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  1. I love how this is January 9th….a new year – a new start – a new you! (or me – or my daughter)
    speaking of which: what kind of age is this class appropriate for?

  2. mgriffin commented:

    This e-course will be such a blessing for me come Jan. I am very excited to take this journey with you! It sounds beautiful and inspiring…and will be fun too, I’m certain! Thanks for offering such a meaningful and enjoyable course:)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I can’t wait to start this workshop and it will be such a nice start to a new fresh year filled with possibilities and new beginnings:) I feel so blessed to have stumbled across your blog and quite a few others that are in your “group.” You all are answers to my prayers.

  4. Thanks! I really need this at this time. Trying to figure out “my path” really has me baffled. As an artist, that is hard. I hope this will shed some light. Thanks!!

  5. Your course sounds exciting and I will probably join, but I gotta tell ya, the real reason for this comment is to acknowledge your EXCELLENT taste in music. I love your playlist and generally start my day with coffee and your music. Thank you!!

  6. So excited to do this! We are taking a month off from homeschool–and this will be a fun treat after the holidays to start a new year. ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband and I spent most of our life on stage as professional ballet dancers and my painting, collage, etc. took a backseat. I’ve been able to begin to pick those things back up over the past several years as we have semi-retired from the stage for now. ๐Ÿ™‚ {16 hour days don’t go well with being parents.} I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to delve into these other passions of mine—but look forward to taking things to a new level. Over the last several months I just feel that God is leading me to a new start, something fresh. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Woohoo! Thanks for offering this, Jeanne!

  7. Jeanne, does the classroom being open until in March mean that we would have Jan through March to go at our own pace in finishing the class in case we cannot do it all with our schedule in 4 weeks? Would all the videos etc.. be open to us for the entire Jan. – March dates? I am always a bit reluctant to sign up for classes in fear I cannot finish or keep up since working away from home 3 days a week and it would help me make my decision to join or not by knowing the answers to these questions first. I loved your series of posts you did on Going For Your Dreams last year and enjoy your style of teaching with wording, so I’m sure I would really like taking these classes from you too.

    Lee Ann

  8. Dearest sweet Jeanne, this e-course sounds wonderful! I am also interested in signing up. It will be a wonderful way to start the new year. Is there a supply suggestions we need to prepare before the class starts?
    Have a lovely merry happy week! Love to you and yours!

  9. I too am interested in this class and am curious if there is a supply list suggested? Thanks so much

    • A basic supply list will come on November 1. It will be typical mixed media supplies…even just scrapping booking supplies for those that don’t do mixed media. Almost everything you could get at a Michaels.

  10. Oh Jeanne, this ” online journey” sounds like so much fun! And just what I need to “spread my wings” a bit;) What a wonderful way to start the new year!

  11. Hi Jeanne,
    I’m seriously seriously thinking about this. I finish my Masters in Education in December so the horizon looks clear for doing something fun and (dare I say) spiritual. I don’t make decisions easily, so I’ll need a bit of thought on this. I guess I’ve got 2 weeks until the early-bird registration closes, but will you be keeping registration open even after Nov 1?
    Will you be posting more information?


    • November 1 will come lots of new information! We will have sneak peek videos etc. I would love to have you join the journey!!

  12. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ commented:

    Jeanne, Sent you an email with some questions regarding the e-course. Haven’t heard back from you but am glad my questions have been answered through your comments to other followers. Am soooooo looking forward to this class!! Thanks

    • Rose, I have been out of town for over two weeks and I have not always had internet access. Sometimes it is slow going getting to all the emails. Please forgive the delay and so glad your questions were answered.

  13. Hi Jeanne
    Just wondering as I am already designer of jewellery etc…Do you think it would suit someone like me….Sometimes I think I could do so much more if that makes any sense….but I really hated school lol so I always get a little scared by any sort of class but yours sounds freeing not constrictive….. Any thoughts????? love cathy from Aus xo