class but also oil pastels and watercolor. Thanks for a chance to win.

  55. What a nice giveaway. I am enrolling for the course, as I have wanted to learn more about encaustic painting for a long time!

  56. I love bees wax and have been interested I encaustics for some time.What an awesome opportunity, thank you for this chance.

  57. Christa Thomas commented:

    Shared on FB!

  58. I have never worked with encaustic wax and look forward to learning about how to use it!

  59. Would love to try encaustic.

  60. Dorothy commented:

    I would love to learn about Encaustic. Been I terested for a long time. Will sign up for the course.

  61. becky j commented:

    I would love to try this encaustic wax – it is all new to me!! thanks

  62. I’ve always wanted to learn encaustic so I have registered. Can’t wait to get started!!!!

  63. Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! I am learning watercolor at the moment, but I’d love to learn about encaustic wax. I’ve had wax over a year now, but have been afraid to try it.

  64. Tweeted!

  65. Pinned!

  66. Shared on IG

  67. Shared on FB

  68. Maureen commented:

    I never knew what encaustic wax class was, but I would like to learn about it.

  69. Christa Thomas commented:

    Pinned too!!

  70. Oh Jeanne!! I would LOVE to win this!!!! I am a Plaster artist and have been dying to learn encaustic! I never dreamed about combining the two! This workshop is going to be AWESOME!!!

  71. What a wonderful artist to get to do a course here. I love plaster but just use it as the basics but I have always wanted to learn how to do wax & encaustics as I love the look but heard it was dangerous and toxic so have never tried it as I had no idea how. Ill be signing up for this as it sounds absolutely awesome. Thanks for the awesome prizes too Jeanne & Kathy. Hugs xo

  72. YEY!!! I have been dying to get into encaustics. Love the waxy look. I am off to sign up immediately. Can’t wait!

  73. Ali Coates commented:

    I’m in! I have oogled and ahh’d over encaustic artwork for years. It’s time I take the leap!

  74. Ali Coates commented:

    I pinned this!

  75. Just tweeted about the course!

  76. I am signing up and anxious to learn this process! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  77. I have posted on Facebook!

  78. I have tweeted!

  79. I have Pinned!

  80. Just added the info on my Pinterest board. Another fabulous course that I will be taking part in. I love, love, love creating portraits, and the more mixed media to add….the happier it makes me. Thank you Jeanne for these fabulous opportunities, the affordable fees, and the tons of techniques, inspiration, and empowerment. Blessings Xoxoxoxo

  81. Ann-Marie commented:

    Encaustics are definitely on my list…but watercolors are next

  82. I’m really looking forward to this class! I started with encaustics a couple of months ago and I’m hooked! I’m still very intimidated by the whole thing, though, so I’m hoping to gain a little bit of confidence using the wax during this class. So, the medium I want to learn to use next would be pan pastels. I hear you can use them with encaustics, so I’m hoping to try them soon. 🙂

  83. Jenny Walker commented:

    plaster and encaustic and portraits sounds like a dream made in heaven!

  84. Louanne commented:

    Hi Jeanne, Your online art classes are always content rich and very well done, so I’m sure this one will not disappoint. How about a class that teaches monoprinting? Thanks for the chance to win a great prize.

  85. I would love to win either one!!! how exciting!

  86. I am all signed up for the class. Super excited . I want to do more 3-d work using encaustic and mixed media.
    I posted several times to Facebook about the class

  87. Louanne commented:

    Added to my Pinterest board “Wish.”

  88. Louanne commented:

    Left a comment and liked this class on Facebook.

  89. AbbyC. commented:

    I love all art mediums! I do work with inks and acrylics right now and have always been drawn to encaustic.There is something about wax that is so interesting in texture. 🙂 Your classes and the ones you share are always so inviting for discovery! Thank you for the opportunity for the giveaways.

