Brett Whiteley {sneak peek into week four}

Good Morning!

Just a quick post to give you a glimpse into week four of Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits}.

This week artist Robin Fingher will be studying under the works of Brett Whitely.

Come and join us for a fascinating look into the world of this renowned Australian artist.


If you are interested in joining us for the newest Masters class we would love to have you!

The course is a six week course but the videos are available for 2 years!


You can still register for Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits}.

This 6 week online art course is $62 and the videos are available for 2 years.

To register please click HERE.

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New Sculpting Course Open For Registration! {create your own holiday gifts this year}


I am thrilled to announce that Stephanie Lee will be teaching Hand Formed | Simple Sculpting {sculpting with plaster and clay} beginning NEXT month! This is the perfect time to create special gifts that really mean something special for the holidays. Stephanie is creating a course that will teach you the basics and beyond and […]

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Let’s Celebrate Soul.Full With an Art Supply Giveway {who doesn’t love new supplies?}


You can still get the early registration price for the brand new online art course Soul.Full {pretty little ways to bring more SOUL into the day! To celebrate the new course you know how I love a good art supply giveaway! Artist Kelly Barton will be leading this one week instantly available course. Think color, […]

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Butternut Squash and Sausage Soup {my most favorite soup I have ever made}


Fall = soup. End of story. Now that the weather is finally cooling off a bit my inner home loving, nesting heart comes out in full force. One of my favorite cookbooks that I reach for again and again is Against All Grain. I like to follow recipes but I rarely stick to them. I […]

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Max Beckmann {sneak peek into week three}


We have been having the most fun the past two weeks in the new Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits}! Week one and two we were immersed in the works and practice of Van Gogh and Picasso. This week I am giddy to dive into week three with one of my favorite artists teaching […]

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Making Art With Children {Letting Them Lead}


My children have been surrounded by art supplies, art books, art on the walls and art museums their whole lives. Sometimes what they really need is just the freedom to create. When I put supplies out for my kids and then I walk away to do my own thing I feel that my kids rush […]

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Pablo Picasso {sneak peek}


Week one of Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits} has been a huge hit all about studying under Vincent Van Gogh! The work coming out of the class is already outstanding and so inspiring. Teresa McFayden is leading week two and studying under the works of Pablo Picasso. Here is just a peek… I […]

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