Tracy Verdugo Has A Brand New Online Course On Our Creative Network! | Early Registration Just Opened

We have the most wonderful surprise for you!

Animal Antics with Tracy Verdugo has just opened for early registration! It is such an honor to host a course by Tracy and we can’t wait to share more sneak peeks.

“Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms” ~George Eliot

I think we can all agree that animals bring a deep richness to the human experience. Whether it’s the healing gift of a warm, purring kitty, the unconditional, exuberant love, waggily tail and smiling eyes of a puppy or the deep wild, wisdom of a majestic horse, animals speak to me in a myriad of ways, and I ALWAYS have something to learn in my encounters with them.

Please join Tracy for this one week class where we will find inspiration from our animal friends, explore techniques and creative processes to expand our imaginative approach to art, and play with acrylic inks, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, collage and more to create multiple works on both paper and board.

Together we will explore ways to find inspiration for our animal themed art, methods to create a narrative within our work and ways to connect with our audience by using our own experience and stories.

We will look at the value of quirky imperfect little animal characters and the messages they can convey and I will share with you the value of working in series and how I have developed that in my own practice.

We will do all of this together in lashes of vibrant color and loose gesture, and as always in my classes and art, seeking the magic that comes when you allow yourself to be free of self judgment and comparison, open to happy accidents, and smack, bang in the middle of flow and possibility!


Come and watch the course trailer!

The early registration price for this one week course (4+ hours of content) is $32 and has lifetime access. To read more to to register come on over to our creative network.

If you have any questions please email us at

See you in class!

Jeanne Oliver


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