  90. Jennifer commented:

    What a great giveaway opportunity!!! Thanks! Honestly, encaustic has been top on my list for a long time… this class is perfect timing for what I’d like to learn next! 🙂

  91. Jennifer commented:

    I shared this on my IG page “jenwaltersart”

  92. Jennifer commented:

    I shared this on my fb page “Jen Walters Art”

  93. Jennifer commented:

    tweet tweet… this is also shared on Twitter. 🙂

  94. Jennifer commented:

    This is shared on my Pinterest page! 🙂

  95. Believe it or not, I have actually had my eye on encaustics! I also want to try wood burning.

  96. Rhonda Zamora commented:

    I would love to win either prize . . . wow! I would like to learn more about paper clay and “sculpting”. I enjoy learning to use different mediums and learn artists favorite mediums and techniques. Thanks for this chance to win.

  97. Linda Angio commented:

    I would love to learn how to how to use the oil paintstiks for faces. I have heard good things about Cedar Canyon brand. I am really excited about learning how to do encaustics, and would love to win the supply kit!!!!

  98. Tania commented:

    Wow, What an awesome giveaway. I would love to try my hand at oil painting :”)

  99. Ludgera Worms commented:

    Thank you for sending the info about encaustic. I have done some work but love to learn Katie’s techniques how to paint faces. They look absolutely stunning. I signed up!!! Love the chance to win.

  100. Christy commented:

    I have always wanted to learn about oil pastels. Sounds like a great class! Thanks

  101. Lisa Crail commented:

    One again – thank you for sharing the talent of these amazing people. At the moment I am interested in and am experimenting with pastels. Just love that you can get in there and smudge with your fingers. But need to learn more about them…

  102. Kylie Thomas commented:

    I love the different courses you provide. As an early childhood teacher in Australia, the art courses you provide help me learn about different art mediums, I then use my new knowledge to create with the children. I would like to learn about creating with felt next.

  103. Kylie Thomas commented:

    I have also repined this course onto ‘ECE Pedagogy’ board on my Pinterest page.

  104. Ali Coates commented:

    Just tweeted about the class!

  105. Shelli commented:

    Your giveaways are amazing! Thank you!

  106. Shelli commented:


  107. Shelli commented:


  108. Sheila commented:

    I would like to learn encaustic! I have 2 friends that have tried it and love it, and I know I would too! Hope to take this class to learn it!

  109. Nicole Austin commented:

    I am really excited about this class! I’ve never tried encaustics before and I can’t wait to learn how!

  110. Nicole Austin commented:
  111. I want to register!

  112. Barbara commented:

    Totally jazzed about leaning encaustics! I love material and was wanting to lean more about resists with wax!

  113. Natalie commented:

    I can’t wait to do this class. My next medium to master would be pan pastels. I have had them in my supply box
    For so long and not used them.

  114. Gisele commented:

    Totally obsessed with the mix media world. Love learning all there is to know. Now it’s time to take the leap into the encaustic side!!!!!!! I signed up the second, I heard about this course. Winning the beautiful set would be fantastic!!! Soo looking forwards to the class, I am crossing out the days on my calendar, as if i was a child and going to Disney. Learning is my Disney! See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Gail Witt commented:

    I have my supplies so all I need is someone to point me in the right direction. This looks like more fun than playing in the mud!

  116. Carla Hayes commented:

    I am so crazy about encaustics and would love to win this starter kit!!! Thank you.

  117. This looks like a very interesting class & I’d love to win a spot! I’ve been wanting to try encaustics for a long time but there aren’t many inperson classes near where I live. this one will be perfect!

  118. Shared on my Facebook page!

  119. Pinned on my Mixed Media Pinterest board –

  120. The next medium I’d like to learn is wax. Always interested but never actually got the supplies…so yes, it would be awesome to win these supplies and sign up for the class.

  121. Melissa Burford commented:

    I want to learn encaustic, that’s one reason why I signed up for this class. Thanks for that and for the opportunity to win.

  122. Melissa Burford commented:
  123. Oh! Love it! I am registered – the supplies are awesome!

  124. Lois T commented:

    I just registered. I love the supplies and cannot wait to begin. Encaustic is the medium I have always wanted to try

  125. I always love learning new techniques in art. I especially love techniques that showcase the magic of light. I think that encaustic does a beautiful job with luminescence, and look forward to learning it.

