How To Pick Paint Colors {where to begin?}

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When people come into our home for the first time one of the most common questions is how did we pick all the paint colors.

I have always found picking paint colors fun and had never really thought about it.

{original image from the living room of Jennifer Rizzo}

I go to the paint store and grab a gazillion paint cards.

I come home and lay them all out and start creating my color palette.

Then I go back to the paint store with all the colors I want samples of.

I never, never, never buy a gallon of paint without sampling it on my walls first.

With my wall full of samples I live with it for a few weeks.

{original image is from on of my paintings}

Colors will look never look like they do on the color swatch and your light/exposure etc. will change how the paint looks in your home.

What works for a friend in her home may not work for you.

{original image is a photo of our window seat area}

It is worth the extra time and just a little bit of money to put samples on the wall and BE PATIENT.

You have waited this long to paint…what is the big deal to wait another few days?!

When I was putting together Creatively Made Home I put together a little video about how picking paint colors is now so much easier because of technology.

I know there are lots of different sites that can help you but I really like the Sherwin Williams Chip-It site.

{original image is one of my paintings}

You can upload any photo and they will give you a complete color scheme based upon the image.

{original image is the kitchen photo from Kimberly Taylor}

For everyone that is afraid to pick out paint colors I think this is amazing and easy.

{original image is master bedroom photo from Jennifer Rizzo}

Think of the possibilities!

You can now see a room that you love off of Pinterest, download that photo and the Chip-It site will give you a whole palette from the image.

{original image is a photo from Kimberly Taylor}

What I love about it is that I can even use the color combos in my art etc.

{original image is a photo of the nursery from Sara Duckett}

If you make jewelry, scrapbook pages, mixed media etc. you can come up with beautiful color schemes with tools like this.

{original image from Tracey Leber}

Are you afraid to pick out paint colors?

{original image is a photo from our master bedroom}

Have you used the Chip-It site or something similar?


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  1. that chip-it site is amaaaazing! i love picking out paint colors. i ususally sample the color like you’re saying too. LOVE your color combos here. serious love goin’ on.

  2. i love paint chips! in our last house we were always painting and repainting. not so much now in a rental 🙂 and after seeing your sale i went to your shop and so sad to see the camera bag sold! i’ll have to wait for spring! i would have loved that camera bag this past weekend in london.. xoxo

  3. Karen commented:

    Where are your reading nook and bedroom pillows from? Love!

    • The bedding is Carolyn Westbrook and the accent pillow is Restoration Hardware. The window seat pillows are from: French Larkspur, A Beautiful Life and Etsy (the Etsy shop is no longer in business…at least I couldn’t find her for the name).

  4. Dana @ Cooking at Cafe D commented:

    I can’t thank you enough for this post.

    I ended up on the Sherwin-Williams site and FINALLY FOUND a template of the colors I’ve been looking for. It’s the Rustic Refined Collection.

    It’s a blend of colors, but not too “rainbow-y” – gentle – calming – perfect for our family.
    At least it’s perfect for me.
    And, a gentle, calming…me…is perfect for my family 🙂

    Thanks again!