Do You Respect Your Gifts {Or Just Expect Others To Do It For You?}

I remember when I was a brand new mom and I would go weeks without having time to myself.

I didn’t mean to and I knew it wasn’t healthy at the same time.

I wouldn’t say something to my husband until I was at the point of losing my mind or wanting to jump in my car and drive for days.

I don’t know if I was needing my husband to tell me it was OK to have time for myself or if I actually needed him to just push me out of the house.

I think I needed him to push me out of the house because he would TELL me I needed a break but I needed the ACTION of the pushing:-) to convince me I was still a good mom if I didn’t have my newborn with me 24/7.

Over the years I think I have read between the lines instead of taking Kelly’s words as the validation I needed to take breaks, workout, go make art etc.

Maybe you are like me or maybe you are really good at making time for yourself and your gifts (or even just time to be quiet).

I love what I do so much that it doesn’t usually even feel like work.

To many my job probably doesn’t even LOOK like work and THAT is what can be hard.

I get it.

I get it because I even struggle with it.

If you are an artist maybe this will make the most sense to you.

I get to take photos, design, style, remodel, redecorate and create art for my job.

That doesn’t look like any job I grew up seeing and I don’t know people in my day to day “real” life that have a job like I do.

Some days I have a hard time saying that I need to prepare, get my head into a project, practice a new technique, work on a painting etc. because when I am doing it it doesn’t look like work…but it is.

My studio doesn’t have doors and my job doesn’t have 9-5 hours.

If the lines are blurry to me…why wouldn’t they be to others too?

I just realized this past week that I am waiting for others to give me permission to do the parts of the my job that don’t look like work to the world.

I get classes up, I make sure packages get out, I pay bills, I answer emails, I take care of members on the site etc.

I also take care of the kids, do the laundry, schedule appointments, make dinner, clean the course etc.

All of this LOOKS like work and I just do it.

I am still asking to have the time to do the creating part.

I schedule it but don’t always honor the time I schedule.

I feel guilty sometimes about creating without being PUSHED into the studio.

I am years later still waiting for permission. Yuck!

That is going to change as of today.

I am not saying it will be easy but I can begin to make more honoring steps towards respecting the creative part of my business.

I am getting doors put in my studio and I am calling the contractor.

I am sitting down with my family and creating a schedule that works.

I am asking for help with the things they can do so I can create.

I am hiring someone to help clean the house.

I need to respect this part of my job.  This creating part of my job is actually the heartbeat of  my business so I HAVE to respect it.

Who else is going to if I don’t?

I want to respect my gifts and not just expect others to do it for me!

Did you know that making art, talking a walk, making a healthy meal, reading a book, snuggling with your child, going on a date with your husband…these things are more important than doing laundry? I have to remind myself of this sometimes!

{Unless you don’t have anymore clean underwear.  Then the underwear win}

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