  126. Facebooked about the course

  127. Pinned the course in my Design Inspiration Board!

  128. Oh my goodness, this class looks so inspiring and interesting! I have used beeswax to finish some of my pieces, but have never played with the colored waxes! I would love to win either of these fabulous treats! I must sign up for this class, it will be the perfect thing to come home to after the Italy Retreat! So looking forward to that! Thk you for giving us such a broad range of classes and introducing us to so many talented artist!

  129. Judy Earley commented:

    I am already in love with Kathie’s work. I have been aching to take a class to learn encaustic painting! The plaster portion of this class is just such a huge bonus. I would be honored to win Kathie’s art but would also be thrilled to win the supplies. I will be registering for the class this weekend.

    Thank you very much for the chance to learn a beautiful and ancient art. Did you know that encaustic painting was most notably done during the Fayum mummy portraits period in Egypt from 100 to 300 AD? Direct from Wikipedia, a little history on this lovely medium:

    ‘This technique was notably used in the Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt around 100–300 AD, in the Blachernitissa and other early icons, as well as in many works of 20th-century North American artists, including Jasper Johns, Tony Scherman, Mark Perlman, and Fernando Leal Audirac. Kut-kut, a lost art of the Philippines, implements sgraffito and encaustic techniques. It was practiced by the indigenous tribe of Samar island around 1600 to 1800.[2] Artists in the Mexican muralism movement, such as Diego Rivera[3] and Jean Charlot[4] sometimes used encaustic painting. The Belgian artist James Ensor also experimented with encaustic.[5]

    The wax encaustic painting technique was described by the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder[6] in his Natural History from the 1st Century AD. The oldest surviving encaustic panel paintings are the Romano-Egyptian Fayum mummy portraits[7] from the 1st Century BC.’

    It has quite a storied history!

    In about 5 minutes, I will have linked the course to my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

    Thank you!

  130. Bonnie Schulte commented:

    Oh, wow, the art supplies are to die for. What fun to make a lovely picture like those above. thanks so much for the chance.

  131. Katie commented:

    Working with wax is high on my list to try next.

  132. Oh my what fabulous prizes! I have been wanting to try encaustic but the only ventilation option I could see was taking the work outside. It’s been a very long winter so that has happened – yet! thanks for the chance to win

  133. I’ve pinned the fabulous course photo <3

  134. All signed up!! I love everything encaustic!! I also posted on my facebook and I have a link on my blog for all Jeanne classes:)

  135. I’ve shared the course on my facebook page

  136. I’m interested in encaustics! Wonderful giveaways.

  137. Mary Ann commented:

    Happy Spring ! This will be my first class and also a first working with this wax as a medium! I’m excited to try something new and looking for to the inspiration !! Thank you for the opportunity !

  138. Blair Donnelly commented:

    I want to learn encaustic next and then soldering. Thanks for the class and the chance to win!

  139. Terry Frias commented:

    I would like to learn watercolor painting. It is so pretty, but not very forgiving. Once its on, its on!

  140. Paula Collins commented:

    I have just learned how to knit I made a felted purse. I also just tried a dabble into locker hooking. So far I have made a recycled sari scarf bracelet. I have used bees wax for mixed media projects but never encaustic. I would love to try that! Thanks for chance to win.

  141. Hi Jeanne, I’m all signed up and I can’t wait until May 19th to get started! I blogged about it here:

  142. And I Facebooked about it. 🙂

  143. Meirav commented:

    So beautiful. I have started to experiment with encaustics, just to add depth to oil and acrylic based paintings, and I really know nothing about how to use it to full extent. I am so looking forward to your course.

  144. I love encaustic but have never mastered it – this could be my chance????

  145. Bethany commented:

    So drawn to this class. I would love to win!

  146. Bethany commented:

    Oh, I forgot to say that I “pinned” it!

  147. Lori commented:

    Would love to learn more about technique with encaustics! Thanks for the chance!

  148. Marilyn commented:

    Love encaustic already … Can’t wait to learn about plaster

  149. Debra Lee commented:

    I really want to explore watercolors!

  150. Debra Lee commented:
  151. Debra Lee commented:
  152. Debra Lee commented:
  153. Kaye Savage commented:

    I am eager to explore encaustic, and I am also thinking about handmade paper sculptures as a base for it after I learn about the plaster. Thanks for having this giveaway! Looking forward to the class.


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